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  1. Nah, my ship got back, I restart the client 2 days after the incident. My ship is back.
  2. 19destroy95

    Ship stuck "in battle"...

    Whew, my ship got back. Thank God!
  3. Yup, the battle ended half an hour ago and it is still "in battle". No, its already an hour and it is still in battle!!!
  4. 19destroy95

    What if World War 2 Had Todays Technology

    Well, WW3 will end up throwing stones and spears, didnt you realize if something like that were to happen. Even if a different timeline, if the same technology is present, there will be a same result if we do WW3 today!
  5. 19destroy95

    Ship stuck "in battle"...

    Damn, same here!! My Aoba is also stuck in battle and I cannot use it, I hope the developers sees this problem and resolve it immediately.
  6. My ship Aoba is stuck in " IN BATTLE" mode, and I cannot use it, please need help urgently!!!