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    War breeds war; and death can only brings death
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  1. jchen8792

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    [content removed] Disputing Moderator/GM decisions. Post edited. User sanctioned. ~dead_man_walking If you have a problem with the moderation raise a ticket with support. Do not post your issue all over the forums.
  2. jchen8792

    Battleships............why bother

    cruiser is fun until the Furrytaco then the Penance-Cola...
  3. jchen8792

    World of Warmemes

    I somehow feel like an ambush waiting to spring its trap...Seen that on TV... By the SEAL guy Joel...
  4. jchen8792

    New Nations

    it's the best that they have the Mongolian Navy, man! Or Afghan... Heard they're the best!
  5. jchen8792

    Just asking: What is Poi?

    it's getting POI-soning...
  6. jchen8792

    So, what do you do when you're off the helm?

    Work, almost everyday from 8:30 to 17:30, sometime a little overtime but never exceed 19:30 Work again as a tutor, at home teaching English class. Telling students why it is much more beneficial to study vocabulary and speaking reflexes rather than hard grammar like inversion or relative clauses. Feeding my kitten, helping my fiancé doing the other chores (like help her cooking, dumping garbage, doing dishes, etc.) Grinding the gears, either airsoft or ceremonial pistol. Dry fire practice. Some exercises, training myself not to unload freedom every 3-5 seconds Prepare my work for the next day If some time for spare, then Ghost Recon Phantoms, Assassin's Creed Syndicate Jack the Ripper DLC, Fallout 4 basebuilding military wasteland style, reading books, watching comedies on YouTube, then World of Warships forum, then World of Warships, Tanks and War Thunder...
  7. jchen8792

    Turrets - independant fire.

    well, WG is very afraid to release another ArmA 7 at sea named "World of Warsheep"... I guess...
  8. jchen8792

    todays RANT

    ^ touché!
  9. ^ well, feels like a prematured ejact... eeerr, I mean fast firing guns pound hard on the opponents...
  10. jchen8792

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    into the happy socks...
  11. jchen8792

    Looking for NSW players

    wait a minute... you can division in Ranked now?
  12. Just a personal question, and I'd love to show mine offering as well. What offering did you bring to our Lord RNGesus? For a better MM. Or for a higher chances to blow holes in our opponent's ships. Some say blood offer. Some say lambs. Some even say sisters to Conana-sama. So what did you offer? Share your story, monsieurs et mademoiselles? As a start, I'd love to share my story. Well, now tell me your stories. I'd love to hear...
  13. jchen8792

    Why does Wargaming Hate me so!

    or get a girlfriend/wife and only play on the day she's ticking like Mt. Saint Helen... "O'lord Vadim RNGesus, mayhaps the blood spilled on your behalf, for I will be killed at any moment - I haven't done the dishes, washing and dumping garbage. May you blessed me to blow holes in my enemies, for I am about to get screwed"... Works everytime!
  14. jchen8792

    I thought I could never torpedo...

    I did it once on the Derpski... while getting slapped by BB secondaries and CV AA going down range... It's nice that the Myogi didn't slap me with HE... Now that's randomness
  15. jchen8792

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    getting slaps 'cuz spoiling...