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  1. captain_scarlet

    price sort of filter for premium shop

    mate I know you - you have never been in the premium shop If you don't have anything positive to say shoot yourself TROLL
  2. captain_scarlet

    price sort of filter for premium shop

    Any chance of price sort - low to high in the premium shop and especially on the SHIPS page???? would help greatly with my fortnightly purchase of premiums and sort out the OFFERS
  3. captain_scarlet

    what is wrong with matchmaking? (Bad players)

    Match maker is just useless and has been for almost 3 months It doesn't do any matches just shoves people into a team in the smalest amount of time (COZ a large number of players have left the game) to keep the queues short as possible NA server offering millions of free credits/XP to entice players to return PVP is broken - stacks one team over the other so that games are over quicker and there are less complainers about loss streaks. all the testers and other hanger on'ers get preferential treatment anyone who complains a lot gets the treatment - losing matches of 20 or more in a row bad players are usually bots or go afk - they are just building accounts to sell Tier 8 is the worst of the lot ( was T6) as you always get brought up to T9&T10 matches as canon fodder I know over 100 players who won't play anything other than CO_OP The game executive use the gambling slots theory (harder and harder to get wins) to keep you playing and spending dollars in the premium shop
  4. captain_scarlet

    latency and crashes - your game SUCS

    YEAH YEAH all the software guys blame the hardware - Content Removed All my hardware is spec'd for OC and I have only had it going for 3 weeks but the latency and other crap has been there forever. Content Removed dont give a fig about Aus and NZ gamers Locking thread, content removed, insults to players and wargaming staff, user sanctioned ~tc1259
  5. captain_scarlet

    latency and crashes - your game SUCS

    oh look its another post with no content by the ralph that breaches copyright - good thing you are in sydney because you deserve each other Has anyone noticed that the responses by these so called "supertesters" have no laudable content - they must be speaking to themselves
  6. captain_scarlet

    latency and crashes - your game SUCS

    because all of yu trolls asked Mobo ROG Strix 270E gaming CPU i8800K GPU ROG stix GTX-1070 Samsung 34" curved 1440 res Mem 32MB DDR4 2132 Corsair HDD m2 Samsung 250 ISP is IINET and ping is 12ms 91Mbps download speed Windows 10 64bit overclocked at 15% No the memory is not faulty and no-one but me is on the connection and all of you bright sparx that keep on about everthing but WG servers and pipes PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP
  7. Wargaming never listen to Ausiie and NZ players - YOU ARE WASTING YOUR BREATH
  8. captain_scarlet

    latency and crashes - your game SUCS

    Hello WarGAming Just getting a bit of latency at the moment LIKE 30 second freezes and the lag light operating like a train crossing And your usual excuse about the cable between Australia and your second rate servers is apprently not available So you will have to find another reason - wont be hard just blame everything else like usual I like the way your log files generated by WG check are BIGGER than the allowed POST SIZE in support tickets - bet that cuts down on the number of tickets - really WG Grabs the bridge of my nose and shakes my head
  9. HA HA WARGAMING YU Just plain cant get anything right
  10. captain_scarlet

    WG have made T6 PVP unplayable

    Yes its true WarGaming have their heads so far up yu know where that t6 PVP is now unplayable. In a bid to shorten queues for the complainers (testers,trolls etc) and with no regard for doing anything about the AFK bots in case they purchase gold some day WarGaming have unbalanced Tier 6 for good and have decided to use T6 for cannon fodder for T7&T8 whiners When was the last time you saw new players in T6 PVP coming through - NO - THEY ARE ALL OVER IN COOP because the morale of these players cannot be recovered. Who wants to play for hours and loss after loss. People I speak with report 20 losses per day in PVP with one win. NO WINS NO PROGRESSION NO PREMIUM SHOP PURCHASE When was the last time you saw a T6 only match - been too long for me Sorry Wargaming, in your bid to get clan wars going for all the whiners and cheaters you have left all you budding players and gold buyers sucking hind tit. Not allowing camo on T10 renters WHAT A JOKE - another case of cannon fodder and the timing of clan wars for your paying customers in the eastern time zones. Sorry whoever is making decisions about clan wars in just an [content removed] WITH THE LATENCY we wear by the time you line up a shot the toon disappears and here comes the fix for smoke campers - Just sent em back to hiding in circles behind Islands AS you might have guessed I am a bit frustrated with PVP gameplay at the moment and I bet I am not alone. With all the options in MMO these days [content removed] at Wargaming are holding a grenade in your shorts Jasper - FIRE YOUR GAMEPLAY CONSULTANTS - THEY HAVE NO IDEA Repetitive/Excessive rule violations. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  11. captain_scarlet

    USSR destroyers in the premium shop

  12. Hey WG. How about putting some Russian premium destroyers in the PREMIUM SHOP Haven't seen theses avaiable for ages
  13. captain_scarlet

    World of craships & lagships

  14. captain_scarlet

    Nagato FAIL

    Nagato was once a good balanced ship but now needs to be down tiered to T6 coz it sucs and losses all the time - partly because it only ever gets into Teir 8 battles and I have never had a random at level for this ship FAIL WG FAIL
  15. captain_scarlet

    World of craships & lagships

    a post from a toon in singapore next door to the servers - that would be helpful - go away 7 losses and 18 AFK BOTS It must be friday night when all the turds come out to play