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  1. Khairy1986

    4/8/2015 sudden server downtime

    im still at the same lag issue i have send my tickets please have a look at it thanks
  2. Khairy1986

    4/8/2015 sudden server downtime

    i hope with server reset/update would fix those bloody lag
  3. Khairy1986

    Mirror Download

    i have disable that torrent thingy, still it does speed up just about 10% then before, but still its quite slow, im using a dsl modem wifi connections i did run a test, i try download a file size 1gb took me just 20 minute or something, but wow updater took me more then 6 hour to get 1gb file,(without the torrent)
  4. Khairy1986

    Mirror Download

    hey i would like to suggest that server client and server patch update would have mirror download since using the auto update from the game client are slow for some people ( ME ), please consider my suggestions please because most online games have a mirror direct download for both server client and server patch. thanks
  5. 5th day only got 3GB oh mai...
  6. took me 6 hour just to get 1.7G awsome... back few months ago took me 2 hour to complete it, that was for beta weekends
  7. any updates for my questions?
  8. yeah i have try that but the result are almost the same, it does speed up roughly around 12% as the speed before, and it just gave me log error
  9. as title it would be nice to have a mirror for those patch and game client update, since downloading with game client are Cough!*slow*Cough!, downloading from a mirror with download accelerator would ease for those who keep having issue to download it