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  1. Xplod2064

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.5

    Is it possible to have this super laggy UI fixed in the port? the menus and buttons are so slow... So many people spend time in port and having that whole UI function of even just trying to apply signals and camo or visiting the tech tree becomes horrible!! I have a 970 EVO PLUS and over 1gbit ethernet connection which makes no difference.
  2. OK we know that there are some cool stuff in super containers aswell as some dam awful ones, I finally managed to get my part 2 american campaign done for 2 super containers and did I get anything good for all this hard and long work I put into it?? Well the answer is no! War gaming think it is funny to put crappy 100X signals in there, when the chance to even receive a super container is what 3%?? In both the containers I got 200 signals I don't care about and when I go to sell all 200 signals I can get 1.2 million credits WHOOPEE!!!! That is only 2 games on the Missouri with Gamescon camo on. Also another thing I can just buy the signals in the arsenal or the shop for dirt cheap, well not so much the arsenal but in the shop, why would you put such common crappy signals in super containers??? I highly recommend taking the signals out of the containers and some of the useless camo's aswell! :/
  3. Is there a way to just update the whole mod package rather than re downloading it every patch?
  4. Xplod2064

    Republique Secondary or Main Battery Build?

    Thanks I did change out the rudder shift
  5. Xplod2064

    Republique Secondary or Main Battery Build?

    This is my module load out is this fine?
  6. Hello all So yesterday I acquired the Republique and in which am not sure of what build to go with. I started with a Secondary Build which tho is fun and satisfying to watch, it leaves my ship exposed a lot and the concealment at like 15km. Or I go Main battery build and get the 21 sec reload and have concealment and forget about the secondaries? Personally I want a secondary build, but I want to be able to last and help my team the most and if the main battery build is more efficient and helpful then I will go with that. Any Suggestions?
  7. Well if they stuffed it up and people did the missions for them, they have to give it out to the players. It is like something you see for sale, for $15 but the price never got changed back to the original price of $25 you can still get that item for $15 because that is what it was advertised as.
  8. Everything in the past I have done on the PTS, like missions for Main Account #1, #2 etc I have actually recieved the rewards on my main account on the live server.
  9. But it says Reward on Main Account, im confused
  10. Where is my Lyon and Richelieu and the 2, 15 point commanders from the Public Test server? Also Public Test #2 Test Start: 22/02/2018 @ 00:30 UTC+8 Test End: 26/02/2018 @ 21:00 UTC+8 It is now 1st of March and yet the ships and commanders have not been given out. Any Reason why we do not have these ships and commanders?
  11. I have been mixing my play style up a bit especially with the Moskva which I am quiet proud of. Here is a match I just did today. Pretty good Moskva match.wowsreplay
  12. I actually appreciate all the support from everyone, I am trying to improve by changing up everything I do, e.g. playing different ships, trying different tiers, going on the Alsace on the PTS which is amazing. But I will say this do not dare threaten me in private messages that is just outright rude, If you have something to say, either say it on here or not say it at all please.
  13. Do you want replays of matches that show the stupidity of team mates in it as proof? I am not making it up.
  14. I have had a concealment build on the Montana which works fine. I am only using the range mod + spotting plane now just because I got the spotting plane out of a super container and wanted to try it out.
  15. I never rushed to T10 it took me ages to get there. And i do play mid tiers a lot aswell on the Giullio cesare and mutsu