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  1. finnyfin

    Grinding German BB

    personally i really like the kaiser. only played a handful of games in it so far but 66% winrate, 95k average damage and 2.17 kills. range is a bit limited is the only downside so far and HE spam of course. looking forward to the next ship if theyre as good as this one!
  2. finnyfin

    Why are ze Germans the most popular nation in WW1-WW2 games?.

    becuz germans OP
  3. finnyfin

    Everyone on this goddamn server is such a coward

    and yes i full agree completely. everyone is too cowardly to scratch their paintwork. on the one occassion everyone does function as a team and pushes up together you typically all do very well. 9/10 this isnt the case though yours arent much better sunshine. dont talk the talk if you cant walk the walk.
  4. finnyfin

    Haven't we been here before?

    minekaze will feast well on these nice lumps of food sailing around
  5. finnyfin

    update error

    figured it out guys for anyone else wondering/having issues with this. watch this video and it will show you how to fix.
  6. finnyfin

    update error

    at my wits end with this issue. playing on a mac have tried a fresh install twice and has not worked. update downloads but then says "the data obtained from the update service is incorrect". suggestions and help would be very much appreciated. thanks
  7. finnyfin

    <Content Removed> WARGAMING

    i sense a lot of red crayon coming...
  8. finnyfin

    German release date and next update

    i expect sharny to come out then update 5.10 on the thursday. heard somewhere (think it mightve been jingles) say expect these updates/additions to come around gamescon time (this thursday).
  9. finnyfin


    no its not a thread about a range buff as ive said. i was simply trying to gage other players opinions on this ship. edit: was away for a day and look at the salt flying around lolol
  10. finnyfin


    im not asking for a buff but i personally think its BS how cruisers can HE spam you the whole game outside your range for the majority of the game and we all know what the warspite is like when it comes to fires i.e like dropping a match in a hay stack. i was just curious to see how other players feel about the ship
  11. finnyfin


    i wouldnt say they are OP for its tier. sure biggest guns for that tier but the turret turn time balances them pretty well and ever present RNG saying no seems to do the trick but on those odd occasions when your salvos hit for citadels most times then you can see the true potential
  12. finnyfin


    just curious to see what everyones thoughts are on the range of the warspites guns? personally i think they are pretty lacking when it gets chucked up into a tier 8 game and you are outranged by basically everyone for the majority of the game while slowing burning to death. your thoughts?
  13. finnyfin

    I just lost my fighter on my Tirpitz

    Error 401: fighter not found.
  14. finnyfin

    IJN BB reload speed

    my apologies i missed the "1" in the 18 lol. didnt mean to start world war 3
  15. finnyfin

    IJN BB reload speed

    well trained tirpitz crew used to get a shell firing every 8 seconds