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  1. darkflame88

    You are not leaving me, are you?

    So they don't even give you the option of deleting it from your hard drive? You can have 'No' or exit out of the dialogue box as the only options.
  2. darkflame88

    The South American Naval Arms Race

    Here is an almost factual retelling of an incredible naval event that was overshadowed by the First World War, the South American Dreadnought Race. While some were simply offshoots of the designs prevalent in Europe at the time, others were designed from the ground up and were in some ways very unique, if not strange. Argentina and Chile, having quite a substantial border with one another, were desperate for each other’s land, their numerous border skirmishes ended in 1902 under British arbitration, because naturally neither country was about to pick a fight with an Empire that covered a quarter of the globe. At the time, the three major powers in South America; Brazil, Chile and Argentina did not possess the capability of constructing larger capital ships, as such they had to order them from the European powers, Britain and Italy were the main contractors. When Britain settled the border dispute, they added a clause that prevented either Argentina or Chile possessing a substantial naval force as both had started to turn away from Britain as their main ship builder, looking more toward the Germans and the Americans. For two years the major powers settled into a tenuous stability until in 1904 Brazil began a rapid expansion of its naval capability, and in 1908 received what was at the time, the largest and most powerful warship the world had ever seen, the Minas Gerais class battleship. With 12 x 12in guns and a top speed of 21 knots, she was at the time a wonder of naval engineering. Though considering just how fast ship designs were progressing she was not about to stay at the top for long. The Minas Gerais class brought about a whole new naval arms race. Seen here in 1910 Argentina perceived the new Brazilian Navy as a severe threat and immediately sent out a tender for new battleships. Fore River, an American company won and set to work on what would become an extraordinary pair of vessels. Though considering what went into making them, a better name for the company might have been Frankenstein. The Argentinean Navy had decided to take designs and influences from several different major naval powers and incorporate them into a single ship. As such, the Rivadavia class had an American super imposed turret arrangement and cage mast, British influenced wing turrets, her secondary battery and propulsion shafts were based on German designs and an engine and boiler room basically copied from the Italian battleship, Dante Alighieri. Despite this odd mishmash of designs, the Rivadavia class had good armour protection, strong armament of 12 x 12in guns, a pair of 21in torpedo tubes and a higher top speed than her rivals at 22.5 knots. The Rivadavia as seen before her modernisation in the 1930’s undergoing speed trials Brazil however had not stopped their expansion and in 1910 set about ordering another battleship, similar in design to Minas Gerais, the Rio de Janeiro, she was completed just as the First World War broke out which might seem like a good thing but being built by Britain and purchased by Brazil meant there was inevitably going to be a slight disagreement on ownership. Her fate had been sealed nearly 40 years before hand when the Rubber Boom was in full swing. At the time Brazil was the largest exporter of natural rubber in the world. It was in 1876 that the British Authorities at Kew Gardens, enquired with Henry Whickam, a British entrepreneur living in Brazil at the time about acquiring a large sample of rubber plant trees. Whickam, went well above what was asked of him and managed to smuggle over 70,000 seeds out of the country, though British authorities were not very impressed when he demanded payment for every seed. History does not recall what was said in the exchange. Nevertheless, the British set about planting the trees all through the tropical regions of South-East Asia, with a view of one day controlling the entire rubber market. Just as Rio de Janeiro was being built, that view came into being, the British rubber poured out of South East Asia at such a rate that Brazil didn’t have a hope in competing, very quickly their economy faulted then began to collapse into a