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  1. tot123_2013

    [forum game]Mighty Banhammer

    Player above is perma banned for threatening of banning an innocent person
  2. tot123_2013

    AniManga Chat :E

    What rule says that? So if i am an American, i can not tell people about that? Simply because Americans are hated by the world i reckon? While others can post things related to their own country. They can proudly say that: "I am an Aussie and i am proud!" within the forums but when an American post a link about his national anthem, it is considered "inappropriate". Take a look at this: http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/8788-let-us-share-all-weve-got-about-kantai-collection/page__st__580__pid__180838#entry180838 See if the moderator did say any reason about the banning. And see if the victim had used the link to spread "Freedom" on this server. She didn't even say anything racist or something like that. All she said is "Why did they use a British girl to tell us about an American warship?" and that is inappropriate? In that case. To be fair, ban all users who ever mentioned about his (or her) own nationality. Your answer made me laughed. Sir... And one more thing. Do you people ever care about us players? Or you have to wait till we make things become a lot more serious like ranting directly on the forums or emailing WG Cyprus? I want justice for my friend. That's all. The reason, which is visible to the user when they received the sanction, is stated below: However, due to the user's past history, the sanction was escalated, and that is what you see on the post. _________________________________________ Disputing Mod/GM/Admin decisions. User warned. ~amade
  3. tot123_2013

    AniManga Chat :E

    What ticket? I haven't sent a ticket for about 3 months. Actually, i've completely quit this SEA Server and moved to the NA Server for about 6 months. All because of the poor customer service here. The person with the most number of tickets unanswered here is my friend, lewd-chan. I couldn't believe about some reasons she got banned for. It's not about some lewd stuffs. But, hey! Banned for posting a link to the National Anthem of the US? Give me a break! What kind of reason was that? And when she submitted a ticket, she said she had already known what the reply would be: "Contact a moderator to clarify your issue". And that was it. She received pretty much the same reply from Customer Service Center for 4 tickets. She did try to contact some moderators and they all replied: "I can't help you, submit a ticket". Even i feel frustrated for her! I would love if one of you can help me make sure that at least one WG staff sees this before this post gets deleted.
  4. tot123_2013

    AniManga Chat :E

    Aye, aye... Contact Wargaming Customer Service and receive this: "Please contact a moderator to clarify your issue". And when we contact a moderator, he says: "Contact Customer Service Center". And the circle keeps going! No wonder why some users quit the forums because the feeling of being abused. Sometimes you moderator folks take a joke too seriously. I hope Conan will take a look at this and give us a solution. We need an answer from WG Official, not moderators.
  5. tot123_2013

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    [content removed] Insults towards GMs/Mods/Admins. Posted Edited. User Sanctioned. ~dead_man_walking If you have issues with moderators/game masters/administrators raise a ticket with support and/or PM the community staff. Don't bring it to the forums.
  6. tot123_2013

    AniManga Chat :E

    How many time i told you "Always bring rubber".
  7. tot123_2013

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    Remind me to stay at least 200 m away from you
  8. tot123_2013

    0.5.3 Team Battles. Why such a late session time?

    Geez... You guys need to know one thing. Even how bad internet infrastructure in Aus is, it is still hella lot better than right here, in Beijing. We don't even have Google to use. Thanks Oba-mao.
  9. tot123_2013

    What the hell going on with MM and Report ingame?

    I'm not trying to be a grammar Nazi but this post gave me [content removed] Don't skip English class next time. Insults or derogatory comments. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~TheAzure
  10. tot123_2013

    AniManga Chat :E

    Has anyone seen that lewd sh*t recently?
  11. tot123_2013

    AniManga Chat :E

    Gay Jedi?... Seriously? But if Syanda was a Jedi who fell to the darkside, does it make you Padmé Lewdala?
  12. tot123_2013

    AniManga Chat :E

    Listen up! I'm here defending you. I don't need you to talk for me, okay? Just let that guy or girl think.
  13. tot123_2013

    AniManga Chat :E

    So, do you think that aside from you there are any 13 year-old kids around? I don't think so. Don't be such a childish person. Lemme tell you this. Even if there are any kids around playing this game, they would only care about the game, not the forums. Have an open mind please. Even if you are a moderator, think! Think for other users. Don't just do what WG told you. So that people will love you. That's how you get your reputation points! Be a friendly moderator. Don't be a robot that only knows to obey orders from Wargaming! You know that even if you've done right, you would get into all kinds of trouble if there is a report from a user. I don't know how ASIA server works but in EU, that's the way we do. Disputing Mod/GM/Admin decisions. User warned. ~amade