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  1. IronWolf1986

    21st Century Battleships

    If they bought back the idea of a Battleship with today's technology I am pretty sure that they would not need that many men as much as they did in WW2
  2. IronWolf1986

    JMSDF DDH Izumo

    This is very amazing I wish the Turkish Republic was not run by a idiot.
  3. IronWolf1986

    HMAS HOBART lll launch today

    Wouldn't it be cheaper to have two types of frigates one for Anti Air roll and a another for anti shipping roll.
  4. I Hope this is the right place to ask for it. Must speak english and be over 18+
  5. IronWolf1986

    The Zao needs some more attention

    Or maybe give the torps 2+ km range.
  6. It is not being a widely used ship.
  7. IronWolf1986

    I don;t like the new gun sounds

    It needs that blloooming sound to there is to much crack
  8. I think they are bad, the ones before the update was much better.
  9. IronWolf1986

    Official 0.3.1 update

    I do not like the sfx in this update.
  10. IronWolf1986

    How does people feel

    There is a lot of cry babies these days .
  11. IronWolf1986

    Dodging Cv torpedo tips for BB players.

    I recon there is a way of doing it, you can always try to move your ship before it does try to get in range, and if your gut is telling you that those squadrons are coming for you then try to make evasive maneuvers way ahead of his plan. You can ruin the cv players plan, you just have to try and think ahead of him or her.
  12. IronWolf1986

    Did I miss something about the Senjo update

    Now they are going to buff it again, does anyone know what they are buffing.
  13. Was the torp range always 8km's or was it more?
  14. IronWolf1986

    Screenshots from 0.3.1 PT server

    So what kind of buffs will the Zao (Senjo) get?
  15. IronWolf1986

    Can you guys do something about the blue line

    Well that answers my question thank you for sharing.