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  2. Ingramaus

    how old are you (in this game)

    My Iwaki is a constant reminder of how much time I have spent on this game.
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  4. Ingramaus

    SHARE your Tech Trees

    All tech trees unlocked except for: 1. The one tech tree that I use it for grinding RB points. 2. Every new tech tree released that is temporarily blocked behind a paywall. Working on my superships. Only Conde and Satsuma at port for now. Guess I need another 400M credits. Not likely but I hope to purchase all of them before the end of the year.
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  6. 本版區以討論《戰艦世界》遊戲為主,請各位論壇好友避免發表純粹政治的內容。主題將予以封鎖。 2.6 政治,宗教人物,宗教信仰 發布關於社會現象、宗教、政治、非法或其他有爭議的話題,可能會造成討論衝突,或是對特定宗教、政治人物產生負面形象。 如果使用者被檢舉/發現從事相關行為,他/她可能遭受以下處置: 視情節嚴重程度,將其《戰艦世界》論壇的帳號暫時停權。
  7. I can still remember the naming controversy of Italian cruisers (Verona, Torino, Milano). Glad that WG presented their rationale clearly.
  8. Ingramaus

    Hi, I bought a ship, but I didn't receive it in the game

    如有遊戲內購物問題,請透過此連結聯絡玩家服務,由相關客服人員協助處理,感謝。 另外,本討論版為繁體中文討論區,敬請避免使用非中文的語言發表內容。 Please contact our customer service representative at Player Support if you have any question regarding in-game purchase issues. In addition, please note that this is a Traditional Chinese forum and users are requested to refrain from using non-Chinese language.
  9. As other members suggested, keep your FXP for now until Sept 17. Don't reset any tech tree line until you have claimed the tech tree ships' special tokens. If you want to grab a T9 FXP ship, both Groningen and Azuma are solid options, though I would prefer Yoshino if you are able to save another 1M FXP. Edit: guess my brain fried
  10. Ingramaus

    my apologize for wargaming staff

    Before WG actually announce such statement, it is not recommended to consider that as fact.
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    大家不要忘記未來會推出的9階法國大巡卡諾喔✰ ……(默)
  12. Ingramaus

    Combat Missions: Legend of the Galactic Heroes

    Frederica Greenhill. Not only because she is the only female in this collaboration, but her seiyuu is Endou Aya and she voiced Bismarck in KC. She also voiced Suruga, a Kii-class battleship in Azur Lane.
  13. Ingramaus

    Getting a coal T10 CA

    Yoshino suits your playstyle best, as it has excellent gunnery and impressive HE and AP. It's reliable and easy to use. Salem requires more thinking as US cruisers are island huggers. Positioning is key. Some maps, especially those with few islands, don't work well with Salem. It's an excellent ship for quick co-op games though as you can easily get a lot of damage and XP. Mosvka is not as strong as it was initially released. It is very vulnerable to aircraft and its citadel is much exposed. Expect yourself to adapt to the ship instead of the other way around. Once you get used to the ship, you can still harness its potential. Its gunnery is excellent. Napoli is lackluster in terms of gunnery. It has fun secondaries but this is ASIA server so yeah. This ship, much like other Italian cruisers and battleships, benefits greatly from the Italian legendary captain.
  14. 討論時請注意應有禮儀,感謝合作