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  1. pryne

    Patch 5.3 Dev Blog and Public Test

    yes you can join other team as member or mercenaries. I don't thing it will cost you any thing but there 1 thing i don't know is how to switch team
  2. pryne

    Depends Upon You

    Nice video +1 for you amade
  3. pryne

    Project R, Thank you!

    yeah after play many battle on high tier when i play low tier i feel really fun.
  4. pryne

    Modding AA Tracers

  5. pryne

    Modding AA Tracers

    All shell tracers use same file so you can't mod only AA tracers
  6. pryne

    Modding AA Tracers

    you can use aslain mod it in Tracers/ Colored tracers #1 (by atmaxx) it will cover all your HE shell to red tracers and AP shell to blue tracers
  7. pryne

    fuzzys babes mod pack

    you have some thing lewd than that??? share it with me plz
  8. pryne

    0.5.1 Dev Notes

    Night battles and Atago get her buff HELL YEAH!!!!!!!i don't care about any thing else
  9. pryne

    Ranked Battle MM Broke

    3 minute and it happen again
  10. pryne

    Ranked Battle MM Broke

    Issue: Ranked Battle MM Broke Screenshots: Ship: Tier 6-7 Battleships Map: Any maps on ranked battle Occurrences: Randomly Severity: High impact since max cap BBs in Ranked Battle is 2 BBs Details: is look like MM on ranked Battle have same setting with Random Battle max time wait is 3 minute ps: Update
  11. pryne

    Ship Auto-Repair Bug

    Issue: Ship Auto-Repair cost me 1300 credit but i still have full hp Screenshots: Ship: Minekaze Map: Two Brother Occurrences: Random? Tested: Can't force error, Re-error are unknown Severity: Low impact but still cost you some credit on ship repair Details: I and My friend go to cap enemy camp and we don't shot any shell or torpedo or lose any HP but after battle i still lost 1300 credit. This bug really hard to notice and it almost impossible to test it
  12. pryne

    The aPOIcalypse is Here! Limited Titles!

    give me "M.I.A" plz
  13. pryne

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Blue line NDA restrictions NDA restrictions NDA restrictions NDA restrictions NDA restrictions
  14. pryne

    Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Klein field

    Thank for mod It time to activate my Klein Field
  15. pryne

    Equipment descrption bug

    that modification make your main gun turn faster but take longer to aim and reload.