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  1. Talking about balance are we? I have absolutely no sympathy for anybody who plays around 50% of their battles exclusively in Russian DDs. None what so ever. And yes, I will try to focus those little [content removed] down with my CV every single time. No apologies. Profanity. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  2. Thingol

    any aussies playing?

    Hi folks just registered on your website, see you in game.
  3. Thingol

    3/1/1 Ryujo is fun. so why the hate?

    I only run AS when working through a "kill XX planes" mission, then back to strike
  4. Thingol

    Going Pink for stupid reasons

    ^this Had a game in the Kaiser ruined on the weekend when I turned away from an enemy DD that was lining me up and ran into our Kuma's torpedo salvo instead...
  5. Thingol

    why WoWs start with USN & IJN?

    Granted, but what did that heavy lifting consist of? The Axis screening forces in the European theatre didn't go out seeking to engage the RN. And without the heavy units to back them up it would have been insane to try. The Battle of the Atlantic was about the Germans trying to disrupt the British supply lines using subs and raiders, while avoiding the RN, and the RN trying to prevent this. In the Pacific on the other hand, you had two significant navies actually trying to destroy each other. Producing a bunch of ships that were too late for WWI and obsolete by WWII.... Quite true.
  6. Thingol

    why WoWs start with USN & IJN?

    As much as I whinge about not having RN in the game yet, I think it made a lot of sense to start with USN & IJN There was far more fleet level action in the pacific in WWII than anywhere else (albeit mostly from carriers). In real terms the RN had no fleet level opposition for their capital ships, it was all raiders and ASW. Their strongest surface based opponent in the European sphere was probably Italy. The Germans never had more than 3 capital ships they could field at once. If the focus was on WWI that would be a different matter. But by Tier 5 WWI is history.
  7. Thingol

    Haven't we been here before?

    Average wait time between 9pm and 11:30 pm was 2 1/2 minutes, with 180-190 BBs in queue. This was at Tier III of course. At Tier 6, things were pretty much "normal". Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that the Deutsche BBs are here. And while it might seem like a nice gesture to run a bunch of BB missions to coincide with the release of a new BB line, in practise it probably just makes the situation even worse. It might have made more sense to put up a bunch of cruiser missions instead to try to balance things a bit. Either that, or they need to be able to adjust the MM algorithm for these events to accept that there will be a lot of BBs in queue waiting, and just put them into games FFS
  8. Sometimes I will just run stock load out instead. You still get more fighters than a Ryujo with strike load out, and a squadron of TBs. I don't think I even bought the DB load out for Indy.
  9. Thingol

    where is the Dunkerque

    Utter rubbish imho, sorry. Im tired of being fed that cop-out of an excuse for poor design decisions. you don't have to go full simulation to encourage realistic tactics/gameplay. reversing wouldn't work in real life because amongst other things real Ships have stuff-all steering in reverse. that wouldn't be much of a change to the mechanics.
  10. Thingol

    where is the Dunkerque

    My point is rather that if the designers/devs had even the faintest understanding of what actually happens if a real ship tries to do this in a real seaway, it just wouldn't be an option. fhere are good reasons why it never happened for real.
  11. Thingol

    where is the Dunkerque

    Reversing is a completely idiotic mechanic anyway. The fact that the game favours it is just a sign of how broken the game is.
  12. Thingol

    Imbalance between IJN and USN ships.

    Yeah well my interest in WoWS waned dramatically when they released all those OP Russian ships and kept the RN on the back burner. I can count on one finger the number of significant early 20th century naval actions the Russians took part in, and even less for those where they were a danger to anybody. Not sure what genre this game is any more. Alternative history perhaps.
  13. Thingol

    We need to worry about this...

    So are you suggesting that WoWS has cheat codes or wall hacks? Let's keep it real. And don't get bogged down in definitions. As a software developer for the last 30 years, terms like "hack" are actually pretty vague and ambiguous. We're talking about cheating in WoWS. We'll call it cheating because it involves players getting an unfair or "game-breaking" advantage over other players. This is a pretty appropriate use of the word. In this case the main cheat is being able to see where the enemy shells will land the moment they are fired. The aim-bot or the torpedo tracks are kind of secondary I think. I'm saying they are hacking the client, meaning that they are patching the downloaded WorldOfWarships.exe to replace code with call-outs to a special DLL. This is a hack in the sense of being a change to the game that bypasses the "official" modding mechanisms. It is also a hack in that it's a change to the program that was neither expected nor condoned by the developers. I'd be 99% sure that there are no server side hacks involved here. There is no need to, because the WoWS developers are handing the hackers everything they need on a platter. They are already sending the client everything the cheaters need to cheat, and crossing their fingers that nobody figures out how to exploit it. This is a doomed strategy. There are only two ways to prevent this sort of exploit. 1) stop sending the client information the player shouldn't have. This would make this kind of client side hack basically impossible. 2) let all the players have the same information, thus removing the advantage (and changing the gameplay in the process). The point is that trying to block these sort of client side cheats by making the client less moddable or more secure will never really work when they are patching the binary anyway. Once they can do that they can bypass any security you try to put in. At best you will be playing an endless game of catchup, and there are only so many resources that the WG devs will devote to this. If they ever do find ways to hack the server, well that's a different problem.
  14. Thingol

    Newbie here

    USN cruisers up to tier 6 are quite newbie friendly.