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  1. TsunamiShenShi

    Need technical advice

    I want to enable AA sound. it's can't hear now when fighting, i don't khonw where enemy aricraf attack me untill i get hit, the old sound mechanic is good with that but with new sound mechanic i can't hear anything. from ari craft.
  2. TsunamiShenShi

    Worth it?

  3. TsunamiShenShi

    Asymmetrical Battles 12.5

    This mode now is for bot and farming , where you just yolo and get over 500 base exp for play 1 min and do nothing and the guy who manage 1 sv 12 for 10 min is only get 1k5 base exp , i am don't suprise when no one whan to play this mode any more, and when i read WG nef profit from this mode too, i am laughching , that mean they are nerf profit from who actually play and contribute but let the farm and throw off game still farmming . It's look like WG try to tell us to fk off and play some thing els.
  4. Kill 4 in rank, with DD
  5. TsunamiShenShi

    Well, what do you know!

    lucky bastar
  6. TsunamiShenShi

    Myoko / Mogami still GOOD?

    Miyoko is da best of 3, Mogami is suck with short firing range and make of citadel, ibuki is good, if you khown how to play it, i keep all the the old IJN ship epxept CV ,cuz fk CV
  7. TsunamiShenShi

    Gneisenau needs to be buffed

    I stop play this ship because it's feel like dirty OP, my dude, A tier 7 German BB with torp, tech tree, german steel, german secondary, only thing you affraid of is CV and now plush the fking subs. I don't know how you play this ship but you are play it wrong, my dude.
  8. TsunamiShenShi

    I hate submarines

    FK sub, that's all
  9. TsunamiShenShi

    sub IN bRAWS

    First : fk Sub second : they can stay under water all the battle Every game that got sub, event only 1 in 1 team, the other don't, this Braws is FK up HARDDD. When i play a braws with sub no matter side, i feel disgusting, not upset, but disgusting, those sameless bring that fking trash in to braws.
  10. TsunamiShenShi

    Fire Button Not Working in Battles After Latest Update

    happened to me some time, but very rare.
  11. TsunamiShenShi

    I bought le eclair

    Yes, you will be, for sure
  12. TsunamiShenShi

    My first Tier VI ship

    everything is a paint in the ass if you lack of skill
  13. TsunamiShenShi

    My first Tier VI ship

  14. TsunamiShenShi

    My first Tier VI ship

  15. TsunamiShenShi

    Just some of my thinkings

    As i play WoTanks, there are crews in tanks that do certain part of Tanks operation. When the crew " knock-out" by some Tanks shell, the tank combat ability is greatly reduct as lacking of manpower in tanks, and the tank will "knock-out" if all crews are "knocked-out" even HP still left. Back to WOWS they don't show how many men on a ship, only the capt, funny how a 1hp% ship that luckily that no armament get destroyed remain 100% combat ability. If they can implant that mechanic to WOWS, that will be more reallictic and more brutal, Playing WG game we don't saw blood but we can read the number and know how war is, and " war, war never changes " but WOWS do.