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  1. FG1964644240

    Fix CV Autopilot

    I don't think park ur cv to the endgame is good idea because even CV need to go to exit.
  2. As you all know, there are only T6 CV can play t6 operation,and what will going to be,for T8,even T10?
  3. FG1964644240

    Notice two things in the operation "defense of newport"

    Oh, ya, it was so ez to get 5-stars long time ago, back when T7 narai been call-off. I can't tell the different now, but back then we CV can stop the third wave by our own because there is no DFAA fire from NPC. and the forts? now they're just able to deal good damage to DD, but don't expect they can do anything to CL/CA/BB.
  4. FG1964644240

    Notice two things in the operation "defense of newport"

    I'm sure we destroy all of it and it shows: a. Kill all the enemy before major attack. (00:07, fail) b. Do not let the enemy within defense zone before the major attack. (Done!) ...something like that, or we fail the objective "b" but finish the "a",sorry I can't remember. Although, I can 100% tell that we done both of it because I was a CV player, I kill the last enemy and it is close, but not within the defense zone. and yes, even we complete side quests from above, saving Baltimore will be another problem. Heavy AA mean CV can only make 1-2 attack drop, while other surface vessel, miss, I guess.
  5. 1. Two times my team destroy the enemy third wave attack within 10 seconds before the major attack (00:05 and 00:07), and the side quest still count as failed. 2. It just...too difficult to get 5 star in both random team or team with your friend, for a lot of reason.
  6. FG1964644240

    Performance issues since 0.8.0

    Sometime I click my cv in the port and the screen go freeze.
  7. FG1964644240

    DD's in CO-OP

    From my experience so far, I only faced 3 DD in total in a random co-op team. Wait,you mean player vs AI or operation?