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  1. TsunamiShenShi

    IJN CA

    tip for IPJ CA : don't get shot. end
  2. TsunamiShenShi

    i got a problem

    in 2 recent day, i usally disconected immedierly when get spoted by the enemy at the begin of the game ( not at the beginning of the game, not when undetected, not when firing undetected) only when get detected at the beginning of the fight of the game ( not the first game i played, it's ramdom game). The disconected is very sort about 2-3s but it make me log out of the game in midle of the fight broadsiding to enemy ships. Is any one knows what prolem i am facing?
  3. TsunamiShenShi

    Report System are Completely Useless

  4. TsunamiShenShi

    Need an advice or els

    I want to play and steaming this game but i don't know how to do it. Any thing i got is a everage computer ( is7 8700k on z390 mainboard, 16g ram, zotac 1070 ) and i inexperience with steaming, i played at home, got few friend in game, don't have friend in real life play this game because this game in my country is not so popular. Can any one please teach my how to set up a steaming set for my computer and what to do to stream my game when playing. Thanks you. p/s: BB still flooding every where
  5. TsunamiShenShi

    Salem is disaster.... and i love it

    good, i bought that crap 1 month ago
  6. TsunamiShenShi

    A T9 ship for 1.5k dubs?

    good luck in t9-10 battle
  7. TsunamiShenShi

    Last Snow Flake Gfit

    No, Roon are free from you, it's a good ship, my best performment with Roon :
  8. TsunamiShenShi

    This FKED UP than EVER

  9. TsunamiShenShi

    This FKED UP than EVER

    fk this, event in ranks, the wale got a small brain ....
  10. TsunamiShenShi

    This FKED UP than EVER

  11. TsunamiShenShi

    Smoklen , i am back

    Everythings more fked up with dead eye skill and cs player become less in number, but i am cum back with the fire burn on their head and AP in their citadel.
  12. TsunamiShenShi

    The Purpose of Blacklisting - A General Guide on how to not.

    it's just for marking stupid one in room
  13. TsunamiShenShi

    I will never play Moskva again!

    this ship is quite good, the decripsion of this ship say it's " for destroying cruser", belive me hiderburg still struggle when facing this ship at close range no broardside . it's has some strong point for you to take advantage like russian ap pen, russian bias, somehow durable enough for retrean if teammate backstap you. It don't got torp, so don't yolo with it, if yolo,try to ram. it got rada but you don't espect to use rada in any game, just for backup in bad sutiasion, don't thinks you are support ship, you can solo at any range but beware of enemy number aiming their guns at you, 1 vs 1 is the best event with BB. Donkoy is more terrible win rate.
  14. TsunamiShenShi

    my problem

    still uninstall and play to located which mod cause that problem, this update is messy