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  1. U12D13

    HSF Harekaze third hull guns

    Yes but for that to happen you NEED IFHE, and to fight a DD, which is situational, and to completely wreck it has to be lower tier and w/o support. IFHE will only compensate and make the HE usable against things like CA/BBs. The entire point is that it becomes a selling point - a great option against other DDs but lackluster vs other types. And this problem can be bypassed by using the third hull option that while not exceptional in any category, it can do decent against targets across the board. Tldr, second hull rewards players that have IFHE and wish to play a gunboat style against DDs. Third hull is for more general use situations with poorer skill captains. It gives a decent choice between both hull types.
  2. U12D13

    HSF Harekaze third hull guns

    If you were to account for shell shatters, turret traverse (trying to keep up with the target) etc, you realize that the raw DPM doesn't really mean much due to the amount of factors. In summary: In order for the dpm to work to begin with, you need your guns pointed at the target and for the shells to not bounce off like harmless snowballs - both of which are problems (and the balance factor) of the second hull.
  3. U12D13

    HSF Harekaze third hull guns

    Sup, I actually run the third hull option. Its usable in most scenarios and very flexible due to its turret traverse speed. It enables the user to do drastic maneuvers without dropping aim on the target. However, it is also noted that, as highlighted by the OP, it will not kill anything fast so gunfights are highly dependent on the aim and skill of whoever you are trading with (and in most cases should be DDs. If you are trying to outgun a Cruiser, god help you). In essence, the third hull prioritizes flexibility over damage, and is a more usable option for captains w/o IFHE skill. Is it under-powered? Nope. Its more of a balancing choice but it could use a slight "quality of life" improvements - e.g. slight increase in rate-of-fire but should not stand toe to toe with gunboat DDs, or give it a higher % chance of fire to compensate for its lack of raw number of guns to improve usability of the HE shells. At the end of the day, you don't want a premium whereby its blatantly pay-to-win in the game.
  4. U12D13

    Santa Claus boxes. Random giveaway. Today only.

    Gib santa box plox to U12D13~ Im a poor feg
  5. U12D13

    Octopus Marathon - Fast and ...

    1.6k base is hard? Wut?
  6. U12D13

    allies vs axis event

    Historical battles is a bad example as it was added as a separate mode. Using the national battles which was implemented as a sub-mode (similar to encounter mode) was much more successful, however the MM was way unbalanced at the time and having teams of full German TDs vs full US HTs was a problem. Not much so for ships as ships is not as heavily dependent on class as tanks.
  7. Aww shit I forgot about them reducing the odds of crap in SC next patch. Should have stored it instead. FFS
  8. Well... Only 50x but id take it over DFAA or some crap.
  9. U12D13

    High School Fleet anime. What is your opinion?

    Solution: Try spending less time in port and more time in battle. Unless, you keep making those regular unscheduled trips back to port... :v
  10. U12D13

    World of Warships – Pay to win? 

    True, rip DDs. Accuracy changes maybe? Making it more reliable in a sense? Or airspeed changes.
  11. U12D13

    World of Warships – Pay to win? 

    They could, historically speaking, allow US CV dive bombers drop 2 bombs per plane instead, making it a selling point where IJN focuses on Torps and USN on the AP/HE cluster bomb effect.
  12. With only 2 batteries of 3 guns I highly suggest you take the Gun accuracy module instead since it takes the same upgrade slot. FYI I also just got a hydro acoustic upgrade from a SC and its just lying around but it isnt worth sacrificing the accuracy of the guns. Really. Don't.
  13. U12D13

    World of Warships – Pay to win? 

    Its from To Love Ru series. Its was just a temp siggie but I somehow lost that folder of beta-tester siggies D: I don't suppose anyone has the folder still swimming ard somewhere... Assuming you can get them pointed at the enemy in the Kagero in the first place :v Edit: Oh and warships ain't pay2win yet. Have a look at Tanks and you will get the idea. Its the main reason I jumped ship anyway (OH DAMMN IM SO PUNNY)
  14. U12D13

    Karma system

    Ask them how many supercontainers they got :v Jkjk
  15. U12D13

    World of Warships – Pay to win? 

    Harekaze - IJN DD that has USN quick-turning fast-firing guns on its 3rd hull type. And a possible detection range of only 5.4km by sea. Best of both worlds. Just putting it out there