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  1. ADrunkDropbear

    In Freedom Server...

    Oh, I'm used to it, working for places that requires headbutting walls makes a persons head very strong. And very stubborn. And I'm sure you'll keep acting like this
  2. ADrunkDropbear

    In Freedom Server...

    No, not really. In fact I've found the exact opposite experince in nearly every other game and forums related to those games. This place on the other hand certainly has. From the death threats I got in-game to the dehumanisation of me a few years back, when people claimed I as a disabled person had no right to play in a game with non-disabled people, or use this forum for that matter as I clearly don't speak English. And the attacks against me in game chat regarding me being a member of the LGBTIQ community, I apparently had the nerve to ask for a pride flag, well, that set off the wolves. Do I think you're a nazi? No, I think you're someone who chooses to act like a fool to get others to laugh at him. Do I think you support and condone violence? No, I think you don't use quotes and language carefully and refuse to care who or what that triggers. Do you shitpost in violation of the rules? Absolutely, but I know I'm not going to change your behaviour. I can still complain about it and point it out but I know that public opinion won't change and you will continue to do it regardless of what happens. Will I leave the forums or the game because of this? Probably not, I'll do what I did last time, vanish for a few months to a year then come back with a completely different name. I've done it plenty of times before, do you really think this was my original name, I've had at least three. And everytime people have no idea who I was originally. And you will continue to dance to the tune of the fool. That, I'm sure of.
  3. ADrunkDropbear

    In Freedom Server...

    Personally malign, funny. I pointed out that this was not a mythbusting thread, it was a shitpost, which is in direct breach of Rule 2.5 of the forums rules and because of that I got jumped. Now I'll admit that I was a little more drunk when I entered the thread and wasn't going to back down from a fight but that did not excuse people attacking me for calling out a thread for what it was, by a user who continuously breaks the rules and gets away with it. No one else gets away with breaching the rules like Max. No one. Except possibly Sharkbait. So, if you want to attack me like everyone else, I don't care, if you want to support someone who until recently had a paraphrase of a quote first used by Joseph Goebels in his signature, I don't care. Supporting someone, anyone that uses those kinds of quotes, even satiracally, condones the original purpose of those quotes. You want to call me a snowflake because I believe in the rights everyone, especially minority groups, I don't care. And if you think that this contstant barrage of attacks is going to force me to leave, you are dead wrong. This isn't the first time I've been singled out on the forums for pointing out people breaking the rules. You want to support your friend, that's perfectly fine. I just prefer that everone is treated the same and that those who do constantly break the rules are called out.
  4. ADrunkDropbear

    In Freedom Server...

    Absolutely, you can break the 'S' 'H' "I" 'T' 'P' 'O' 'N' G' keys on your keyboard. and then your left and right mouse buttons to be safe. I never said sharkbaits threads were good, just that they do try to point out something that is wrong based on their perceptions rather than Max's atempts at humour. So what you are saying is that Max is allowed to do this continuosly but I'm not allowed to complain about said actions because it offends you? So you're telling me that I'm am not allowed to have a discussion based on the amount of pointless threads I see in the General forums on a regular basis. I see, well, if you were a moderator or a member of WG staff I could quite understand your reasons to try and stop this thread from moving forward but as you are not all I can assume is that you despise and attempt to quiet anyone who tries to point out something they see as wrong because it hurts your sensibilities. Your behaviour and attempt to stop me from stating my my views shows you really don't understand how a forum works.
  5. ADrunkDropbear

    In Freedom Server...

    The funny part of that was that Max was one of the 'turncoats' that left claiming that it would be better in the NA server, only to then come back after a month because it didn't suit them. There are quite a few of us who have been playing this game for five years, you're not special in that regard. And second you do this constantly. You create topic after topic of pointless posts in the forum expecting people to either look at it and chuckle or ignore it. This was one of those posts where you didn't expect anyone to actually comment. And were surprised when it became a thread. In this regard you're as bad as Sharkbait, the difference is that Sharkbait actually tries to get a point across about the mechanics of the game and how they perceive them to be broken.
  6. ADrunkDropbear

    In Freedom Server...

    Probably none. Those types of records are done in either Co-op where the enemy AI has multiple Grober Kurfurst, Thunderers and Moskva's that kill the all AI pretty quick or in Randoms in NA where people whale to TIX or TX and then find themselves getting wiped You also have to think how many games did those youtubers record just to get that one match.
  7. ADrunkDropbear

    In Freedom Server...

