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  1. Free Freedom Container

    Received a Cleveland mission. And possibly unrelated 2,000 dubloons After 3 games got the Cleveland, dropped my unused lvl 19 Clemson captain in it and managed to score 4 stars and 500K on Cherry Blossom first go. Thank you so much.
  2. Uss Johnston

    You know this thread is actually going to finally bring me out of lurking. No, we do not need another Tier IX prem ship let alone another USN gunboat. Considering the current RADAR meta, it wouldn't make much sense to drop a Prem DD into the fold right now. If any new DD's should be added it should be the Royal Navy or the Regia Marina line. We still haven't seen how the rest of the IJN gunboat line are going to fair in the new meta, let alone a completely new one. The Camo idea is a little better, but then what's to stop WG from charging for every notable ship in every notable class. Forget campaigns focused on achieving a new ship like the DoY or the Indianapolis. Instead they just give you a new camo to a ship you might not have or even want. And with that I retreat back into my wonderful little shell.
  3. so, when do we get clan badges

    While I like the idea of an individualised Clan Insignia, I would hope that it would be up to the Clan commanders to decide the actual design, instead of WG coming up with predefined mix and match badges that are currently in the game.
  4. Where's Sharkbait lately?

    To be fair, the first time he tried to give me advice, he told me to assist an enemy BB sink our own two CV's. I'm still not sure what he was on about. And the fact that he constantly refers to ships as sheep, can be very confusing. Ship = Naval vessel, occasionally found with weaponry. Sheep = A woolly quadruped that follows herd mentality.
  5. Rina_Pon's Ship OP Ranking

    That and the recent changes to DFAA for USN DD's make playing IJN CV painful
  6. i think RNG like me

    Got my first in a long while two days ago, ended up with a speed boost modification.
  7. Emblem

    The point of this thread is that he is pointing out a clear and obvious bug. He has NO IJN ships and has managed to get part of the way through the emblem challenge. That is the point of this thread.
  8. Do your employees even play this game?

    How does a thread about you being wrong about DW Torp mechanics even relate to the current problems with CVs?
  9. Do your employees even play this game?

    I'm completely certain that WG employees don't need to play the game when they are the ones that implemented that mechanic.
  10. WG tried this with the Mikasa, but with a twenty minute time limit and the fact that WoWs is generally a speed based game, pre dreadnoughts that travel slower than glaciers just don't work that well. Most pre dreadnaughts were either squat, slow with two main turrets with fleet tactics based on the weather gauge, or lighter ships with multiple guns designed for coastal bombardment. And AI gunships, you mean having bots sitting just off of players ships, which are more likely to shoot their own team than the enemy. That sounds wonderful.
  11. The Duke's guns dont work

    As I understand it the DoY and KGV have almost the exact same play style, and certainly from what I've seen people play them the same, as large CA's rather than BB's. The only real differences that I've seen is the increased AA on DoY.
  12. Wasn't Yamato's actual fatal flaw a severe lack of AA, which she also has problems with in-game, I killed one of with a Shokaku a few weeks ago. Yamato isn't a good BB at tier X, you're right on that, but bear in mind she is the only real ship. I'm not going to start moaning about how she should be in tier IX and that they should bring in the A-150 but Tier X should only be for paper ships, not real ones.
  13. I would simply respect/ignore this persons opinion, if they think this way then let them, what harm does it do to you that they think the Yamato is the best tier X BB? Does it affect how you play? I'd be very doubtful if it did.
  14. Game client issue

    Is there any error message that appears? If the client is out of date it usually means that an update has just been released. There was a small hotfix released today that fixed the North Cape campaign.
  15. how to rekt saipan

    It has absolutely no weakness against you unless the player controlling it is AFK or a potato. Either kite their fighters over friendly CA's while you hit the enemies BB's or play COOP and learn how to dodge strafes and perfect manual drops. Also hope that you have a couple of Atlanta's in your team and not the enemies.