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  1. Well their is that turning speed for the main guns which have a + point over Jap's CA's main guns and yes 203mm is good to have true.
  2. Victor07

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    I can give some more advice in order to improve the current situation wg pls read this. Suggestion I -> Make maps bigger (huge) for the carrier's to work properly instead of sending in wave after waves of torp bombers on BB's (cause for them it feels like we make a mistake taking BB in this game.) OR / Suggestion II -> rearming planes (timing) from less than a min make it near 3-5 mins after every attack cause now it's like ok I drop torp once.....BB repairs hull ( if he survies) and uses his stuff to stop fire.......etc. again I move in for the kill after 1 min cause that's all it takes for me to go for him again cause I as a CV am <20km from him (unlike in real world where a carrier will never imagine of beaning anywhere near enemies.) If you read this and do understand it well good if not you are trying to make money the harsh way by first providing pain to your players so that they buy prem stuff for faster repair. Please don't make your players suffer to give you money do it in some other way. All those players reading this pls keep in mind first pls understand what I am trying to say if any doubts (sure you will have) just ask don't tell that I don't want to help wg/players improve their game, trying to help CBT CV's were fine but in OPT....damn lol I could love to get a American CV and kill all those IGN CV"s torp bomber who make their cup of tea and bread sit in one place and enjoy 2.5k base xp with out 2x on a defect/draw battle.
  3. Victor07

    Two brothers map

    To actually make the game mech all work and their be no need for nerfing CV's or maps or anything I could like to say something. Make the bloody map huge! like in war thunder where ppl can fight and they actually move forward to do the same with out fearing of getting target by 100% players at times.
  4. No sir they are not under-powered in my view only because they have lot better AA capability instead of torps. Ok one could argue if you intend to increase the rof for American CA's pls give more AA power to IGN CA?
  5. Victor07

    Hosho Against Langley

    As Alvin1020 described it is currently the best way to deal with it but taking your ship near other cruisers may not be the best plan because getting spoted will be an issue and low teir cruisers don't excatly have a good AA capability. Otherwise just time out your attacks on ships which are closest to you own ship and look at their fighters going for a reload. By the way your IGN CV's need necessary nerfing lol.
  6. Victor07

    My personal suggestion for CV Flight Control changes

    Without editing my original post, yea division can not have 2 carrier's but let's say MM gives a team 2 IGN carriers (which it does right now for obvious reasons) have load out having 3 torp bomber each... I was wondering if this could help, if wg is not deciding to do something about the number of bombers one can launch from a IGN carrier then limit CV to maximum 1 on each side? (Atleast this way one can have a breathing space for some time.) Holds back the decision to buy a IGN carrier for myself because of the way they function now and make ppl cry lol.
  7. yea buff them and I with many other players would just leave wows.......(don't buff torp what the heck are you saying guys)
  8. Victor07

    My personal suggestion for CV Flight Control changes

    I got 1 thing to say after I got frustrated by the number of torp bombers heading on your way if you are a BB or a CV or a cruiser that would be 6 if those guys are in platoon having loadout which has 3 torp bombers for each carrier (now I did not add their bomber that too) so you see 6 torp bombers incomming for your ship you are pratically deadmeat! No I am not saying they are OP offcourse not lol hahaha fk but their loadout pls change it!!!!!!! wg pls you do know how are BB Cpt.'s are feeling atm I used to feel ok in CBT but now ..... hmmmmm BB are really tough to survive for the first 3mins of the battle. American carrier's are quite balanced I do like that. Japan...... you know....
  9. Victor07

    DPM buff for New Orleanas and Baltimore?

    He is quite right. Their is no need for any change in the CA class they are all well balanced. Close the topic wg pls. If you really have to argue about something argue why human eyes can not see DD's at 6km range for your mothers sakes.
  10. Victor07

    Battleship Guide

    Good one mate, hope some BB campers learn how you moved, I being a BB player myself also try my best to take shots but not from all of them and keeping cruisers and DD as primary since they fire fast and hard Continue to make such vids. Hope you teach me how to use a DD haha (I am worst at it.) My classes are BB, CIV and cruisers
  11. Victor07

    Super/over powered Torpedo's

    I don't find torps OP too, but it's with the DD's themselfs I am a bit concerned about.....
  12. Victor07

    There goes my CBT

    I got my mail after 2-3hrs after I applied for it, portal is actually very busy with too many ppl trying to apply. Had to log in many times before I could get in.