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  1. Sounds good in theory, but without having played it, it sounds like it would add another layer to balance and difficult to implement. I.e if bad weather affected ship visibility it may have consequences of empowering destroyers being able to get closer undetected and launching torpedoes.
  2. Big_Unit

    Beta Codes

    Hey Guys, Thanks for the responses. Think all questions were answered. English may be an issue, but from watching streams i don't see a whole lot of typing to organize a strategy, May affect high level game play more. Will be interesting to see what develops. I will keep an eye out for invites, like most people waiting that are just trying to play a great looking game. Thanks again.
  3. Big_Unit

    Beta Codes

    Hey guys, Seeing a lot of giveaways for NA Beta Codes on streams/ Reddit. However being in Australia the site recommends the Asian server. Is it worth applying for the NA codes and playing form there/ can you transfer them. P.S WarGaming - Awesome piece on Tank museum in Cairns, Australia. Didn't know it existed, i will check it out next time i'm in Cairns. http://worldoftanks.asia/en/news/pc-browser/21/the-challenger-asia-au-armour-artillery-museum/ .