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  1. tienbeo1991

    Tamiya 1/350 Yamato

    This is pappercraft model or plastic model ? Sorry because im seen picture in my phone.
  2. tienbeo1991

    ban without knowing which mod is illegal

    Im used Fogs remover and banned too
  3. Sent to the link above, thank you for your interest.
  4. Hi Aslain, can you check your mod: Remove Frog? After 5.15, every is ok. But now it makes me not able to observe the drop torpedoes. They disappear in the direction release all ships capable of launching torpedoes, including CV. Bomber was so. My PC: Core i3 3,2 Ghz. Ram 8Gb and VGA GT570OC2gb. Im play in normal setting. Not SSD. Thanks more.
  5. Can you recheck link in page 1, this wrong link. Link you adds in page 1 transfer to your forums said "not found".
  6. Some minimap in game show wrong with 0.5.5 patch Aslain, can you re-check them?
  7. tienbeo1991

    Important: April 1 Account Reset

    ... 1/4 sir...
  8. tienbeo1991

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    Where 's my Haguro?
  9. tienbeo1991

    Sir WG, what is this?

    Sir WG, can you asker me what this shit in them forums? [content removed] After time to update patch 5.1 to 5.3, i allway think the hit rate and damage hit of all player in asian server is best. Because i sew they K/D ratio so hight, highter than more server game. But after new update few days, im think "why they noobs more than after?" Now i know what make them got hight ratio. And you can see, sir, this forums update new patch cheat after few day your game update. This is not fair with more player and more moder. In my opinion, WG need ending them now, the more aggressive you need to handle them. Now i know why my Izumo can got 6 citadel form 1 Yamato away me 27km. Although, I tried turn or move not the rule. Kichass them and other crowd fraud, got fair for trued player. ( And may be you can giver back to me all credit used for repair my ship). If you suspect that a cheat or hack exists, provide the necessary information to support, it is not to be discussed within the forums. Discussion/linking illegal/inappropriate content. Post edited, user warned. ~TheAzure
  10. Sorry Aslains, no other way to use the mode does not continue? I just delete function fog in the map is enough. My eyes were nearsighted, following 5.3 update that is difficult to see clearly at all. WG really do not understand what are thinking?Thank you for viewing my messages, look forward to a response.
  11. tienbeo1991

    Update 0.5.3, on mods/security

    We use mod patch itself means we accept the security issue. After update 5.3, all shut down because it "does not ensure safety" - WG said.I used Aslains mode with one sole purpose: Remove fog in the map. The reason for such need because I was nearsighted, was about to pass out at 8 diopter. After this update I can not join the game too long and often blinded, eyestrain.You have your reasons, we also have our reasons. Where have all the mode - er are making illegal copies mode?If indeed the copy mode will not be used in the game, maybe I had break game now. Very desirable but not allow vision.
  12. tienbeo1991

    What the hell going on with MM and Report ingame?

    Hello brother.I'm not talking about discrimination or stigma warships tier VII. I just got my friend on RP recent days without being processed, still calmly into vandalism only.As you know, in the game, do not decide a winner tier. 50% due to the team cooperation, the remaining 50% depends individual skill and a little luck. ARP Missions im completed all, and even new task update - "final kick of ARP" with my Cleveland Me too, go to ranks battle want find new Flag for ship. But... You can see, not fun
  13. tienbeo1991

    What the hell going on with MM and Report ingame?

    Ha ha, thank you.I am quite fat, but perhaps it is not enough to fend off the things of this inhibition. My job is the Chinese translation for a book publishing company. So, maybe the pressure tolerance quite poor because accustomed gently working environment.Just hope that the upcoming season will restrict these. Or if possible, update the function against the use of new warships buy, have not upgraded any participating Hull; Improved features of the Report function work better, more efficiently. Increase the number of plays does not mean it's RP increase operational capabilities of the RP.