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  1. I've already made my decision. This is the final straw for me in a string of stupid decisions WG have made to push their crap onto their players. Game Center does absolutely nothing that I want. Just like I didn't want the dumbed down CV rework, RB/NTSC or ridiculous OP lines of fantasy russian BBs and cruisers. Fare thee well, community.
  2. Thingol

    How to kill a game

    Yeah well that's what I did when WoT started going down the toilet. And very time I considered returning, they came up with an even stronger reason to stay away. I haven't played that absurdity since. And the sheer lunacy continues. Oh look, a completely pointless comment!
  3. Thingol

    Welcome back Gearing

    This is why I often just log off after having a really good game...
  4. Pretty much. You may be right but sometimes you just have to let it go
  5. Thingol

    How to kill a game

    So. Back on 20/3 WG gave us 14 days free premium as a gesture in the face of the COVID-19. I genuinely applauded this. I logged in, played a few games, then I started viewing some of the Petropavlosk reviews on Youtube. Yes, I know they are WIP but still... I ended up playing about 14 games total during my 14 days free premium. Why? Well, every time I look at the next totally fictitious AND totally unbalanced Russian content in the pipeline, all desire to play evaporates. I start the launcher, stare at it for a few minutes then go play something else. Yes, we all know WoWS is not a simulator. But it IS a historically themed naval wargame spanning the 1st & 2nd World Wars. While I don't expect complete historical accuracy, I do expect to be able to immerse myself in that milieu when playing. And during that period, to be blunt, the Russian/Soviet navy was a complete joke. So, the prospect that we will be facing teams where at least half the lineup consists of overpowered, fantasy ships pulled from some developers backsides to satisfy some adolescent onanistic urges is frankly a complete turnoff. The mantra of go Russian or go home does not motivate me. Why turn one of the few semi-decent historically inspired games into another fantasy game when there are plenty of better fantasy games to choose from... Never mind the other blunders in recent times. CV rework deemed a success because more people now play the dumbed down version of this class, which manages to be both utterly boring to play and intensely annoying to play against. Never mind that they all but killed off the other most interesting class in the process. Never mind pushing ahead with the RB/NTC obsession, in spite of overwhelming player opposition, to put unique upgrades behind a mind-numbing grind-wall. I don't expect to play a great game for free. I used to willing to buy premium time now and then to speed up a grind, or some doubloons to save credits on demounts. I even bought a couple of premiums of actual historical ships that appealed to me, to use for credit earning or captain training purposes. But I'm not spending anything on a game I don't want to play, and WOWS is on the brink of becoming exactly that, through a chain of utterly incomprehensible decisions. Someone somewhere is probably wondering why player numbers are dropping and coming up with completely the wrong conclusions.
  6. Thingol

    One thread to derail them all!

    Adding a “guided torpedo” sub class that was meant to be countered by DDs when DD players are staying away in droves due to CV focus would have been a cluster-duck anyway. On past form I’m surprised they aren’t out already...
  7. Thingol

    Spending Coal

    I don’t regret getting my JB, if it’s being removed then all the more reason
  8. Thingol

    I had fun in ranked

    I’ve held off so far this season. Reason? Combination of arms race mode + CVs just sounds like a headache. I usually prefer to run DD in ranked, but the thought of being CV focussed while forced to cap must be terrible. And I don’t have shimakaze which seems to be the DD of choice for this
  9. You’re not alone. Happening regularly to me as well and 2 support tickets with my ISP have been closed without improvement. Didn’t happen with same ISP over the old cable broadband
  10. Thingol

    A new bot deteced

    Quite an eye opener as to the real extent of the issue. But explains a lot about the quality of many games.
  11. You are completely missing the point. The point is that activating those consumables before any enemy could possibly be within range is a likely indicator of a (poorly coded) bot. I’ve observed the same thing myself and formed much the same conclusion.
  12. Thingol

    why we dont remove T4 CV?

    I like the idea of coop only T4 CV Then we can work on rolling it out to higher tiers! But seriously, could even be combined with the option of “all CV” randoms. Which oddly enough would be more historical than anything else in the game. But if you think anything like this would ever happen you’re delusional. Best we could hope for is lower limits per game and maybe balancing aircraft HP
  13. Thingol

    The New Invisible Soviet Railguns.

    IMHO this stuff is basically game-killing except for RU server. Who else wants to go endlessly into battle where most of the ships on both sides represent the wet dreams of some adolescent soviet fanboys, because it’s basically masochism to play anything else.
  14. Just what we were all wishing for, comrades? Another line of OP fantasy ships that just happen to be Soviet. This is exactly the sort of crap that drove me out of WoT, it seems inevitable it will drive me out of WoWS too. WG really should drop all pretence of being “historical” from their promotional material.