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  1. nope, the pop up said illegal mod to get exp. I already give my youtube, that the only mod i used. And that youtube uploaded few month before december The best reason about that pop up maybe VPN, system see multiple account login at same IP At least i already have 2nd acc (not clone acc, real acc) with already full of ars nova ship, i play 24 hours to collect ars nova ship before event end And we as player, not yet have confirmation from WG about using VPN is safe or not And about joke chat, i once said "i'm bot" but just joke, hope this joke log chat not the reason get ban Hi, im already posting to reddit, here the link: From thread https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/5osenq/quena_060_super_ultra_remix_hyper_edition_ex_w_2/ And other thread on Reddit: This is my first time i'm using Reddit And i found same case same as my case, but in WOT category, here the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/2gze8f/wg_support_banned_my_son_and_me_for_playing_from/ User on that thread got ban too because using same IP Address in 1 home, this issue is same as me Im already send direct message to Sub_Octavian too
  2. like i explained before The rule is "multiple login with same IP is prohibited", if you use VPN, u will get 1 IP address, same as other people, if you and me using same IP, the system will read as 1 person double login with multiple client on same IP The system will thingking you and me as 1 person who doing or opening 2 client at same times, on other word the system will thingking 1 person doing a botting with multiple account in single PC. That what happen to me coz i just use skin mod + change color shell, the only reason is from VPN IP And the worst scenario is, example: you and me login from same IP, then i do botting or use illegal mod, WG maybe will blacklisted that IP, the IP address that u use it. And after i receive first warning, the second warning come to your account, so the final ban come to u The system not looking we as 2 person, but looking that we as 1 person, because i do cheating, then u who login on same IP will flagged as clone from my account from the system. The system will thingking there is cheater who use bot on same IP address, on WG logic if few client login from 1 IP is flagged as bot Its more odd when this is my first banned without receiving amnesty or 7 days ban. That the best probability from this issue. why i can say this? Because this issue same as on kancolle web browser game, same like this, if someone cheating on 1 VPN IP, then other who use that IP will get banned too Rule to playing safe on kancolle, dont use public VPN who is Sub_Octavian? Maybe my acc already wiped before i post it to reddit, but i will try to post on reddit My ticket takes 2month to get answered Here i have video from my acc while using skin mod and color change shell mod, i Published on Aug 23, 2016:
  3. already ask to wg but no answer on ticket, and how about change color of shell? like blue for AP shell and red for HE shell, that legal? because i found thread on this forum, change color of shell is fine, now i not using change color of shell before this mod confirmed as clean mod On my country have a local vpn seller, thats called paid vpn, the difference about paid and free public vpn is, who use that paid vpn not many as free vpn, so my account fine on paid vpn, but not in free vpn
  4. well, WG give mod folder dude, i think skin mod is fine right? and i see moderator posting thread about clean mod, change color shell is clean mod, said by moderator, but i forgot the thread link is hmm, my internet connection is bad if not using VPN, other provider here have expensive payment I use PAID VPN almost 1 years on WOW and my acc is fine, but after change to free public VPN, my acc perma ban There is difference about paid vpn and free public vpn
