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    How to save captain ( mod help me pls )

    I feel the pain mate. Last night, I finish grindind for the mogami, real hype for the 18km range, sold the Myoko, buy the Mogami, prepare gold for retraining the captain, but realize he decide to "go down with the ship" without any last word.
  2. TheBlackYuri

    Isn't 20 minutes for a battle too short?

    I agree with you guy that 20' is alright now, but apparently draw rate is a bit high for me(10%). I think the problem is that people take too much time to finish the battle, like in Wot you can have a match that end in 5' and most others will end in 10', but in WOWS 5-10 in and you may not even see the enemy ship. At the start of the game DD may sneaking around, but BB are just too slow and they not always go right for the flank, they just hanging around see what side other BB go, CAs may fast but they have to turn back and protect allies from incoming air strike. In the other hand, extent the time limit will slow down game progression and it is already ways too slow in WOWS compare too WOT, I remember when WoT was OB, people were able to get to tier X in a week or two. Maybe I have to get used it and hope devs can somehow improve it overtime.
  3. TheBlackYuri

    Cleveland BS OP HE SPAM!

    The Cleveland was no match compare to the Mogami with its 15 barrels of 155mm HE shell and 18km range.
  4. TheBlackYuri

    Free unused Invitation code

    another one KER9X-32MGG-8Z97Z
  5. TheBlackYuri

    Invitation to a new "Alpha Test"

    Did you do the survey? Maybe they selected those frist.