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  1. Killzone650

    Incoming economy changes in 0.5.12

    So lets see if I get this correctly. While I do my WASD dance in my Phoenix while dueling a BB, I will now get extra credits for shells that just missed me?
  2. Killzone650

    Anti-Torpedo Secondary Consumable for BB

    No, just no. Another attempt by BB players at trying to become invulnerable.
  3. Killzone650

    How to [Not fail] in wows?

    Well looking at your stats I observe the following:- 1) You probably jumped into the deep end too quickly, you spent minimal time in T1-T3. This is where you learn the basics, this is where if you make mistakes it is more forgiving than the upper tiers. 2) You haven't specialized, you really don't know what type of ship you want to play and probably don't know what type of playstyle suits you. 3) You have played the most games in the Atago, a tier 8 cruiser without getting much experience in cruisers at lower tiers. Seriously, being successful at high tiers in a cruiser is very difficult. 4) Your gun accuracy is low, which suggests you are firing at extreme range most of the time. Not a viable tactic. Suggestions:- Go back to the lower tiers for a while and practice. I would suggest the Phoenix. Learn how to hit fast moving and turning targets without getting obliterated yourself. Learn how to use cover, angles of approach and escape. Learn what you did wrong when you died. Learn the maps. Don't do dumb stuff. Seriously. Don't sail in straight lines, don't get too close to DD's, don't present your broadside to BB's, don't go alone at the start of a game. The Phoenix will teach you gunnery and evasion, then you can decide whether you want to play cruisers or another class.
  4. Killzone650

    WG you need to seek better super testers!

    I think the Supertesters do a fine job. The new ship lines, when they come out, fit pretty damn well where they are, straight off the bat. I thought briefly, very briefly, about applying to become one, but like Icy I wouldn't be able to keep my trap shut so its a no-goer. I think the OP is confusing what the supertesters do with meta-gameplay. Most buffs and nerfs are as a result of how the meta evolves in the general population. It can't really be predicted with any real accuracy, no matter how much you test.
  5. Killzone650

    0.5.12 Preview

    Agree as well, AFK = ship totally incapacitated including secondaries. AFK's should get no experience and lose lots of money, only way to clear this problem up. AFK player should also get an automatic warning as well IMHO, that has to be acknowledged before entry into subsequent games. The second point is probably to take into account some bots who move but don't shoot.
  6. Killzone650

    Submarine is comming?

    We already have them ingame...they are called IJN DD's.
  7. Killzone650

    ARP Takao is coming!

    All the idiots are already playing CV, honestly, check their stats..half of them will have WR of less than 43%. Hard to be that bad...but they are.
  8. Killzone650

    See you again same time next year!

    I have to admit I am severely disappointed in the anniversary 'event'. I also have to admit I completely fail to understand the marketing strategy. I would think as a bare minimum on the occasion of an anniversary you would want to at least put all the past premium ships on sale again for a 3/7 day period. I am a premium member...don't you want more of my money? I want to buy some premium ships but you won't let me. I want to buy a bundle of 100 of one particular flag, not 20 of every flag. But you won't let me. The consumer is always right. The consumer is me. I want to buy something...let me.
  9. Killzone650

    How to increase WTR?

    You have to consistently be in the top 3 in damage dealing for your team. Plenty of times I achieve this with only 1 kill or even no kills. To do this you have to focus on the BB's on the opposite team. As a cruiser capt I prioritize DD's if they are close, cos they are a quick kill and if left alone can cause your side misery. Next if there is a pod of ships I target the closest BB and HE spam him and let my teams other cruisers and BB's take care of the enemy cruisers. Often this results in someone else getting the kill as once a BB is low on HP's he's a magnet for incoming fire. But I don't mind as long as he dies. HE Spamming BB's has the added benefit of the BB's often targeting you rather than your teams BB's and since your are a hard target to hit and your friendly BB is an easy target, this is a justifiable tradeoff. I try to sit with a pod of friendly ships, preferably with the BB's so I can driveoff/kill enemy dds and target BB's at a safe distance.
  10. Killzone650

    Limit Divisions

    I play mainly T5-T4 games and I can tell you the standard of players in divisions is generally really really bad. Like DD's divisioning with BB's and hanging back with the BB for...reasons. Or 3 DD's divisioning and all going to one cap point when your team has no other DD's. Very very rare to see elite divisions at all.
  11. Killzone650

    Epicenter - Thoughts ?

    I love this mode, encourages BB's to come into the capping area. Which is ridiculous. Just play normally and you win, I have yet to see a game won on points in this mode. Any BB that gets into the 2nd circle doesn't last very long.
  12. Killzone650

    Double Strike

    Its just a matter of luck. I have done it 27 times now and most of them come from a ship burning to death after it goes behind cover while you finish off another target. Got one yesterday in Phoenix by torping a stationary BB in their base while torping another BB angling in from the other side. Just a fluke, I have never before been in a position to fire torps either side at the same time in nearly 4k games.
  13. Killzone650

    Ships to Keep

    T4 cruiser/ship is the Phoenix and its not even close. The other T4 cruisers/ships all have their moments but overall Phoenix is the best T4 non-premium ship easily.
  14. Killzone650

    How to increase WTR?

    Give the Phoenix a whirl. With Demo Expert your WTR will rise quickly. There's a plethora of BB's in most battles and Phoenix is almost impossible to hit at range. First game of today over 4k WTR, 113k damage 6 kills , 5 medals. Just don't be first to be detected. You have to work hard for your kills cause you can't insta-delete things like a BB, but its fun. When the enemy ranks thin, charge forward bow on at a BB and laugh as their salvos continually overshoot or straddle you. Oh, and contrary to most guides on Captain skills..2nd most important skill is Incoming Fire Alert...most guides say this is a waste because you can see incoming fire, well its the incoming fire you DON"T see that cripples/kills you. Best engagement range in Phoenix against a BB is 2-3km inside your max range, they are big enough to light up easily and you are agile enough that they can hardly hit you and will eventually switch targets out of frustration, just try to be bow/stern facing the BB when his shells land. If you find yourself getting too close wait til he fires a main salvo before hard turning then you have to keep angling left and right continually because most players find it easier to hit a target moving away than closing. Prioritize DD's first, they are a threat to your big ships and you would be amazed out how many times you wander into a torpedo spread if the DD gets too close while you are are doing the WASD dance. Don't go alone anywhere at the start of the game, that pretty much guarantees you run into serious trouble early on. Also make sure there are more inviting targets nearby when the enemy carrier first strike comes in. It really is a long tedious battle if you lose most of your HP's in that first wave. Oh, and don't be first detected.