  5. First, this thread is not penalty appeal I have few question and information about mod and public VPN and i need an answer I'm already asking about this issue (sending ticket) but not get an answer from ticket On 13 december, my acc got a perma ban while i just use 2 mod, that happen after i use public VPN. Before i use public VPN my acc is fine. Im not receiving first temporary ban but perma ban on my first ban.Checking yahoo mail, no first warning, WG said im continue using illegal mod, im asking on ticket what date they give temporary ban? but WG can't give me the date about the first temporary ban Asking about the name of illegal mod but not get answer too My acc will get back, but WG will wipe all my ship except premium ship and gold/doubloon, said by WG This issue have few odd/strange point: 1. POINT ONE http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/80553-illegal-mods-and-consequences/ There is written:"These players have been banned for 7 days. After this punishment is over, they will be unbanned and receive amnesty. However, should a player be caught by the system a second time, the game ban applied to his/her account will be permanen" What happen to me is not get 7days ban and not get amnesty (never get temporary ban from i create an wow account) The statement "caught by the system a second time", on ticket, i ask WG when the date my first i caught? but WG cant answer the date 2. POINT TWO My mod is skin mod and color change shell mod Okay, now my question: 1. I upload the mod, here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxs39nliTE6ec2hIcWFwV3VQREU/view This 2 mod (skin and color change shell) is legal or not? I read forum, Color change shell is legal, information from = http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/10922-modding-aa-tracers/ 2. about VPN, im normaly play with paid VPN service, as long i use paid VPN my acc is fine, but after i use free public vpn from https://www.tcpvpn.com/free-vpn-server-continent-asia and using IP (MCT 1) and (ID 1) my acc got perma ban. If you use free public VPN then you will got 1 IP address from that VPN web link Question number two is, if the situation is like this: Other player using illegal mod so the WG system blacklist the IP number of that user, the first warning ban 7day+first email will be sent to other user which use illegal mod. On other side, other user using that IP too, then WG system detecting the blacklisted IP is online so the system give perma ban on that new user. So in this time, that user will not get first temporary ban or first email warning. I need an clear answer, using free public VPN is safe or not? considering the situation above (remember, free public VPN is 1 IP used by many user) Other situation is: If few user online together in WOW, WOW system will detected me as bot, logic what the system thinking: --> the system will see 1 person opening multiple client to get EXP, well, that true if the system will see many user using same IP at the same time. 3. i dont know how to read phyton.log, but my friend said all my mod saved on that log, so i upload it too. Here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxs39nliTE6eWFljdzBMeFNsUW8/view Any illegal mod on that phyton log? 4. how if i said "im bot" on all chat mode, but that chat is just joke? can WG ban from that joke log chat? Because few week before ban, my team lose, and i still alive but i got blamed, my team ask "do you bot?" then i answer "yes, im bot", im answer that because i know the logic, bot can't chat+can't answer 5. Last question, about rule on http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/80553-illegal-mods-and-consequences/ Do you think that rule is valid? about 2 ban (7days then perma+amnesty), because i dont get 7 days Why WG post that rule while in fact/realtime WG give perma without 7days? Why im asking this on forum? Because i dont want my other account get ban again with accident of using illegal mod, while i do not know what the illegal mod name list User need to know the list of illegal mod, like on world of tank website. On WOT website, WG give the list of illegal mod, but not in WOW, user confusing about the name of illegal mod.... once again, im not make an penalty appeal request here, i just need clear verification about using free public vpn + mod that i used, my mod+public vpn is safe or not? -sorry my english is bad- mod= https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxs39nliTE6ec2hIcWFwV3VQREU/view phyton.log=https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxs39nliTE6eWFljdzBMeFNsUW8/view vpn= https://www.tcpvpn.com/free-vpn-server-continent-asia
  6. xKatyushax

