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  1. darkflame88

    New bonus code. HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    Much appreciated, thanks.
  2. There wasn't a confrontation as a ceasefire came into effect which had more to do with deliberations in the UN than it did with the Irian. But effectively, Indonesia planned to invade the territory of Western Papua which was at the time controlled by the Netherlands but was claimed by both. The plan also involved deploying Tu-16 bombers with anti ship missiles to sink the Karel Doorman. In fact it may have been due to the worrying amount of Soviet weaponry being purchased by Indonesia that actually brought about the ceasefire plan and Dutch withdrawal as America attempted to deescalate a possible war and improve relations with Indonesia's then President. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_New_Guinea_dispute
  3. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to to apply to Sharkbait. That's why most responses are more or less or
  4. Why does it feel like my brain is leaking out of my ears. What exactly did i just read? There is a reason Kutuzov was removed from the shop, hence the 18.1km range and no radar or smoke.
  5. darkflame88

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    So let me get this straight, WG in their infinite wisdom are going to be putting T6 aircraft up against T8 and T9 ships, specifically the AA specced US and RN cruisers. Why do I suddenly believe that Kaga will be quickly removed from the game. No one in their right mind would buy a ship that's primary form of attack can be nullified almost instantly. Even with the CV rework how does it make any sense to put Kaga in T8? Or is Kaga going to be retrofitted with Hiryu's aircraft?
  6. darkflame88

    There were another ships aside from kitakami

    With the new CV rework I'll doubt that will matter. If all carriers are to have unlimited aircraft I wouldn't be surprised if WG inserts her as a Tier IX FXP or a TVIII premium ship, with an idea similar to Kaga. The real big elephant missing from the room is still Akagi, though again the CV rework may change that.
  7. darkflame88

    Quit while you're ahead?

    Eh, the scariest ship I have to worry about at the moment would be the Bourgogne. One was in a match on the enemy team where it did actually break the game, by firing an entire HE broadside straight through a mountain range. I detonated and then the entire game crashed. So, fun times.
  8. darkflame88

    Quit while you're ahead?

    Yep, as I said, monsters the lower to mid tiers. I don't mind if people play Belfast, Kamikaze R or even Kutuzov, they own them and they have a right to play them. But getting 5, 6, 7, or even 8 kills is considerably easier than the non gamebreaking ships. I'd imagine it would also very easy to TK your entire team with a Kitakami, it's just that WG won't let people test that theory out anymore.
  9. darkflame88

    Quit while you're ahead?

    Your sarcasm is duly noted. Thank you for accepting the services of Bait4You. Also well done on killing half the enemy team.
  10. darkflame88

    Quit while you're ahead?

    Yes I could, but where would be the fun in that. True, getting curb stomped in the higher tiers is definitely annoying and demoralizing, though I still laugh whenever I set fire to a Conqueror in my Zao. But try getting that result with a Mitsuki or the Minekaze. The Kamikaze R is still a broken ship, like the Belfast and the Kutuzov, one of those with the right amount of potatoes/bots on both teams and the player can absolutely dominate. I have no doubt that many players could get a Kraken if everyone else in the game is a bot and at 4 in the morning that's a possibility, considering you said they continued to sail in a straight line after encountering a salvo of torps.
  11. darkflame88

    Quit while you're ahead?

    Certainly didn't have anything to do with the fact that you were using a gamebreaking OP ship that effectively monsters the lower to mid tiers. Nope absolutely not.
  12. darkflame88

    Right Click Report Options

    Considering the one who gets reported never actually sees what they're reported for, what exactly is the point of this thread? But my suggestion might be "Posted a pointless and completely useless topic in the forum regarding the ineffectiveness of the Karma System and wasted everyone's time." Considering the sheer amount of pointless karma threads.
  13. darkflame88

    Things you'd like to see

    I would rather see more Axis ports, Kure and Toranto especially. More Pan American ships like the Rivadavia Battlecruisers or the Rio De Janeiro If and when the CV rework happens the rest of the IJN unique carriers, Akagi and Shinano along with Shohou and Hiyou. And of course the Hyuga and Tone. Also the introduction of the Regia Marina lines.
  14. darkflame88

    Question about Alaska

    Currency wise, she will either be Steel or Coal, though it might be a FXP ship, making her more like a mini Missourri. In terms of release date, I had heard that the next FXP ship was going to be a DD but that might have changed. They've only just added her in for testing so I don't imagine she'll be added in the next two patches.
  15. darkflame88

    I was under the impression this had left WoWs

    Interesting, nearly as bad as when I got called a pedo and then after I sank them that player that called me a necrophile. Never blacklisted a player faster.