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  1. As other members suggested, keep your FXP for now until Sept 17. Don't reset any tech tree line until you have claimed the tech tree ships' special tokens. If you want to grab a T9 FXP ship, both Groningen and Azuma are solid options, though I would prefer Yoshino if you are able to save another 1M FXP. Edit: guess my brain fried
  2. Ingramaus

    my apologize for wargaming staff

    Before WG actually announce such statement, it is not recommended to consider that as fact.
  3. Ingramaus


    大家不要忘記未來會推出的9階法國大巡卡諾喔✰ ……(默)
  4. Ingramaus

    Combat Missions: Legend of the Galactic Heroes

    Frederica Greenhill. Not only because she is the only female in this collaboration, but her seiyuu is Endou Aya and she voiced Bismarck in KC. She also voiced Suruga, a Kii-class battleship in Azur Lane.
  5. Ingramaus

    Getting a coal T10 CA

    Yoshino suits your playstyle best, as it has excellent gunnery and impressive HE and AP. It's reliable and easy to use. Salem requires more thinking as US cruisers are island huggers. Positioning is key. Some maps, especially those with few islands, don't work well with Salem. It's an excellent ship for quick co-op games though as you can easily get a lot of damage and XP. Mosvka is not as strong as it was initially released. It is very vulnerable to aircraft and its citadel is much exposed. Expect yourself to adapt to the ship instead of the other way around. Once you get used to the ship, you can still harness its potential. Its gunnery is excellent. Napoli is lackluster in terms of gunnery. It has fun secondaries but this is ASIA server so yeah. This ship, much like other Italian cruisers and battleships, benefits greatly from the Italian legendary captain.
  6. 討論時請注意應有禮儀,感謝合作
  7. Ingramaus


    基本上就是這樣了。 泛亞和蘇驅一線驅逐還是可以在現今時代玩的,只是比它們整體體驗更好的船有太多,要選也輪不到它們(當年買了岳陽永久迷彩)。
  8. Ingramaus


    出戰前,8階是不可以和10階組隊的,無論是超測與否。 暫時唯一的可能性是進場後組隊吧。
  9. Ingramaus


    The jackpot being two months of early access of a T9 tech tree ship. Regardless of the odds, think carefully whether you should spend any gold on a tech tree ship. (I did throw gold to the French Destroyer random bundles to get Mogador in 2019 though, because I like French ships)
  10. Ingramaus

    Slava vs Ohio

    如果不會控制被害程度和進攻速度的話,開Slava不是貢獻低就是太快蒸發。 Ohio是較穩健的選擇,但是要這類遊戲體驗的話,銀船線已有類近的選擇。
  11. Ingramaus

    Flandre or Gascogne

    I bought my Flandre when it was first released. Loved it. Playstyle is more akin to traditional battleship. It runs at 33.5 knots default which is faster than Gascogne's 32 knots. Exploit its speed to compensate its lack of a heal. Remember to pick up the extra heal from commander skill as well. Avoid taking excessive damage despite Flandre's tier 9 hull. That way the lack of a heal is actually less of a problem. Know the limit of 380mm gun and you should know when to use HE and AP. Flandre has decent performance in both departments. Bon voyage!
  12. 把Elbing的彈當是巡洋艦興登堡主砲的威脅就差不多了
  13. Ingramaus


    基本上就是這個理由了,而且375,000 FXP是來自9階艦艇(Missouri, Kronshtadt)還可以用750,000 FXP換的年代。 如果日後有新的7階艦艇可以用FXP換的話,通脹的機會是蠻大的。
  14. Ingramaus

    ST 0.10.5 法国航空母舰和鞍山‘90

  15. Ingramaus

    ST 0.10.5 法国航空母舰和鞍山‘90