recession. Without a functioning economy to support itself, the Brazilian government found itself under pressure to cancel the Dreadnought program that had cost so much, nearly 25% of the national budget. The loss of funds also resulted in a mutiny within the ranks of the Brazilian navy. It was decided that the newly built Rio de Janeiro would be sold to offset some of the government’s financial woes, the Ottoman Empire was more than happy to pay, with the new ship renamed as Sultan Osman I, though it didn’t stay that way for long. Rio de Janeiro was still under construction in Britain in 1914 when the purchase was made, but as war drew closer her builders, Armstrong, were notified by the Admiralty that they should hold off on the delivery. On July 31st 1914, Armstrong was again contacted by the Admiralty, this time informing them that the British government could not permit the sale or delivery of the ship to a foreign power. The Rio de Janeiro seen in 1914 after her takeover by the British Admiralty. It's interesting to note that the only reason that the British purchased her was because of their own actions 40 years prior. The next day all Turkish personnel were removed from the ship and she was once again renamed, this time as HMS Agincourt. At the time she was one of the most powerful battleships in the world with 14 x 12in guns. The loss of the Rio de Janeiro was in part a foreshadowing of what would befall, Chile. When news of the new Rivadavia class battleships reached Chile, they immediately ordered their own battleship design based on the Iron Duke class. Unlike Iron Duke, this new design would swap the standard 13.5in guns for 10 x 14in guns. The battleships were being constructed in Britain and in 1914, the first of the class, Almirante Latorre was purchased by the Royal Navy at the outbreak of the First World War before it could set sail for Chile, the new ship was given the name HMS Canada. Work on the second ship, Almirante Cochrane was halted until 1917 when the Royal Navy decided to convert her into what became the aircraft carrier HMS Eagle. The Chilean battleship Almirante Latorre, was for the duration of the First World War known as HMS Canada, an up-gunned Iron Duke class. After the war, HMS Canada was returned to her rightful owners but Chile argued that it had no use of an aircraft carrier as its total naval ‘fixed wing’ air power at the time consisted of a flock of particularly rowdy seagulls and a One Eyed Pelican called Samuel. They immediately requested that the HMS Eagle be given back her original design. Britain refused as they hardly saw the need of reverting the ship back to what was already becoming an outdated design and instead offered a heavy cruiser and several screening ships instead, this was ultimately rejected. This left Argentina the only power with more than one modern battleship, however with the end of the First World War and the Naval Treaties that followed, her influence as a naval power waned and eventually collapsed as the United States’ influence in the region spread. Rivadavia and her sister, Moreno, were modernised after the First World War, her anti aircraft capabilities being the main focus. Though considering her top speed barely changed she was in no way capable of being part of a more modern task group. Both were stricken from the Navy list in 1951. The Argentinean battleship Rivadavia seen just three years before she was stricken from the Navy list. The Minas Gerais and her sister Sao Paulo were both refit in the 1920’s, however only Minas Gerais underwent modernisation between 1936 and 1937. After the Second World War it was decided that the two ships would be stricken from the navy list and sent for scrapping, Minas Gerais was to be broken up in Italy and Sao Paulo in Britain. Minas Gerais was scrapped in 1954, however 3 years prior Sao Paulo broke free from her tow in the middle of the North Atlantic and was never seen again. Almirante Latorre, the last remaining ship of the South American Naval Race outlasted all her rivals and in 1958 was towed all the way across the Pacific where she was dismantled in Japan. The author would like to express the point that any references to either rowdy seagulls or One Eyed Pelicans called Samuel are fictional and any relation to actual Argentinean rowdy seagulls or One Eyed Pelicans called Samuel are entirely coincidental and are not meant to represent those of particular avian heritage.
  3. darkflame88

