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  1. darkflame88

    New game mode idea - Escape Kamchatka

    Yep, that would be the one. Apparently one of said ships actually failed to realise it was being fired upon for over an hour.
  2. darkflame88

    New game mode idea - Escape Kamchatka

    Sharkbait would use a lot more incoherent sentences and screaming. And pointless images. No, I'm not one of his alts.
  3. With the upcoming Asymetric Battles, which will no doubt last for the planned two weeks before vanishing into the same pit that holds the bathtub battles, I though it might be an idea to put forward a game type I've been thinking about since watching this charming video of the famous, or rather infamous Kamchatka. For those that don't want to watch the video, Kamchatka was an armed fleet repair ship/coaling ship used by the Russian Imperial Navy during the Ruso-Japanese war. And by all accounts, she was possibly the greatest blight the Second Pacific Squadron of the Imperial Russian Navy ever encountered or had to put up with. Bearing in mind that the only useful thing she ever did during her relatively short time at sea was absorbing shell fire from the Imperial Japanese Navy at the Battle of Tsushima. The game type is similar to Epicentre, however instead of trying to capture the points, the two teams are trying to run from the Kamchatka, that sails around the map. The Kamchatka's capture circles sit around her, she has four of them, the more ships of one side that are in the circles, the more she drifts toward that team. The teams are made up of 10 sips each with 3 BB's, 3 CA's/CL's and 4 DD's. There are no CV's. Capturing has several stages; At 25% - Ships in the team capturing her start suffering disabled engines or reduced speed, similar to what happens to ships that touch the borders of the map. Preventing most BB"s from escaping her. At 50% - The capturing fleet will start seeing numerous tier II IJN destroyers appearing all over the map and heading toward them as Kamchatka signals that she is being attacked by torpedo boats. The torpedoes dropped do not cause damage and the ships disappear in a cloud of fog when shot at. Once this point is reached, the destroyers will continuosly spawn and approach the team. At 75% - BB's and CA's secondary batteries will randomly start shooting their own allies causing damage, however the TK penalty will be disabled for these kind of attacks. At 100% - Ships in the capturing fleet will randomly start detonating until all ships in the team have been sunk. The two teams can shoot at each other, but in order to fire, the ships must reduce to half their speed, giving the chance for the Kamchatka to get closer. This adds the possibility that while one team is trying to sink the opposing team, Kamchatka arrives and prevents them from moving faster than a quarter speed. The idea being that shooting at each other isn't the goal, the goal is to keep from losing the entire fleet to random detonations. Capturing is cumulative, unlike the capturing in Epicentre, so even if a fleet escapes, the progress is still tracked and they still suffer the same effects that they have already recieved. The only way to lose Kamchatka would be drag her into the opposing teams path and have more of their ships in the capturing circles. Kamchatka would be invincible, preventing either team from trying to sink her.
  4. darkflame88

    Chonkiest of the Chonk

    Must resist urge to make jokes about fat Americans.
  5. darkflame88

    Excuse me?

    If people think he's affiliated with WG, they'll get rid of him. Botters and those that buy the accounts are anonymous and don't talk on the forums. The issue here is that this idiot has made their activities very public.
  6. darkflame88

    Missouri '84

    How about when they bring back Subs, they can add the Akula and the Los Angeles classes. Of course both will be armed with 5 megaton ICBM's with the Akula also having Nuclear torpedoes.
  7. darkflame88

    New idea

    Where in your post does it state that you can deal with DD's that can stealth torp your ship? Where does it state that you can effectively turn against a DD that has outflanked you when you are positioned against an island? Where in you post does it explain how to react if an enemy ship chooses to escape your circle or ram your ship? Where does it state how to effectvely deal with a concealed target or Omaha's high riding citadel with putting the ship in a position to be out gunned or stealth torped? You haven't answered any of what I proposed to you, your tactic is mindless as any AI or player with half a brain can nulify. Sailing in a circle is not a great or innovative tactic as any half decent player will turn counter to your circle or target your citadel, even with the Omaha's torpedoes, their range is too short to be effective unless in close enough range for a DD to citadel you. Omaha is a scout, she acts as a support ship, her tactics are like Phoenix, sit close enough to either the DD's to be concealed in their smoke or close enough to the BB's to provide extra firepower. she should not be used as a DD or as a BB. Your tactic is effectively a seal clubbing tactic, your opponent is unsure how to deal with your movements and is sunk, however the Co-op AI is not that stupid and will counter your tactic fairly easily by targeting your engines or rudder before ramming you. And that's only the AI, trying this tactic aginst player who know what they're doing and you wouldn't survive.
  8. darkflame88

