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  1. Mr_Vaelen

    Update 0.8.8 - Sound Engine: Bug Reports

    The sound levels in the game are completely off. BB's make your ears bleed. CA/CL are ok except for high calibre (Stalingrad) DD's can barely be heard With sound levels set so that BB guns do not make you deaf, you cannot hear AA guns or secondaries. I have tried with loudness correction on and off and it makes no difference. Also beaching is so loud I have to take the headphones off.
  2. Please can WG fix the sound issues that we now have ASAP. The sounds were fine before, now they are completely broken. BB's will make you deaf, you can't hear AA is the gun sounds are low because BB guns make your ears bleed so you have to turn it down. Please WG hotfix this with the old sounds!
  3. Mr_Vaelen

    King of the Tasman Tournament

    This is going to be AWESOME!
  4. Ah the feels when your clan gets mentioned - ASALT (no relation to SALT at all) We are Gale league (hoping to get to storm soon). Are we super unicum players? no! Although we did kill a VOR player in CB recently. Are we average players? Average to good I'd say. We like to have a good solid go at CB every time. We also do lots of div play and scenarios and the odd low tier battle for the lolz and funsies.
  5. Ever since the latest update - my client, that very rarely crashed - is as stable as sodium in water! Please WG fix this ASAP
  6. Mr_Vaelen

    Did Minotaur get buffed?

    Is it just me or does it seem like Minotaurs are suddenly super strong? Where it used to be "death by 1000 - very annoying - cuts", it now feels like a Mino will gun down a BB in seconds. Am I the only thinking this or is there some truth to this?
  7. Mr_Vaelen

    Clan Battle times

    Hi, How was it decided to make clan battles on the days it is on and the times? It is difficult for those of us who work during the day to play the full 3 hours, especially in Eastern Aus. It would've been better to do it 1 or 2 hours earlier and Friday nights, not Sunday. Will this be changing in Clan Wars 3?
  8. Mr_Vaelen

    Can Donskoi defeat Moskva

    Donskoi's torps make a difference , but the Moskva can bounce Yamato shells when angled correctly. Both ships, broadside at 12km (out of torp range), moskva will win every day. Those guns are brutal.