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  1. *Cough* Cough* Date from 22/12/2016 to 10/01/2017 NOW 22/12/2016 to 19/01/2017 (07:59Hrs) UTC + 8 More gambling ..hohoho Christmas Thanks giving isnt over yet.. Santa has'nt gotten enough $$$
  2. Are you one of the three that i met ingame? Post a reply below more free candies
  3. ScopeAnderson

    How to get the USS Missouri

    My free exp are all saved up and ready to be use. Sir!
  4. ScopeAnderson

    Why do so few Cruiser players use AP ?

    Nah some people just like to piss you off with fires.. Like the words said Get torture and burn for a long period of time than short, fast and sweet death.
  5. ScopeAnderson

    Dragon Flag for 1st Birthday

    i wish they can implement more ways to get these flags more captain training
  6. ScopeAnderson

    Flecter nerf.

    They wont get nerf USN have enough nerf for them already!
  7. ScopeAnderson

    shimakaze torp.

    Shimakaza Torps are really RNG based... sometimes you are lucky u get BB sailing straight without turning..
  8. ScopeAnderson

    How to get hands on the Mikasa?

    I believe there will be a certain period of time, they will appear on premium shop during season periods like the Kv-5 in World of tanks.
  9. ScopeAnderson

    Rank 5 to Rank 1 Queue Time

    Thank you mate, See you in randoms
  10. ScopeAnderson

    rank 5 rant

    Just hit my Rank 1 Yesterday. An Advise is if you get consistent bad games just take a few hours break then come back when your mind is freshen up. If your teammates attempt to do undesired things ,advise them rather than scolding them #^(%#( it wont help.. instead it makes matter worst. Apparently the truth hurts as most of them wont be listening to you or your ideas and just threw the game away When you get a losing team like that , do your best to achieve top Exp on the game to maintain your star (Top Exp on the losing team, you wont lose your star) Keep Calm and Carry on !
  11. ScopeAnderson

    Rank 5 to Rank 1 Queue Time

    First i want to thank my parents,next i want to Thank god,and my friends for staying by my side and giving all the negative comments( Red Player criticism) to push me to my limits.. next i want to thank war-gaming for allowing me to play the game so i can achieve this status so I FINALLY DID IT. AT LAST....! So HAPPY! The Effort Paid off!! T-T
  12. ScopeAnderson

    Rank 5 to Rank 1 Queue Time

    the waiting time is a killer .. wondering how those rank 1 players manage to persevere through. Kudous to them!
  13. ScopeAnderson

    Rank 5 to Rank 1 Queue Time

    Anyone know what specific timing would best for climbing those specific rank. Been in the queue for more than 30mins each time just to get into a battle (8pm to 11pm)(GMT+8) Any High rank players out there able to help me out would be deeply appreciated.
  14. ScopeAnderson

    Server temporarily down

    was having an amazing game then this happen.. when i logged in again i was dead