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  1. I thought about this and performed a more thorough trace route, strangely there was an unknown plot along the rout that had no identification and only showed up as unknowntelstra, I asked my ISP about it and since then I haven't had any major problems. No clue what it was or what they did.
  2. Nope, i7-6700 running at a maximum of 57 degrees, no heating issues with either the GPU, CPU or SSD.
  3. Why does WG keep insisting that there is no such thing as client/server desync? I come back after about a month hiatus and find that the desync is so bad it makes it nearly unplayable. I'm aware that the Big World engine can have these problems but when a ship appears 300m behind where it actually is, or when a ship is detected it suddenly jumps ahead by several lengths, there is obviously something wrong. Then there is the desync with my own ship, the rudder returns to a neutral position, yet somehow my ship continues to turn, but as though it is hitting a solid wall every few degrees, this and the whole plane shifts from horizontal to a 30 degree slant. I have run a treaceroute, pinged the server and used ping plotter and the results are always the same, no packet loss, no ping issues yet this still happens. So I ask again. why is there still so much client/server desync in this game and why isn't WG acknowledging it?
  4. So Shimakaze might get both DW and LL torps in the future.
  5. Again, if the game engine can't handle the ability to swap aircraft load outs mid battle, which I still think it can't, then no it is not possible. It doesn't matter how good GERMAN SCIENCE is if the game engine won't allow it. Are you Sharkbait's new apprentice or something? Back to the topic at hand, the main thing that makes CV's broken, regardless of Premium or not is the insane amount of AA mounted on cruisers at Tier IX and X, Shokaku's and Big E's aircraft are no match for the guns mounted on Des Moines and Minotaur. The whole AA system is broken, along with the flight mechanics and how aircraft respond in-game. It's the mechanics that should be completely redone and rebuilding the USN CV line without lowering the effectiveness of ship mounted AA is not the answer.
  6. Is the ability to swap on the fly even possible in the engine right now? I thought that the load out had to be changed in port for that exact reason.
  7. To be fair, it's not just the Premium ships that are broken, thy're just one part of it. The game mechanics behind how they operate is effectively broken. And with the new DFAA on Tier VIII to X CA's and DD's it just makes it worse.
  8. Was there ever a Dallas class CL design? The only Dallas cruiser I know about was the Des Moines class CA (CA-140) and that was never finished. I would've thought that the Brooklyn Class would fit better.
  9. Knowing WG ASIA it may take at least a week or two, we didn't get Giulio Cesare until well after NA. While I don't doubt that it will happen, it may just take some extra time.
  10. I'm assuming you're aware that neither the flag nor the camo has been made available in the SEA premium shop. Yes it's a good cause but it seems to be a moot point if SEA players can't use what they purchase.
  11. Funny thing is I'm not the OP, I just tried to give the OP some advice based on my experience, in future I'll just keep out of the forums. That will probably work out for the best.
  12. Who's talking about being the victim, I lashed out and then apoligised for my actions, I am not asking for any form of apology from the people in this thread, nor do I deserve one, I am explaining why I lashed out and what triggered me to do so. I am the one at fault here and I have taken that responsibility by apologising and stating that I will be giving up playing this game for a while.
  13. I understand that now, but the way they said it was the problem, had they said, "IFHE is probably not the best for what you would be going up against at that tier and perhaps there are other factors to consider, like RNG not being in your favour" I probably wouldn't have overreacted. But the fact that the last post this in the thread was that my choice was useless was what triggered me. And yes, I do call that meme denigrating and insulting, because it was meant to insult me.
  14. Depends on the server, the Germans are very friendly.
  15. What someone writes can be interpenetrated very differently depending on how the other persons brain is wired. And saying that my decision is worthless tells my brain that I am worthless. That is what can happen when someone has a disability. I'm going back to Warthunder for a few weeks, get away from this game. At lease they don't insult me every time I open my mouth.