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  1. LtParker

    Des Moines survivability needs to be increased

    i think the DM shells speed mneed to be increased :/
  2. LtParker

    ARP ships

    Keep discussing, guys. Your Opinions make the game better )
  3. LtParker

    ARP ships

    Does WG make the ARP Yamato and ARP Mushashi in the future ? And if yes, what is the condition for player who want to collect full of ARP Ships Collections ?
  4. after watching Aoki Hagane of Arpeggio, i wonder why Kongou (voice in game) is same as Fuchigami Mai (I-401 voice) not by Nogami Yukana (Kongou voice) :/ just asking
  5. LtParker

    something i wonder they don't make in game

    thank you for advice, so what do you guys think about a map with a storm on the sea and it's getting dark (like trailer) ( just tell me that it could be or not, don't shouting on my post, i don't like that )
  6. 1. why they don't have some bunker that automatically shoot to defending base? 2. does the sub marines being allowed in game ( it will make this game interest ) ? 3. why the Pearl Harbor map and Midway Island map still not appear ? p/s: i will try to think about something more special and suitable for this game
  7. i really impressed by the music when i open the client and log in game, do they have mp3 file of it ?
  8. i mean the blow up scenes like in world of tanks ( turret was blown into the sky ) :3
  9. Does they making ammo explosion on the ship when we hit on it's ammo storage ? tell me that they can do that ))))))))