    New idea

    You said solo, as in no team around you. why would you be protecting your team if you're facing an enemy solo. Your original statement implied that either the entire team was on the other side of the map or already sunk. How exactly are you going to do this when you can't see the target, Kamikaze and other DD's with extremely low concealment will stay behind your ship and drop torpedoes into your rudders. You can't shoot what you can't see. Not only that, any player with half a brain and most AI ships, will simply turn out of your circle and either ram you or shoot the rear of your ship as you pass. Rendering your tactic useless. Again, how are you going to play as a DD against actual DD's. The second you put yourself against an island you lose the ability to turn, if they outflank you, you have to take their torpedoes. Omaha is best used in supporting BB's, she is weak to alomst everything in the game due to her high citadel. The better option is to sit within range of a BB and assist them in dealing damage but also acting as a scout. Unlike Furataka, she doesn't have 203mm guns or 10km torpedoes. Omaha's strength lies with fighting ships with the assistance of other, stronger ships.
  9. darkflame88

    New idea

    First, at least get the name of the ship you're bragging about correct. it's Omaha.not Ohama Now as for ships that you claim you can 'sexually violate without consent' solo does that include the following: Kamikaze and Kamikaze R, the ship that personifies stealth torping and can effectively hunt the Omaha without issue or fear of being spotted. Perth, with smoke and decent AP, she can effectively deal damage without too much to fear from an Omaha. Mutsu, one salvo from her guns can demolish an Omaha. 410mm HE at tier VI is more than capable of dealing with a USN CL long before she gets into range. The second an Omaha fires on her, she retaliates with a lot of firepower. Graf Spee , her guns out range the Omaha and with a pretty powerful secondary and torpedoe armament along with Repair Party. Okhotnik, if she gets close enough you're dealing with 15 torpedoes and her speed makes her a real threat. Not only that, her guns can pen an Omaha's citadel at torpedo range. If you realy can 'sexually violate without consent' all of thse ships without issue then provide a manual that details how to deal with all of these ships in situations where you face them in an Omaha without support from your own allies or aircraft, or as you put it, 'solo'. Can't wait to see how you deal with the Kamikaze.
  10. WG hasn't made an announcement about it yet, and there's no guarantee that they will. Last year it was a tactic used by them to get people to use the RB as it was still relatively new. I would hold off until an announcement is actually made so you don't reset the line for nothing.
  11. darkflame88

    SURPRISE SURPRISE! (Recent stream)

    So they're selling permanent camo' for Belfast, it actually comes either by itself or in the third wave bundle, so if you don't have her already and you buy the bundle, you get stuck with a useless camo for a ship you can't buy anymore. Bravo WG .
  12. darkflame88

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Hopefully they make her a Steel ship to prevent too many people from getting her. Having more than one of them per side would make the game a nightmare. With players hanging around the borders and firing salvos into the middle of the map in hopes of hitting enemies, similar to what players used to do with Shimakaze. 15km high damage torps at tier 8 or lower has already been precedented with Yudachi and she has a TRB. My guess is they'll make her reload similar to Shimakaze, 2 and a half minutes or longer.
  13. darkflame88


    Well you can do that, or just obliterate everything that moves. I see your three kills and raise you another. Along with a shit ton of base xp.
  14. darkflame88


    You call this toxic? Really. Being called a noob is toxic? That's standard gameplay. Toxic is being racially abused in the chat or deliberately TK'd by the same player over several matches for playing a specific ship or repeatedly being harrassed in the ingame message system for losing in ranked. Being called noob once is not toxic. There is a big difference between salty and toxic.
  15. darkflame88

    My ID will change, ETA 1 month . . .

    So magic medicine, just the thing to deal with 2020.