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    Have they stopped letting people into the BETA?

    Agree here, Most play to get a jump when open beta arrives. I am so interested in this game working and the actually dynamics of the game that I think a lot of the player base should remember what closed beta is all about. I am looking for a closed beta invite because I want a game that works or gets better as it matures. There are so many facets of this game that testing is the only thing that will get open beta here sooner. Please add more closed beta testers who have the interest of the game as a priority so we can all get on open beta and enjoy. If there is a drop off in closed beta numbers why not open to new closed beta testers. There are many of us who have this game at the top of our list currently.
  2. I am happy to wait for open beta but for me I missed closed and really enjoy watching a game develop so if there is any way I can get "on board" this closed beta that would be such a bonus.
  3. after reading all the replies to this topic I think we are all on the same page. OBT or not it would be nice to be able to get on board to help the game develop. If we have to wait then it sounds like we are all patient as we know the game looks great. I would love it to be OBT or to be given a key like you all but when I look at the footage on youtube of fortunate testers I get jealous but also makes me think I will enjoy it when it is open to all. The one thing I have noticed is the people talking about this game seem like a great group of people with level heads so closed or open beta the game will benefit from our input.
  4. Is there any way to get a code in coming weeks at all? I have not got off this website for ages and created a Facebook account just for this game. Badly want a key, this game looks so cool. ;)
  5. Lyquid27

    Have they stopped letting people into the BETA?

    Looking for same. I have model battleships all through my house. Graphics, models of ship all look spot on. Game play looks pretty neat. I would love a beta key!!!