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  1. jvilnisaust

    HELP Flicker flashing

    Yeah, looks like his video card is overheating.
  2. jvilnisaust

    Turrets being blown up completely

    It is one of the realism parts of the game that should stay. Yeah it relies on RNG but that works both ways unless you think it only ever happens to you? Damage repair parties can repair some types of damage like jammed rudders or turrets but when a turret is hit with enough damage and is ripped open, would they really be able to repair it? If you want them to remove a damage mechanic like destroyed turrets then why not ask for them to remove ammo bunker hits that destroy the ship totally? I was able to kill a Kongo with a single salvo where he was at 90% and my single hit was a citadel hit then he was killed.
  3. jvilnisaust

    News on what next on WOWs

    You do understand that the Bismarck is just one of two ships built of the Bismarck class battleships. She had a sister ship called the Tirpitz. So we can have a premium ship based on the Bismarck itself and still have Bismarck class ships in the normal German tech tree. Same as the Yamato class ships. They built the Yamato and Musashi while the Shinano was converted into a carrier. So there will be no problem with having named ships as premium ships and still be able to buy that class of ship in the tech trees.
  4. I could see having the secondary guns being able to be switched to anti torpedo mode as a future option in the game. Accuracy and successful detonation would be low but would give ships a fighting chance.
  5. jvilnisaust

    Historical Warships for Premium Ships

    from what I have read, we will have access to Bismarck class ships in the normal German tech tree but the Premium ship will be just a bit different to the normal no premium ships. They could move them up a tier so they will more likely be fighting tougher ships if you are worried about balance.
  6. jvilnisaust

    Historical Warships for Premium Ships

    I would like them as at least as good as their class but possible with bonuses to accuracy or a bit faster/tougher.
  7. i was just wondering what other well known warships you would like to see in the game as premium ships? with the latest announcement we know they are looking at putting the Bismarck into the game as a premium ship. The Hood? The Yamato? The Admiral Graf Spree? The Enterprise?
  8. HE shells will have a better chance of setting ships on fire which can be annoying if they have just used their damage control crew. AP shells will have a better chance to penetrate and do damage to internals. For example I hit a 3/4 health Fuso with AP shells and hit an ammo bunker and destroyed the ship completely.
  9. As the title says, can we get some pilasters/gold to buy some of the premium ships with to experiment with them?
  10. jvilnisaust

    Several issues when using Battleships

    You have to experiment and learn how far to lead a ship when firing. Press shift to go into zoom mode, then mouse wheel to zoom in on the aiming point. Then use the measurement markings to determine where to fire to drop shots onto target. With practice you can get hits at max range and really spoil their day. With the spotting plane, you should have your spotting limit increased. I haven't really worked out if it is working in game at the moment. Is it?
  11. I just played a battle and after I got sunk I decided to be a spectator and see how others play. Anyway I was watching their ships and I noticed that even though they were firing on the enemy like normal the turrets on their ships were not being displayed turning or moving at all on my screen. A possible graphics glitch?
  12. jvilnisaust

    Mission Timers

    Yes I saw the three mission timers but the reset timer for them is not all that useful. We need a timer to show how much time until we get new missions, not the time until the completed missions reset.
  13. jvilnisaust

    Mission Timers

    When you complete a mission you see a timer that counts down to when that mission resets I guess. What we want to see is a timer that counts down to a new mission for that mission slot. If the counters are working properly then they need to be shorter and not 50-60 hours for some of them.
  14. jvilnisaust

    Do you keep wonder....

    Well that explains a lot and is very helpful. Thanks.
  15. jvilnisaust

    Secondary weapons?

    The smoke screen is a bit 'iffy' at the moment. Ships can vanish into it even if they are only a kilometre or two away. Then they appear even closer to you and you have no chance to react before they hit you.