    Why is it like this

    Honestly teaching an old dog is very easy, teaching a dog that believes it's not a dog and is too stubborn to accept that it is a dog is a different kettle of fish altogether.
  4. darkflame88

    Why is it like this

    You also accused the playerbase here of being cheaters and hackers without any evidence to back your claims up. There are very few things that could be considered more inflammatory on the SEA server than that.
  5. darkflame88

    Why is it like this

    Don't you just love it when a troll utterly fails at their original purpose and brings a forum together in their common goal of trolling said troll. To be fair the Great Emu War ended in a ceasefire, it was the war against the Drop Bears that we lost.
  6. darkflame88

    Possible Ideas for CV exclusive Scenario''s

    So take it how it played out in BSP. One thing that could be added as well could be Elco PT boats that arrive from Port Moresby to attempt to sink the transports. This again will split the players attention as they try to deal with fast attacks from both air and sea, and have to manoeuvre together accordingly.
  7. darkflame88

    0.8 Roll Back Date

    Or Better yet, you should try the BSmodHQ 4.0 mod for BattleStations Pacific, which fixed a lot of the issues that game had and even made the sub combat fun. While it's not an MMO, it still has an excellent skirmish mode with actually smart AI that is both Tactical and Strategic in how it performs. BSP is the only game that actually made surface naval, submarine, aerial and even land based combat enjoyable fun.
  8. darkflame88

    Possible Ideas for CV exclusive Scenario''s

    Taranto is definitely a good possibility but in my opinion it lacks some challenge as the Italians were caught completely by surprise during that raid. And only Torpedo planes were actually used. However modifying the scenario to include the destruction of the shipyards and drydocks, could add additional challenge.
  9. While it is clear that the current build for CV's is not well thought out, it is also clear that CV's will be staying like this for a long time to come. However the new style of gameplay does open up the possibility of CV exclusive operations similar to Dynamo. While I very much doubt we'll see something like the Attack on Pearl Harbour, the NA server would probably start an open revolt if the devs implemented it, there are plenty of other opportunities for CV's. One possibility could be an alternate version of the Attack on Midway/The Battle of Iwo Jima, where a group of four or six CV's have to attack a heavily defended atoll while also defending themselves against incoming waves of land based bombers. With the carriers having to use stealth to approach the islands while keeping outside the patrolling enemy. Once the CV's get into range, they then have to destroy the land based defenses using either attack aircraft or dive bombers. This then moves to destroying the infrastructure on the islands such as the airstrip, the hangars, the refueling zones and the shipyards. The arrival of a fleet that is responding to a distress call from the island base would be the third objective, with CV's having to alternate their attacks between the islands and the incoming BB's, CA's and DD's.
  10. 1. I can't blacklist you until I meet you in battle, and since I haven't YET, you are not on my blacklist. 2. High Tier CV's are overpowered and all the rest are pathetic, people are just outraged that CV's are more powerful than their precious BB's and CA's, in the exact same way that BB's are always complaining that DD's are too OP. and that DD's constantly complain that Radar is too OP/broken. This game has always had the Rock, paper, Scissors style, it's just that CV's are either not a part of the equation or they completely destroy it. 3. It's not so much the TKing as the constant hatred directed at CV players whenever something doesn't go another players way,. 4. You have clearly shown no understanding of how the mob mentality of the community works, hence the ignorance. Starting a thread for laughs depicting you flinging insults at other player who clearly were just trying to play the game and hadn't actually done anything to you shows that you are hateful and while not entirely arrogant, you are definitely not bright, if you had filled your original posts with emoji's and dropped this "/s" after your post I very much doubt any of this would have happened. 5. You've clearly misunderstood where I am coming from, I am not a diehard CV player, my key vehicle is and always will be my Zao. I play all classes of ships almost equally. This isn't about me being a CV player being hurt about the past, it is about the hatred in the community being directed at a group that has had to put up with more shit than any of the other groups. So when they finally get the ability to have some form of power, they are immediately targeted by the rest of the community with threads from calling for their removal from the game to ones like this that is designed to incite more anger in the community, even if it was unintentional. 6. I can't wait to see how much crap you'll be flinging at players if and when Subs are finally added to the game, considering how much you think CV's are OP, which only Hakuryu, Midway and possibly Saipan are, that's going to be a nightmare for you.
  11. At what point did this become a victim thing, I'm merely stating that community anger has led to TKing in the past and it most likely is occurring now due to the sudden increase of community outrage at the latest patch. And using that community anger and directing it at CV players is downright disgusting.
  12. Really, I remember when CV's were first introduced, I was TK'ed at least 4 times in the first week by DD's that had been one-shotted by other CV players. So I don't doubt that there have been cases of TK's against carriers since this patch was released.
  13. Still has a troll title. It's the kind of title that draws on the anger currently present in the community and directs all that hate at the CV players.
  14. Really, this from the player that created this thread: I think your skill lies in being a troll. Also, I can do one better than a Christmas list, I'll be adding you to my chat blacklist when i get the chance. No need to have to suffer through your incessant whinging.
  15. Okay, you're both annoying and insane. if it was meant as a joke then I hardly see the funny side, if you want to slag off other players at least do it with some wit, telling someone they have a very small sausage is the lowest form of humour.