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    sorry for being a noob

  2. Are the people in this discussion missing the part about what the ships are doing damage to? Cruisers shouldn't be able to do more damage per game than a battleships simply because of who they are trying to kill. Cruisers have half the health of a battleship after all. On the topic of carriers being OP (as this is what the thread is evolving into), carriers have the tendency of snowballing, simply because the lack of concentrated AA firepower in the later stages of the game, and since they have the fastest response time (for cleaning up ships), it is no surprise that carriers get the highest dmg/game. That said, tier 9/10 carrier numbers do look out of control.
  3. superIcecream

    PvP too hard.

    Stick by your team at first. If you are dying in the first 5 min, then it generally means you are charging through no-ship's water, or you went rambo in your DD. So yeah, stick with your team and just click on enemy ships. For target selection to maximise win generally: - you are in a battleship: cruisers first, then battleships - cruiser: cruiser, battleships, but destroyers first if you see in in range (below 10km range) unless you feel lucky - destroyer (USN, Russian): destroyers, battleships, cruisers - destroyer (IJN): battleships, cruisers, if you see a USN or Russian destroyer, then fire torps if you want, but make sure you run as fast as possible - carrier battleships/carrier (depending on your starting strategy), cruisers, destroyers
  4. superIcecream

    Did they "fix" auto drop for TBs?

    just use manual then
  5. superIcecream

    What are your opinion of the in game music ?

    Reminded me of wings of liberty theme, but yeah, the soundtrack is good.
  6. superIcecream

    Newb & Campers. Follow this basic formation !

    That 5km range for DDs is way too close. DDs should keep at least their detection range between themselves and enemy if they are going for torps (IJN and high tier USN), else they should keep long range harass fire (low/mid tier USN, Russian Navy). For cruisers, they should keep ~10km range depending on their gun range and handling, as well as whether the enemy in question has torpedoes that can reach you (read: dangerously close DD or IJN CA/CL). BBs should be at 15km (generally, IJN BB should keep more distance than USN, due to less firepower than USN at equal tier) or less (due to dispersion) depending on the target and how many enemy IJN DDs are in the water. CV should tag the team (situational) and outside of their detection range. If it's open water and you are in a torp DD, then you can pray and shoot torps. It easier in confined spaces but you got to make do with what you've got. ~ Source: I play all classes.
  7. If what OP said was correct, then yeah, well, you are doing the right thing for a BB. But (a big but), this is tier 4 BBs we are talking about. They have horrible AA, and rudders are terrible as well. It true its hard to dodge torps dropped that close to you, but have you tried to pay more attention? Personally, I start turning away from torp bombers at 10km (or whatever range I first see them) range. This has usually allowed me to get away with max 1 or 2 torp hits out of 8 or 6 torps. Also, try going in formation as others said: collective AA is very effective. As for CV being overpowered: they are powerful, but only against people who go Rambo. As a matter of fact, DDs are even better at exploiting Rambo players since they are able to sink a ship in 1 torp wave, but the thing is CVs are faster to react to these opportunities. Against dense AA, CV's can't do anything. E.g. last night, I had a game in Ryujo where I was trying to bomb a Colorado whose support was another Colorado. 4 torp planes go in, all died before they even reached their drop location.
  8. superIcecream

    US carriers are getting nerfed next update

    If a New York got hit with all 8 torps from the 2 squads of a IJN CV, then we can conclude that its not the IJN CV that is broken, rather, its the New York captain who is broken. Seriously, the torp spread is twice as wide as a New York. The highest number of torp trikes personally was 6 on a Kongo (read: very long ship with speed to sail into the next torps in the spread) going exactly the way I wanted him to go.
  9. superIcecream

    Most noob-friendly ship class?

    CV's are easy, if you are decent/good at RTS.
  10. superIcecream

    How to Cleveland?

    From posts from you guys it seems that I just need to escort BBs more. The problem is that I don't like escorting BBs. I tried before, but I found most of the time, alot of BB captains like to snipe from their max range, which I do not have to ranges for. I normally go with other cruisers and destroyers. But since WOWS tends to involve lemming trains, its often that I either end up on the rear guard, trying to stop the majority of the enemy forces and melting fast, or that I'm playing catch up with the majority of the enemy forces, ending up with not much damage done, therefore exp by the end of the game. I'm aware of that the advanced firing training will allow me to shoot out to ~16km range, which will mean I can do support damage by escorting BBs, but the shell arc and velocity so really bad at those ranges, so I'm not considering getting that skill for my captain. I think I'll just have to try more stuff to get settled into the captain's seat.
  11. superIcecream

    How to Cleveland?

    After 50 games of Cleveland I still can't figure what's this OP-Land talk. I tried to do close-range shoot out, but generally dies because of either topedoes or citadel damage from BBs. Now I do long range sniping, but misses most because of the shell velocity (and most will do no damage even upon hitting). I've also tried to use AP + HE, but found HE spam was as good. After all this, I'm usually never on the top of the team for exp, whereas I find it much easier to do in Farragut, or Mutsuki, heck, even in the South Carolina. How do you play this ship? What are some tricks that I haven't tried?
  12. "You can take my planes, but I'll can still kill you", proceeds to ram enem carrier. It was a Zuiho vs Bogue (fighter configuration) game.