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  1. USSBigMOM

    Reporting about players in Rank mode

    not you for sure. Reach rank 5 then you will understand. There are rare CV players and the gameplay is different.
  2. USSBigMOM

    Reporting about players in Rank mode

    hehe. 17 days left to go. Good luck!!!
  3. USSBigMOM

    Reporting about players in Rank mode

    Luckily, this is no longer my concern now cause i have reached rank 1 this afternoon without fighting CV. I just don't want them to toy with other people. They pick the same CV, go to the same direction and help each other to reach higher rank. Would you be please to put your fate in their hands??? Maybe you are lucky enough to be in the same team with the one is carried but if you are not??? I have noticed these CVs for many times. A CV will help his team to win the match and B CV never end even a low hp ship he just deals damage to other ships while the key to victory in rank mode is we must quickly end a ship. B CV rank is higher than A. Anyway, if you guys don't trust me then let your fate decided by them or wait for a non-cv match. Goodluck,
  4. USSBigMOM

    Reporting about players in Rank mode

    yes i did enable it and the game's loading screen didn't lauch me to login screen (
  5. USSBigMOM

    Reporting about players in Rank mode

    some one did ask me about their name this morning. I guess its mod. Actually, we don't have to save any replay because mods know how to watch everyplayer's match histories. Last time, i did report a teamkill situation but i didn't have replay then a mod said he can watch that player matches to find out. I just did not know whether he has been punished or not.
  6. USSBigMOM

    Reporting about players in Rank mode

    No. Actually their start with Y and R did you remember a ram between CVs at the end of each match??
  7. USSBigMOM

    Reporting about players in Rank mode

    -My laptop is weak and it can't run the game with replay mode. -I'm not sure how many screenshots would be enough and clear to show you. But you guys can meet them in rank battles to confirm what i did write above
  8. Hello guys, Is this considered as cheating??? there are 2 players usually play at night GMT+8. It's seem they know that not so many people chose CV to play in Rank mode so they chose CV to play and whenever i meet them the situation is like this: Firstly, they always pick the same CV type and they never attack each other. I noticed that they never play other ships and are friend for sure. Secondly, they help each other to reach higher ranks no matter which team is lose, they never lose a star because the CV often deals the highest damage and easily controls the game in the 7 player-battle. They also sail to the same direction to ram each other. The CV player,in my team, is rank 2 and another is 5. I noticed that the 2 one try to let the 5 one win the game. It likes they are carrying each other to rank 1 and TOYING with us no matter how hard we try to win the game. They are [content removed] and [content removed] So can wows admin do anything to stop this???? You can watch their match's result to confirm my informations. Naming and shaming. Post edited, user warned. ~amade
  9. USSBigMOM

    0.5.3 long loading issue

    core i5-2410M CPU @ 2.3Ghz ram 8Gb Graphic card: GT 525M
  10. USSBigMOM

    0.5.3 long loading issue

    As the title, this never have ever happened before but after the 0.5.3 patch, it always take about 2 - 3 minutes to finish the load. This problem really pissed me off. I tried to low all my setting but it's useless. Any idea for this guys????
  11. so there is no solution for this guys??????? any developing staff mind considering to fix this error plz
  12. I tried. no use i play at @cafe so the connection is very smooth. this error never happen before (every patch in November and backward is fine). It's just happen when the game's data is up to 6.3 Gb (the last week of November as i remember)
  13. 1\ I download from wows asia main page. 2\ D. there aint enough space at C 3\ I mean it something likes this one: http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/8598-unable-to-extract-updates-error/ extracting process always stops at 80% and log file shows that there is a patch file(the biggest one) in Updates folder unable to be extracted.
  14. I am playing at win7 @cafes but there aint any World of warships so everytime i want to play i have to download the game. I remember when there was about 6 Gb data, there was nothing happen but after adding 300 more Mb, this laucher's critical error seems to stopping my desire playing wows ( I tried turning off firewall but i cant, running win7 compatibility + admin, replacing 3 to 2 and everything else google search told me to do but it's all useless. so anyone mind helping me out of this ??????
  15. After using Fighter's ALT skill, my fighters were in attacked status (flash on fighter symbol) while there was no sight of enemies attacking my fighter and when planes loaded, they all went into mystery place. I have been looking forward to WG quick response since Fighter has its own skill.