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  1. Thorhorsemen

    Research Bureau : progress report thread

    I restarted the Japanese Cruiser Line. Enjoyed playing the early tier ships again, but forgot how shitty it is to constantly face ships two tiers higher than your own once you get to tier 6+ !
  2. Thorhorsemen

    What's with the stupid Premium Shop Packs?

    I get that it's about the money. If someone uses the Rivera camouflage on the Bayard then WG might make some more money if doubloons are used to change the XP to Free XP. However value for money is always determined by the purchaser. At this stage of the game for me and based on Wargaming's previous events and promotions, there is no reason to buy the French packs as offered. If the packs just had Doubloons or special or other signals instead of the Rivera cams I wouldn't question the "value" of the pack. If it's about making money, then in my case it fails because I'm not spending the money because it's a discretionary purchase and the lack of value makes it unattractive.
  3. I'm failing to see the logic behind the current french ship packs. Normally when a new premium ship is released, I can't wait to buy a pack. I like to collect the ships, the unique flag and usually it's a good time to pick a few doubloons and some signals. The Bayard Admiral pack has 100 French Rivera camouflages along with the ship's permanent camouflage! Whilst I understand that a new player might get some advantage using the Rivera camo on other ships they are grinding, to me they are useless and redundant if I buy any containers. In the past there were multiple options for the higher priced packs and the ones where they had more doubloons and special signals were more attractive to me as a long term player. As it stands at the moment I won't be buying the base Bayard pack as you don't get the flag. Given that the Bayard will eventually become a prize in a container in the future I will pick one up then. I would have considered buying the French Offensive pack but the 100 Rivera Cams are redundant. I'm still sitting on 771 Union Jack camouflages so why buy more of the same! If I could find a better option for giving feedback to Wargaming or if anyone knows what the correct way is, I would use it.
  4. Thorhorsemen

    Clan Battles: "Land of Fire" Season Results

    Unfortunately not every member of my clan has the good fortune to live in WA like I do. Plus as a shift worker I was probably home and able to play clan battles 5 nights this season. The great thing about warships is that it's playable 24/7. Whilst I understand the reason why Clan battles need to be scheduled for set times, why can't they be at different times to enable a wider range of players the opportunity to play. It's not like they have even tried to accommodate players in earlier time zones since Clan Battles were released.
  5. Thorhorsemen

    Clan Battles: "Land of Fire" Season Results

    It's just a pity it's irrelevant to those of us on the Asia server that enjoy sleep and can't play in the "peak time" with our friends. Would it hurt to try running clan battles earlier on the weekend so other time zones can join in?
  6. Thorhorsemen

    The Riddle of Steel!

    What is good in life? Stalingrad, Bourgogne or a Soon? Is the Soon a Korean ship? How will I earn enough steel when my fellow my clan members continue to need sleep!
  7. Thorhorsemen

    A Case for Pearl Harbour

    They could also do Operation Judgement the British Carrier raid on Taranto. It would be the perfect tie in for the release of the Regia Marina ships and the British Carriers.
  8. Thorhorsemen

    AU/NZ snubbed again

    Why not start earlier on the busiest clan battle night? Surely the "huge risks" of longer waiting times will be mitigated by the number of people on at this time? Until you can come up with a better solution, why not at least take the risk one night a week to try it out. Also on a selfish note, I don't buy premium time and ships to be altruistic. I pay my money and expect to access the entirety of the game that I pay for. Why should I be denied access to earn steel and other items because it may impact waiting times? Will we be compensated because you are unwilling to run clan battles at times that are conducive to AUS/NZ base clans?
  9. In the past there has been Premium Ship Package Options with all Doubloons and no credits. Both the latest French releases haven't had this option. As a long term player of World of Warships and a collector of ships (gotta catch them all!) I've been disappointed with the options available in the last two premium ship releases. Whilst premium ships are arguably overpriced for a digital item, I'm prepared to pay the price if I believe I am getting some value from the package. Unfortunately both the Jean Bart and Le Terrible packages that included their unique flags include a lot of items that any long term player of the game generally would not require. Items such as credits and some of the signals are pretty pointless if you have been playing long enough to have a substantial balance of all these in the game already. Even the 10 point captain is redundant if like me you have already got the Republique and a 19 point French BB Captain. I understand that the package maybe targeted at new players but in the past there has usually been a 2nd Admirals package with at least a large number of doubloons and no credits. Please bring back the Premium Ship Package Option with all Doubloons. Whilst I'm happy to grind away and collect the coal to get the Jean Bart, I would like the special flags and am prepared to pay for them if the rest of the package is of value to me.
  10. I'm not sure if you are seeking moderation or discipline? If it helps "Skarhabek, you've been a naughty poster"
  11. Agreed In all the games I've played since clans really took off, I can only remember 1 occasion where it was blatantly obvious that a syncdropping clan was cheating. 2 clan members with carriers, one on each team, with one player torpedoing himself at the start of the game
  12. Thorhorsemen

    When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    The Only if they are having hard drive issues surely?
  13. Thorhorsemen

    Battle of North Cape

    I've tried closing and killing but it just keeps alluding me
  14. Thorhorsemen

    When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    I'm still on ADSL2+ as I'm waiting for them to at least get the initial bugs out of the local setup before I adopt. 68% and Installing. Oh that was the first patch! Luckily I'm off to the pub for lunch soon. Hopefully it will be downloaded and the server will be sorted by the time I get back!
  15. Thorhorsemen

    Battle of North Cape

    I've completed the campaign but still need to get a devastating strike in the DOY to finish the one remaining task. I keep getting citadel hits that reduce cruisers to ridiculously low numbers but devastating strikes just aren't happening