    In the few games I've played in the 'Freedom Server' recently they do communicate quite a bit. The only issue is that the communication is either in: Stupid, Salt, or Random Incoherant Screams of General Panic I'd argue they are more Potato than SEA. Some of the Bots in SEA have better win rates and playstyles than some human players in NA.
  8. ADrunkDropbear

    Things are rather sketchy for WG.

    So you're saying I get not one but six clones of the Lord of Darkness and Hellfire AND six crates filled with the ruinous powers from the deepest pits of hell and damnation. That's a steal if there ever was one.
  9. I've seen this pop up several times, including very recently where players fail to understand the point of the Blacklisting otherwise known as a Message Filtering system in the game. The filtering system is NOT designed to stop players from playing with or playing against other players. The system is designed to stop a player reciveving messges from players they have filtered (Blacklisted). It doesn't stop messages being sent, it just stops the reception. It works the same as any form of filter, be it physical or digital. A fishing net for example, water goes through, large fish do not. Think of the balcklisted players messages as the fish. They will depart from somewhere but not make it to their destination because of the net. Now the feature is useful when used appropriately. I myself have used it in the past to block messages from players who were either too salty, or too immature. One example was during a Co-op game, a player who lost their ship in the first few minutes exclaimed in chat that I was, to put it less crudely, 'Taking a Hipper up the Stern without consent'. Granted I was a little peoccupied dealing with a very angry Montana in my Zao that I failed to notice the Hipper coming up behind me. However not wanting to be distracted by their poor attempts at humour, I blacklisted the player that said it. That is a perfectly good reason to filter someone. However, blacklisting players in droves can be detrimental when they are trying to contact you about specific things, for example the entire right flank has disitergrated and they need your help to fill the gap. Even if they send a message, you won't be able to read it. The same issue appears if a player wants to invite you to a Division or a Clan, they can send the invite but you can't read it. In Co-op, this doesn't really matter as the chances of being overrun by the AI is negated by having an overall understanding of their attack pattern. However, in Random, Ranked, Clan or any special event where you are not facing AI enemies, blocking off communication with the team can be a terrible tactical move and will increase the chances of your team either losing or you being sunk early.
  10. ADrunkDropbear

    a bettet bot for the game

    Not entirely true, now they actually target their teammates with torps. When the game originally released they just fired them in random directions.
  11. ADrunkDropbear

    I got reported twice

    And? Do you know the difference between 0 reports, 2 reports and 30 reports. Nothing. There is no difference to either your credits or experience. Players on your team hated that they lost, how do you know others in the team didin't recieve even more than 2 reports? Players can deal out 7 reports a day, getting two from losing a random match at TX in a Midway is nothing compared to what it could've been. Karma is worthless, getting reported after a match is worthless. Complaining about it on the forums is pointless. Ignore it and move on. I'm saying this before this thread draws the marka is good forum users here.
  12. The issue is that you have effectively 'Named & Shamed' them by putting their name in the image, which is against forum rules. You're going to find a vast number of salty players in this game and a sizable number are going to be immature and or racist. If you don't want to deal with salty players then play either Operations or Co-op. Coming onto the forum doesn't do anything, this is not new, it's been happening since the server launched, the best option is to report them. Unless of course you were actually trolling them, in which case, well done.
  13. ADrunkDropbear

    No codes received in email!

    Oh FFS, here: CRET-M66WK-7GYZB CRET-M674M-R6PAU CRET-M674S-TRA4H CRET-M674U-T9N86 These are the codes I didn't use. Only one will work for one person and you only get a random crate and a resourse crate. Unless you haven't played in over a month or two then its a few millions credits and 7 crates and a week of premium.
  14. ADrunkDropbear


    What I'm getting from this is that they've implmented a mechanic where battleships and cruisers can call in airstrikes from the ship itself without going to a top down menu or the perspective of the aircraft. So instead of anti submarine floatplanes, strategic airstrikes with medium and heavy bombers maybe something we see in the future. It could also be how ships like Tone, Ise and Hyuga will be implemented.
  15. ADrunkDropbear

    Who reported me?

    Take it as a compliment that someone actually gave enough of a crap to spend effort on right clicking your username and reporting you. Being reported does nothing and no one cares about Karma. Being reported more than once in a battle is seen as an honour by some. You managed to either piss off two separate players or piss off one player enough to report you twice. Regardless, I call that a win. The sooner you lose all of your karma the sooner you stop caring about reports and compliments.