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  1. TsunamiShenShi


    I can't disable track locked target by any way, it's keep tracking the locked ship make me hard to aim cuz i never need it's feature.
  2. TsunamiShenShi

    Heritage of Hellas

    CAMO now useless, capt no special voice, seem worthless, but can easy obtain, can try
  3. TsunamiShenShi

    how to win braws today

    The only way to win braws this day is you had to do it all your self and hope WG dont disconect you mid game . Event you kill 3 and let 2 your team mate do the rest, you still lose
  4. TsunamiShenShi

    New Clan ....

    what the problem?
  5. TsunamiShenShi

    4v4 Tier 6 BRAWL

    I am playing dallat and burn everyone, fear me.
  6. TsunamiShenShi

    Time for a Change

    we should have brawh that 5 low tiers vs 2 high tiers, We Had, BUT IT'S AT LARGE NUMBER BOTH SIDE, now reduce to minimum numer of hight tier that can have some team play
  7. TsunamiShenShi

    Dockyard - Puerto Rico

    are u use bot ????
  8. TsunamiShenShi

    1v1 Tier 6 BRAWL

    take tiger and rush to CV, it's has no change to win
  9. TsunamiShenShi

    x2 x2 X

    x2 x2 X 😄
  10. TsunamiShenShi

    This is a joke

    9000 base epx on tier 3 ship operation , no thanks you, i will pass
  11. TsunamiShenShi


    just got sub from 50k free exp container and this is what happen
  12. TsunamiShenShi

    Dockyard - Puerto Rico

    Wait un still the last mission group with 47k base exp from every class of ship and the hardest mission is kill 5 in ma match mean a draken unlease Archivement for this mission. and this is the last mission of the chain mission to get Pay-to-ricoche with 12k500 dub cost
  13. TsunamiShenShi

    Bronze League Ranked Battles

    in a match with BB number is overhem CS numbers, CS life is hard
  14. TsunamiShenShi


    I had to stop ranked to post this mimmerly , because that, MM and WG work, well done .. ALL My 4 player of my team disconnected, only 2 dd not, and nobody from enemy team disconect, HOW A LUCKY DAY
  15. TsunamiShenShi

    Update 0.11.9 video, No Dasha

    I hate everything from England, and now, event English tom boy girls. damm