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  1. MagitekElite

    Black screen of death....

    problem solved thanks for your assistance
  2. MagitekElite

    Black screen of death....

    Bump, waiting for answer
  3. MagitekElite

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    how about, just put them back to spawn point or check points after a period of time at cost of several % damage which means the ship won't be destroyed just damaged
  4. MagitekElite

    Black screen of death....

    well, after this update today, I launch my WoWS and it shows nothing, but black screen and the soundtrack, no loading, no login screen, currently playing on windows 10 with my asus A451LB with upgraded RAM to 8GB
  5. MagitekElite

    WWII naval movies

    Forgot if it is cold war era
  6. MagitekElite

    WWII naval movies

    Never watched this but I'll mention this ''hunt for red october''
  7. MagitekElite

    How to use DP guns?

    well manually control AA and the let AI control the Turret and vice-versa (changeable)
  8. MagitekElite

    What is the famous nation in WOW'S?

    I'm waiting for Russian Ships maybe they'll add amphibious (old) KV1s and KV 2's 1-shot of doom
  9. MagitekElite


    he answered his own qustion