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  1. icY_TaiL_b

    [MOD] Kriegsmarine Skins by Edelweisse

    RED TURRET! looking forward
  2. - Strafe ability of fighters will be able to damage friendly planes Already i can hear the 'Blue on Blue!' radio chatter
  3. icY_TaiL_b

    Open Beta Release

  4. icY_TaiL_b

    Battleships Last Word.jpg

    n4get ;_;
  5. icY_TaiL_b

    Montana is the cruelest ship in the game

    Screat USN Anti-air Penalunits.. oh wait..
  6. icY_TaiL_b

    Screenshots from 0.3.1 PT test2

    IMO WG is trying to balancing those two CV, so they are temporarily deleted from the pt server..?
  7. Taihou is Love..Taihou is Lyfe..

  8. Come on Patch 0.3.1! Taihou and Iowa!! Bording the HYPE TRAIN ASAP!

  9. icY_TaiL_b

    Video about USN Battleship ( Anchor Report )

    plus one, see the 32:34, WG has change the Zuikaku to Shokaku
  10. check the latest anchor report, WG change the Zuikaku to Shokaku

  11. gib 0.3.1 nao or i will NOMNOM ALL ZA COOOKIEE!

  12. icY_TaiL_b

    AniManga Chat :E

    five flat aircraft carrier division huehue
  13. icY_TaiL_b

    Video about USN Battleship ( Anchor Report )

    umm.. any reason? (something problem about video?)