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    [UPDATED] Your Server-Transfer Invitation - Limited-Time Offer

    contacted EU support, they asked me to provide a new email. which i provided, but then they replied saying it was successful, but the email shown by them in the ticket was not the one i provided. WTF Edit: apparently they gave me someone elses transfer, seems sorted now..but still very confused by what should have been a relatively simple process.

    [UPDATED] Your Server-Transfer Invitation - Limited-Time Offer

    Still haven't received any notification in my email regarding the transfer i applied for. Am i just at the bottom of the pile or slipped thru the cracks? Guess ill make a ticket.

    [UPDATED] Your Server-Transfer Invitation - Limited-Time Offer

    Requested a transfer to EU, yet to receive any notification.

    Server Migration

    I registered my account in Sri Lanka, and played there for around 6 months. From then onward i have been forced to play on SEA from the UK. This means the server is basically empty 99% of the time i tried to play, and i could not take any part in clan activities due to the huge timezone difference. My requests for a transfer to EU were rejected. So despite the fact that i am technically not playing from India, i feel i should certainly be eligible for this transfer. To be honest i think its highly unfair to offer this only to Indian players.

    Ranked Battles feedback

    i really enjoyed the few matches i did play, but unfortunately there were very few people playing ranked at the times i'm online.
  6. ive only played a few, because there are never enough in queue the times i am online.
  7. was playing a lot of bb's before the patch. now im barely playing as im extremely dissatisfied with the changes. i tried playing dd's for a bit, but as the meta has shifted hugely towards CA's this marginalizes DD's to an even greater extent then before. cbf overpenning cruisers showing broadside at 7km for 2k damage. i usually try to be charitable about changes to games i play, but in this case WG really needs to fix their ****.

    imperator nikolaj

    so i got mine, an am very pleased with it! thanks WG

    imperator nikolaj

    i mean at this point im actually waiting for them to release it so i can purchase it. i love the layout, pretty much cuniberti's ideas given form.

    imperator nikolaj


    imperator nikolaj

    so i noticed that he's on sale on other servers, when can we expect him?

    trying to remap the fire command, help

    that is the plan, but until then i was hoping for an interim solution. did you actually test it out ingame?
  13. my left mouse button has started to die, which is causing me big problems ingame. i tried to remap the fire command to the right mouse button, but whenever i try to fire it constantly takes me out of scope. ive looked through the options fairly extensively and i can't seem to disable this. the game also insists i choose a mouse button for fire, but for some reason doesn't seem to recognise anything past the 2 main mouse buttons and the mousewheel (but i can use my side buttons for every other game). can anyone help?

    Ever wonder if RNG is out to get you.

    also you don't understand the "laws of averages"