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  1. Xplod2064

    Napoli or Carnot ?

    I have had the Napoli for a month, it is a very fun ship to play, Main guns are underrated, HE pens well and with a great fire chance, secondaries extremely satisfying when in range, sexy looking ship, bakes quality pizzas in the italian ovens, extra snowflake event item since being T10, Decent AA, Concealment pretty good, if you know how to angle with it bow in you can bounce 90% of the rounds no matter what it is. But yes it can require aid like detection on enemies etc to perform at its fullest! And the other option is the, Carrot....
  2. Xplod2064

    Premium Shop Hyuga

    WG: Unfortunately, the Japanese Lacquer permanent camouflage for Hyūga is only available in the "Hyuga. Admiral pack" bundle. However, it is possible that you will still be able to get a particular offer later. We plan a lot of interesting events and attractive offers for our players in the future.
  3. Xplod2064

    Premium Shop Hyuga

    Just wondering if I buy the ship standard am I able to buy the Japanese Lacquer under the exterior tab in game as I don't wanna buy the Admiral pack with that extra flags I don't need?
  4. Xplod2064

    Ranked Battles a bit unforgiving..

    Well then they need to reduce the overall difficulty of ranked as for most of us it is too hard to consisitently get top place on a winning team.
  5. Xplod2064

    What did you get from KoTS XII premium crate?

    It took me years to get the KOTS collection done, but now that I have I managed to get the Haida!
  6. Is it just me or do we need to have a change that save the stars for the top 2 players instead of one for loss battles?
  7. Xplod2064

    Godzilla VS Kong w/ WOWS Collab

    Why not pick ships that never get permanent camo instead of the same old ships...
  8. If you guys are wanting info on the new American camo directives in the armory I have worked out what is needed for it. (100000 American tokens needed) tokens for full completion in armory x3 camos + random stuff like premium etc. Completing full American directives gives total = 12900 tokens Needed 87100 to complete all armory stage directives. So 1000 doubloons per armory pack gives 1500 tokens no matter what. You would have to buy the 1000 doubloons packs 58.06 times!!! e.g 58060 doubloons!!!!!!! Buying 58060 doubloons from the shop will cost: 30000 doubloons -> $177 NZD 28060 doubloons -> $168.36 NZD Total: $345.36 NZD or $318.99 AUD That is even if you do every single free mission possible, you have to pay that total amount to get the camos, for the Tier VIII, Tier IX, Tier X Heavy American BB's. Just keep that in mind if you do decide to do this, I personally will just get the basic permanent camos for them when they are out. Unless Wargaming release extra ways to earn tokens it will cost the (Total) amount if you do it the free way.
  9. Xplod2064

    Ranked Sprint cannot do Division

    For me it shows ranked but when you queue it queues for random.
  10. Xplod2064

    Best Ranked Sprint Speed (19 matches rank 1)

    Yeah it was pretty easy eh?
  11. OK so this ranked sprint I was looking forward to as you know the others are fairly easy and quick... And how wrong I was, oh man... This has to be one of the worst ranked sprints ever to happen in this game, you have noob BB's camping out the back with full hp or behind islands camping, you have DD's that go in for a stupid reload buff in the middle of the map risking their ship which normally doesn't pay off. Then carriers are just allergic to dropping fighters on DD's for some reason like how hard is it to press one button as you fly past but no... Please never do 12v12 ranked sprint ever, ever again!!! go back to 1v1 sprint as that was a proper test of skill and knowledge which was much more enjoyable and not having to rely on team mates to do their part. I am 100% sure that I am not the only one hating this sprint and the best part after getting to rank 1 if you do you get measly 10000 coal for all that pain and suffering WOW!!! For how ridiculous this is you should of got at least 1000 steel instead of the coal and even then that is pushing it. GG Wargaming!
  12. Yeah it gets frustrating when you have ssds and really good internet..
  13. Hello all, I have a question regarding the game center and the logging in system.. So when you have launched the game center it has an option to login to your account in the top left corner so that should mean I am logged in right? After logging in why does it need to spend over 30 seconds to log in again when I have already logged into the game center?? Ill link the picture as a reference: Note: It gets very frustrating if you disconnect or crash, even on a M.2 SSD!!!!
  14. Also if you disconnect from a match that is bye bye ship, by time you load in, unless you are in a safe spot.