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  1. AlfreusonX

    Best Ship

    Whenever I read such things, I've been saying this same old line since I was half-way to reaching my final WoT battle... The best vehicle is the one that you could play best.
  2. I'm referring to reputation, Bismarck is like a superstar xD WoT: "Ohh! It's prem GERMAN tier 8 HT!" WoWS: "Oh! It's BISMARRRCK!!!"
  3. Bismarck sooo wanted: WOWS Lowe version?
  4. AlfreusonX


    1. No basis + you're not a dev at all. Why (*cough* dev-wanna-be *cough*) say that? That's an issue on credibility (if ever you have any) 2. Ahahaha meaningless post? you referring to yourself? [Content Removed] Insults. Post Edited. User Warned. ~Syanda
  5. AlfreusonX


    ^ THIS.
  6. AlfreusonX


    Bismarck / Tirpitz Tier 8 Prem BB? ohohohohohohohohohohohohohoh!!!
  7. AlfreusonX

    New special part II (yeah this again...)

    Or when it goes live, I am prepared for it
  8. AlfreusonX

    Isn't 20 minutes for a battle too short?

    and +10 more minutes means +50% more gameplay time to tier progression... which you wouldn't want either!
  9. AlfreusonX

    Two Ranks of Lieutenant Commander?

    you mean a commander can only gain a maximum of 20 skill points?
  10. AlfreusonX

    Cleveland BS OP HE SPAM!

    Without actually trying to answer within my point, there's actually no point on discussing further... *I'm outta here...
  11. AlfreusonX

    Cleveland BS OP HE SPAM!

  12. AlfreusonX

    Cleveland BS OP HE SPAM!

    I don't have problem killing distracted/unaware cleves, they usually last only 1-2 salvos from me, I was referring to 1vs1. And my very point is the "rock-paper-scissor", in which BBs are supposed to be in less pressure when up against cruisers (which is true when I'm up against other cruisers, but damn I hate cheatlands!), and cruisers are supposed to be in more pressure when up against BBs. It is reverse when BB vs cheatland.
  13. AlfreusonX

    Cleveland BS OP HE SPAM!

    1. HP? HP = burn dps. At long ranges? cleve can turn 180 degrees before your shells arrive, yes it has slow velocity shells but that BS RoF you can't steer dodge with your BB. 2. I'm talking about 1vs1 brawling with cleve with averaged skilled players and this didn't happen just once. EDIT: and force them to come close? I'm talking about average skill, not noobs.
  14. AlfreusonX

    Cleveland BS OP HE SPAM!

    Oh, yes, that's the only SINGLE stat to look at, right? That's very professional, sir.
  15. AlfreusonX

    Cleveland BS OP HE SPAM!

    You talk like Cleveland is just like all the other-not-OP cruisers, hmmm, seeing your profile, you mainly play cruisers, I understand that you don't want the Cleveland to be balanced... BB needs those just to handle Cleveland? A CRUISER??? there you said it...