    How the reporting system about chat ban working?

    i want poi u with my torpedos lol
  7. xKatyushax

    How the reporting system about chat ban working?

    i know if spamming poi is marked as spam, but i think its fine if typing poi as long as not spam Half of them playing WOW because them playing kancolle Like me, i play WOW because the ship is same as kancolle ship, so i want looking for real ship then i play WOW Yes u right about there is some accept it, some are vocal against it It's fine as long im not spamming like typing: poi poi poi poi poi etc Same as WOT, at start of battle, we typing "o7" to enemy team (when chat to all still exist)
  8. xKatyushax

    Illegal mod users banned (NA)

    im not doing penalty appeals here, coz im already submit ticket for investigation on Ticket #254773 I just want ask about first warning My account get permanen banned without first warning, "using illegal means to acquire XP and credits with the use of 3rd party programs or modifications. Your account has been warned before" 1. i read on ur thread, before permanen ban, first is temporary ban. But my account never receive temporary banned before, from i creating this account, until now, never get temporary banned 2. Im not using any illegal mod/3rd party program/modification, im only using skin mod My question is, about statement " Your account has been warned before", what this means?? Has been warned before= before this day my account already got temporary banned But why im never get temporary banned? and im not receiving first email warning? Because, if i read this thread, player is get first temporary banned before final permanen banned Well, i just waiting my ticket now
  9. I need help, my account banned by mistake In email : Commander, Your account has been using illegal means to acquire XP and credits with the use of 3rd party programs or modifications. Your account has been warned before, your account will hereby be suspended permanently for noncompliance to our Game Rules and Regulations. Regards, WoWS Game Master ============================================================= Your account has been warned before <-- look this, im check my mail and no warning before, suddently permanen ban What im doing? did i wrong by playing normally? my credit is only 100.000 and my free exp is -+3000 If im using 3rd party program, then my credit will so many Did hater reporting my account? I just using skin mod, no other mod, no 3rd party program I need help from super tester, admin, or etc This 100% mistakes Last play like on PM 4.34 at GMT+7 Look this screenshot, look my credit and free EXP, thats like using 3rd party program? Please dont close my thread, i need use it to communicate with WG staff And sorry my english is bad because im from indonesia I have replay battle too before my account get banned This my replay: https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/BUZfbHEW9dCk%2F12VmP%2B0pQ all of you can see on replay im play not using 3rd party program, look, im manually aiming, and on that replay im not bot, u can see im speaking/typing right? im not afk too, my damage? just low, if im using 3rd party program, my damage will so big Few week ago i got 10.000.000 credit from super container, and i got flag, 250repair kit from super container, did GameMaster suspect me that i got that from 3rd party program? I'm always enter battle on min 18-17 because my PC not high end, but after im enter battle, im moving, shooting, killing enemy, not AFK This is my log: Log started:13/12/2016 16:32:01 13/12/2016 16:31:59 Loading localized resources...13/12/2016 16:32:00 Loading configuration...13/12/2016 16:32:00 Process configuration file: 'H:\World_of_Warships\WoWSLauncher.cfg'13/12/2016 16:32:00 Download speed is unlimited13/12/2016 16:32:01 Auto update settings: disabled(1); display(1); check period: 1800 sec; install period: 14400 sec13/12/2016 16:32:01 Restored selected chain: f1113/12/2016 16:32:01 Update localizations...13/12/2016 16:32:01 Start "WoWSLauncher.exe" params=""H:\World_of_Warships\WoWSLauncher.exe" "13/12/2016 16:32:01 Session id="5925865849EF152C195F9E82A9FF93C2"13/12/2016 16:32:01 Installation id="8CE7F653228955AB8E838F0E8E838F0EED98DB59"13/12/2016 16:32:01 Info for "WoWSLauncher.exe": Version:, Comment: "Built: 20161110 143918, Revision: #627223 (stable_3.24)"13/12/2016 16:32:01 Create update folder: path="H:\World_of_Warships\Updates"13/12/2016 16:32:01 Try access patch folder: path="H:\World_of_Warships\Updates"13/12/2016 16:32:01 Create temp folder: path="H:\World_of_Warships\UpdatesData\temp"13/12/2016 16:32:01 Try access temp folder: path="H:\World_of_Warships\UpdatesData\temp"13/12/2016 16:32:01 Save configuration: path="H:\World_of_Warships\WoWSLauncher.cfg"13/12/2016 16:32:01 Running tray request: H:\World_of_Warships\WargamingGameUpdater.exe -protocol 1 -command notify_started -caller_pid 594813/12/2016 16:32:05 Start update process13/12/2016 16:32:05 Clear directory with updates data, clear all non-part folders, including temp13/12/2016 16:32:05 Obtain patch information...13/12/2016 16:32:07 Get update.xml from update service13/12/2016 16:32:07 Send http request. url: "http://update.worldofwarships.asia?protocol_ver=4&install_id=8CE7F653228955AB8E838F0E8E838F0EED98DB59&target=launcher,client,locale,sdcontent&launcher_ver=3.24.577&client_ver="13/12/2016 16:32:09 Http request completed13/12/2016 16:32:09 Target (sdcontent) is up to date13/12/2016 16:32:09 Update complete. part: "sdcontent"13/12/2016 16:32:09 Clear old update files13/12/2016 16:32:09 Update complete13/12/2016 16:34:20 User has launched client. Executable: worldofwarships.exe 13/12/2016 16:34:21 Stop. Reason: user started game; Code: 0x01000004 What should i do now? i need help here from permanen banned by mistake Im already reply email and submit ticket, why pure player who not use 3rd party program got banned? once again, plz do not close my thread, this thread to confirm that im play purely, and i need help from other player/admin here
  10. xKatyushax

    XerbColle - Kancolle (Mod) ASIA

    Do u have Bismarck skin for Bismarck ship? Not Tirpitz premium ship I'm request bismarck kai ni kancolle skin plz
  11. For low end CPU, use this mod maybe can help I found this at http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F28352-mod040-mavs-ultra-fog-remover-wows-edition%2F In WOT already have option to lowering graphic at very low, but not in WOW Detail please click that link I use dual core E2200 - 2.2GHZ Now im looking for MOD that lowering sea detail, who have please post here