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  1. Ingramaus


    感謝大家一直以來對本語言區塊論壇的關愛和支持,從新聞來看,本遊戲的官方Discord是沒有開啟中文語言區塊的。 各位艦長有緣再聚!
  2. Ingramaus

    Goodbye or something

    It's been a good journey. Thank you all.
  3. 個人挑戰只接受實裝了的船艦的紀錄,所以像Kikaku或Concord Bridge這些暫時出現用作測試的船艦,是不會被登錄在挑戰紀錄的。
  4. Ingramaus


    以1000達布隆購買Canarias是穩賺不賠的,雖然它不是一艘很強的巡洋艦。 熟悉AP彈穿透機制的話,Canarias的遊玩體驗應該不錯。
  5. I would surely welcome I-401 from Arpeggio to join the ranks of supership. Her gravity cannon should be made as gimmick.
  6. Ingramaus

    Possible Collabs...

    I sure welcome more anime waifus, but other genres are fine too.
  7. Ingramaus

    Love the Muavenet MUACK!

    Muavenet's armament is lackluster but surprisingly capable.
  8. Ingramaus


  9. Ingramaus

    I Was Bored, So...

    I don't know why they chose to combine both Mina and Thea's voicelines into one commander (Thea). I am sure many folks here would enjoy more of Mina's voice.
  10. Ingramaus

    ​📰 Closed Test - Visual Improvements

    Dolphins!? I hope to see giant squid soon!
  11. Ingramaus

    Collabs in 12.4 (Hololive and Warhammer 40,000)

    Finally! And heck yeah I can use my birthday doubloons.
  12. Ingramaus


    有關遊戲內的檢舉,請透過「聯絡技術支援」的「違規與懲罰」頁面進行,並避免在論壇張貼有關其他玩家的訊息,謝謝。 https://asia.wargaming.net/support/zh_tw/products/wows/help/
  13. Ingramaus

    Collabs in 12.4 (Hololive and Warhammer 40,000)

    That took a whole year, but at least it arrived. And I really wish our workaholic dad (Calli) had a chance to provide captain voice in future. ...or other vtuber companies as well, I'd love to hear Pomu's voice too. Warhammer 40K is also awesome!
  14. I wonder if this year's Tier 10 WOWS anniversary snowflakes will give out one or two supercontainers.
  15. Ingramaus

    Your Opinion

    For the average joe, it's better to pick Mecklenburg and spam HE accurately at long range. The AP also works but the player needs to know when to use it. Shikishima's primary advantage over Yamato is its better shell velocity and penetration at long range. However, knowing that and effectively exploiting it are two different matters, not to mention it can be situational. Hence, there are plenty of reasons to use Yamato instead for its 9 shell volley. Incomparable is too short ranged and poorly armored to survive in this server.