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  1. Thingol

    Rental Perth for Australia Day

    To be honest, I'm not complaining. But then I don't own the Perth yet, in spite of being Aussie, because I didn't see the point of a premium ship that couldn't share commanders with tech tree ships. All the more strange because transfers between RN and RAN during WWI and WWII were not at all uncommon. A mission would have been better but iirc that was done not so long ago (I missed out)
  2. Thingol

    LNY code

    Ooh, thanks WG. I was worried I would run out.
  3. Thingol

    Double CV @ tier 8 ... why ?

    Bottom line, this what WG wanted to achieve with CV rework. having a whole ship class that was rarely played is a failure from their perspective. Having 1 or 2 CV per game would be considered success. As long as their typical damage & kills per game is in line with other classes, they would be deemed “balanced”. The fact that they have achieved this by dumbing down the gameplay and giving them a constant level of unavoidable damage at great annoyance to other classes is not a concern. Yeah it sucks, but ain’t going away. A lot of my recent high tier games have had more CV than DD. NFI how they will fix that or if they even think it’s a problem. Gonna be hell when subs arrive and DD supposed to counter them....
  4. Yeah they are back now. But I think WG have just lost a sale. And if they insist on bringing out that NTC/RB crap for legendary upgrades they will lose another player. Who was the genius that decided to do this maintenance on a Saturday evening?
  5. Just logged on after 5 days away visiting relos. All my PR directives have vanished. I was 90% into the last mission on the 3rd directive for the Goriza. All my PMs have vanished. I had 3 legendary PMs in progress, - Yamato (90% done) - Zao (60% done) - Des Moines (40% done) I don't even have the daily missions available. This is BS. On the way home I was even contemplating buying 30 days prem time to finish off some grinds in the holidays. Instead, I'm ready to uninstall. In the past, support has generally been a waste of time for these issues, can't even be bothered logging a ticket any more. Usually they start by asking for screenshots of the missions before they were removed....
  6. Talking about balance are we? I have absolutely no sympathy for anybody who plays around 50% of their battles exclusively in Russian DDs. None what so ever. And yes, I will try to focus those little [content removed] down with my CV every single time. No apologies. Profanity. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  7. Thingol

    any aussies playing?

    Hi folks just registered on your website, see you in game.
  8. Thingol

    3/1/1 Ryujo is fun. so why the hate?

    I only run AS when working through a "kill XX planes" mission, then back to strike
  9. Thingol

    Going Pink for stupid reasons

    ^this Had a game in the Kaiser ruined on the weekend when I turned away from an enemy DD that was lining me up and ran into our Kuma's torpedo salvo instead...
  10. Thingol

    why WoWs start with USN & IJN?

    Granted, but what did that heavy lifting consist of? The Axis screening forces in the European theatre didn't go out seeking to engage the RN. And without the heavy units to back them up it would have been insane to try. The Battle of the Atlantic was about the Germans trying to disrupt the British supply lines using subs and raiders, while avoiding the RN, and the RN trying to prevent this. In the Pacific on the other hand, you had two significant navies actually trying to destroy each other. Producing a bunch of ships that were too late for WWI and obsolete by WWII.... Quite true.
  11. Thingol

    why WoWs start with USN & IJN?

    As much as I whinge about not having RN in the game yet, I think it made a lot of sense to start with USN & IJN There was far more fleet level action in the pacific in WWII than anywhere else (albeit mostly from carriers). In real terms the RN had no fleet level opposition for their capital ships, it was all raiders and ASW. Their strongest surface based opponent in the European sphere was probably Italy. The Germans never had more than 3 capital ships they could field at once. If the focus was on WWI that would be a different matter. But by Tier 5 WWI is history.
  12. Thingol

    Haven't we been here before?

    Average wait time between 9pm and 11:30 pm was 2 1/2 minutes, with 180-190 BBs in queue. This was at Tier III of course. At Tier 6, things were pretty much "normal". Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that the Deutsche BBs are here. And while it might seem like a nice gesture to run a bunch of BB missions to coincide with the release of a new BB line, in practise it probably just makes the situation even worse. It might have made more sense to put up a bunch of cruiser missions instead to try to balance things a bit. Either that, or they need to be able to adjust the MM algorithm for these events to accept that there will be a lot of BBs in queue waiting, and just put them into games FFS
  13. Sometimes I will just run stock load out instead. You still get more fighters than a Ryujo with strike load out, and a squadron of TBs. I don't think I even bought the DB load out for Indy.
  14. Thingol

    where is the Dunkerque

    Utter rubbish imho, sorry. Im tired of being fed that cop-out of an excuse for poor design decisions. you don't have to go full simulation to encourage realistic tactics/gameplay. reversing wouldn't work in real life because amongst other things real Ships have stuff-all steering in reverse. that wouldn't be much of a change to the mechanics.