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  1. Think they'll sync up the doubloons to their other two games by converting them into gold? Maybe scale down the prices of doubloon for premium ships when buying them off the tech tree or something....
  2. SHARDZ86

    todays RANT

    I haven't left WoT lol. Sure, I ain't that great a player, but I certainly don't have the brain of a 2 year old.
  3. SHARDZ86

    Blyskawica has arrived.

    I already got her. A fine DD, I must say. 8.0km range torpedoes, top speed of 41-42 knots with speed signal, and some decent, if not good, guns.
  4. SHARDZ86

    Leisure Time! (。・ω・。)

    Sorry mang, lol
  5. SHARDZ86

    Which line should I go down?

    How long will that take, damn...
  6. SHARDZ86

    Which line should I go down?

    American cruisers has some amazing DPM. Japanese destroyers are hilariously awesome, that torpedo range....
  7. SHARDZ86

    Leisure Time! (。・ω・。)

    Nothing to see here.
  8. SHARDZ86

    Remove St. Louis 100% unhistorical

    Wargaming has always been adding both historical and blueprint war machines to their games, what talking you. You're just mad that not everyone plays Japanese warships right?
  9. SHARDZ86

    Voice Acting

    Just be patient, young padawan. It'll be the same as World of Tanks, where they add national crew voices only after full game is released. Right now, it's open beta.
  10. SHARDZ86

    nerf yamato and others japanese bb plz

    I agree, very few people keep an open mind to all the nations currently available in the game due to Kancolle. I swear man, the weebs keep on playing japanese ships, then when they buff USN ships and nerf IJN ships in the future, they will all get butthurt. Weeb logic
  11. Hey guys, sorry if I'm posting this on the wrong section. Mods, please move this topic elsewhere as you see fit. So, me and my friend KuroMomiji formed a division and got into a match together. I loaded first, and started playing as usual. My friend however was still stuck at loading screen. Alright whatever, he'll get in soon enough he said. Nearing THE END OF THE GAME (our team was winning), he still hasn't loaded. Me and my friend are not blaming anybody, we just want the devs to take note of this problem. Not sure if it's his comp or the game itself, just wanted the devs to know. Btw, if anyone wanted to know, I was playing IJN Fuso, and Kuromomiji was playing IJN Furutaka. Cheers, admirals.