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  1. TsunamiShenShi

    New idea

    you just noobs do you? my post got all the matters you worry about, just play as i said and you will know how strong that's 🙂
  2. TsunamiShenShi

    New idea

    Here, you eggs: Ohama: - Using Ohama B Hull to get more gun - Captain skill forcus in set fire, last stand, module durable, don't need to steel, you will act as shell magnet to protec fur team ( see below how) - when being target or forcus fire, moving as the picture , move in circle, unredicable, stay at open place to spot and being shells magnet, alway turn, keep change guns to shoot that you can use all the gun in the ship, shoot anything that move - If there are island to hide, play as DD, you got 12 torp with 12k per torp, shoot and turn in circle to use the otherboardside Weak: if you got hit steering : keep go at full speed and go in circle unstill revocer, if your propulsion get fked, you fked, nothing can save you
  3. TsunamiShenShi

    New idea

    I got this idea for so long ago, this is a topic that exp player share their play-way of some their fking favourist ship so that people that don't know how to play that fking ship can do play the way it be, too reduce noobs to gain more pros: Exp: my first manual will be Ohama, the fire-breathing-monster at tier 5 , has been nerf in recently update by reduce their module durable, and with many guy this ship is terrible and they don't whan to play it, but with me i can rape anything below tier 7 with this ship, solo.
  4. TsunamiShenShi

    SURPRISE SURPRISE! (Recent stream)

  5. TsunamiShenShi

    Advise for DM Donskoi gameplay

    be dyamic ASAP, it's hard to play but strong if you master , spam HE when unsure pen, use AP when sure can hit where can pen, u got rada, good accurate, good DD hunter but never go to the font alone, there are a magnet stick to your citadel, do not belive in ur armor when face BB, run like drunk and shoot like crazy, it's will be good
  6. TsunamiShenShi

    untouchable AMAGI - Is that bug ? 

    i need 4 years to knows what this game aiming, git gut fast
  7. nothing happen , just a prank of WG
  8. TsunamiShenShi

    What am I supposed to do with this?

    Join ther fking 4 tier 4 cv match raping tier 3
  9. TsunamiShenShi

    Zao (mid 2020)

    Zao still good and still can massace BB with HE and torp, etc... update firing range and every thing is become okay, stay afar ,stay hidden, and burn them all
  10. TsunamiShenShi

    Really like it, nice

    rick bois
  11. TsunamiShenShi


    Press "F" for you
  12. TsunamiShenShi


    really want to know to to bot, some link ,please?
  13. TsunamiShenShi

    show off 69

    Just show off good match of low tier vs high tier in crap ship:
  14. TsunamiShenShi

    show off 69

    top exp in 2 2 tier 4 cv raping ur ass all the time, thats all is a achivement