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  1. darkflame88

    Possible Ideas for CV exclusive Scenario''s

    So take it how it played out in BSP. One thing that could be added as well could be Elco PT boats that arrive from Port Moresby to attempt to sink the transports. This again will split the players attention as they try to deal with fast attacks from both air and sea, and have to manoeuvre together accordingly.
  2. darkflame88

    0.8 Roll Back Date

    Or Better yet, you should try the BSmodHQ 4.0 mod for BattleStations Pacific, which fixed a lot of the issues that game had and even made the sub combat fun. While it's not an MMO, it still has an excellent skirmish mode with actually smart AI that is both Tactical and Strategic in how it performs. BSP is the only game that actually made surface naval, submarine, aerial and even land based combat enjoyable fun.
  3. darkflame88

    Possible Ideas for CV exclusive Scenario''s

    Taranto is definitely a good possibility but in my opinion it lacks some challenge as the Italians were caught completely by surprise during that raid. And only Torpedo planes were actually used. However modifying the scenario to include the destruction of the shipyards and drydocks, could add additional challenge.
  4. While it is clear that the current build for CV's is not well thought out, it is also clear that CV's will be staying like this for a long time to come. However the new style of gameplay does open up the possibility of CV exclusive operations similar to Dynamo. While I very much doubt we'll see something like the Attack on Pearl Harbour, the NA server would probably start an open revolt if the devs implemented it, there are plenty of other opportunities for CV's. One possibility could be an alternate version of the Attack on Midway/The Battle of Iwo Jima, where a group of four or six CV's have to attack a heavily defended atoll while also defending themselves against incoming waves of land based bombers. With the carriers having to use stealth to approach the islands while keeping outside the patrolling enemy. Once the CV's get into range, they then have to destroy the land based defenses using either attack aircraft or dive bombers. This then moves to destroying the infrastructure on the islands such as the airstrip, the hangars, the refueling zones and the shipyards. The arrival of a fleet that is responding to a distress call from the island base would be the third objective, with CV's having to alternate their attacks between the islands and the incoming BB's, CA's and DD's.
  5. 1. I can't blacklist you until I meet you in battle, and since I haven't YET, you are not on my blacklist. 2. High Tier CV's are overpowered and all the rest are pathetic, people are just outraged that CV's are more powerful than their precious BB's and CA's, in the exact same way that BB's are always complaining that DD's are too OP. and that DD's constantly complain that Radar is too OP/broken. This game has always had the Rock, paper, Scissors style, it's just that CV's are either not a part of the equation or they completely destroy it. 3. It's not so much the TKing as the constant hatred directed at CV players whenever something doesn't go another players way,. 4. You have clearly shown no understanding of how the mob mentality of the community works, hence the ignorance. Starting a thread for laughs depicting you flinging insults at other player who clearly were just trying to play the game and hadn't actually done anything to you shows that you are hateful and while not entirely arrogant, you are definitely not bright, if you had filled your original posts with emoji's and dropped this "/s" after your post I very much doubt any of this would have happened. 5. You've clearly misunderstood where I am coming from, I am not a diehard CV player, my key vehicle is and always will be my Zao. I play all classes of ships almost equally. This isn't about me being a CV player being hurt about the past, it is about the hatred in the community being directed at a group that has had to put up with more shit than any of the other groups. So when they finally get the ability to have some form of power, they are immediately targeted by the rest of the community with threads from calling for their removal from the game to ones like this that is designed to incite more anger in the community, even if it was unintentional. 6. I can't wait to see how much crap you'll be flinging at players if and when Subs are finally added to the game, considering how much you think CV's are OP, which only Hakuryu, Midway and possibly Saipan are, that's going to be a nightmare for you.
  6. At what point did this become a victim thing, I'm merely stating that community anger has led to TKing in the past and it most likely is occurring now due to the sudden increase of community outrage at the latest patch. And using that community anger and directing it at CV players is downright disgusting.
  7. Really, I remember when CV's were first introduced, I was TK'ed at least 4 times in the first week by DD's that had been one-shotted by other CV players. So I don't doubt that there have been cases of TK's against carriers since this patch was released.
  8. Still has a troll title. It's the kind of title that draws on the anger currently present in the community and directs all that hate at the CV players.
  9. Really, this from the player that created this thread: I think your skill lies in being a troll. Also, I can do one better than a Christmas list, I'll be adding you to my chat blacklist when i get the chance. No need to have to suffer through your incessant whinging.
  10. Okay, you're both annoying and insane. if it was meant as a joke then I hardly see the funny side, if you want to slag off other players at least do it with some wit, telling someone they have a very small sausage is the lowest form of humour.
  11. So it's CV players fault that you are a hateful, arrogant and downright ignorant individual who takes out their frustration at other players in chat because you don't believe they have right to play the game in the class they enjoy. Okay sure, you're insane.
  12. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but since 0.8.0 came out, I've noticed that long AA can fire straight through mountains to hit incoming aircraft, however these same secondary guns cannot do this when they are shooting at other ships. Were the secondary guns given different properties depending on what they are targeting or is this just a random bug?
  13. darkflame88

    A World Without CV

    Honestly, there is a lot of overreacting, yes it is a major change to how the game works and yes many people didn't ask for this but here's the thing, for every person not complaining on the forums, there's at least another that's still playing, learning the new mechanics and understanding how to best deal with this patch and even if the game bombs on steam, people will still find out about the game through other means. I remember when SPG Artillery was properly introduced to WoT, with some players then and even now complaining that they ruin the game, and guess what, WoT still has a massive player base that is incredibly loyal. Really, if WG should apologise for this than they owe one for not introducing playable submarines, which they said they would implement very early on.
  14. darkflame88

    CV Hotfix

    So I guess Kaga is going to be nerfed to the point of being unplayable. Wonderful. Let me guess drop her torpedo range to 2.5Km and give her those utterly worthless AP bombs instead of HE. As Kaga is the closest carrier to Hakuryu in terms of attack flights and aircraft reserves she's going to be hammered by any 'balancing'. And modifying how AA works is going to make her planes unusable in TX matches.
  15. darkflame88

    A World Without CV

    This already exists, it's called Tier I and II and III, where anyone who doesn't want to have to deal with the CV's can happily kill each other in ships from the days before Dreadnaught. Fast combat with quick torp reloads and not a plane to be seen. It sounds ideal for you.