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  1. Commander_Stacey

    Match Maker

    Saw this video when it came out @LargerNeptune3, and to be honest, it doesn't feel as though anything has changed from it. At least 9 out of 10 of my games at T8 are still at T10.
  2. Commander_Stacey

    Match Maker

    My thoughts on the Match maker and how I would fix it.
  3. Commander_Stacey

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    We're having similar issues. Can see the Naval Battles tab. It's registered our stars, but it hasn't registered our participation in the battle. Also have no idea if we won or lost this weeks battle as it's not mentioned anywhere.
  4. Commander_Stacey

    Naval Legends: HMAS Castlemaine Trailer

    So.....will this be the start (Tier 1) of the Commonwealth lines, which we are all desperate for??
  5. Commander_Stacey

    CV Rework Quality of Life Changes

    The new game-play is good and I really enjoy it. BUT, there are some changes that must happen to better balance them out; a) There needs to be a cap of 1 CV per side, per game. Any more than that is just too overwhelming for both teams, especially DDs who are suffering the most from this rework. You have to put concerns about matchmaker aside in this case for the sake of player comfort. b) There needs to be a cooldown on Torpedo bombers, to prevent the constant torpedo spam as has been showcased in some recent YouTube videos by some CCs. 1.5 - 2mins should be sufficient, that way it forces the CV driver to take out other aircraft types to support the team as opposed to just farm damage for themselves with torpedoes. All other classes of ships have a torpedo cooldown, CVs should too. c) CVs need preferential MM for their tiers. A T8 CV trying to compete against T10 AA is just ridiculous. It's next to impossible to deal any damage, especially in the Kaga or the Enterprise which have weaker planes than the standard T8s. Restrict low and mid tier CVs to mid tier in the match maker at the most, not bottom tier.
  6. Commander_Stacey

    CV Rework Test 2

    I'm participating in the CV Rework test, but I can't connect to the CV test server to update my client. I tried uninstalling, in order to reinstall, but now I can't see the CV Test server in the list of instances to install. Has this been an issue for anyone else, or am I not eligible to participate in this round?
  7. Commander_Stacey

    CV Rework

    A few weeks ago a lot of us participated in the closed beta test for CVs. Since the test finished we haven't heard anything further on the matter. Are we able to get an update please on the progress since? Thanks
  8. Commander_Stacey

    Jean Bart

    Is there any information on when we can expect to hear anything about the release of the Jean Bart? When will it be available? How will we be able to get it? Etc.
  9. Commander_Stacey

    Clan battle start?

    We can't get in either. Maybe they forgot to reset their clocks.
  10. Commander_Stacey

    CB times for AUS and NZ

    Why are we put through this every single season? How could WG make the times later and not expect some sort of backlash from the ANZ community? Why won't WG at least trial (for a season) an earlier start time for us? You can't tell us it's because of server numbers and the MM. Here's a news flash.....WE DON'T CARE! We don't care if we are seeing the same clans over again (it happens late in the season when clans stop playing), we just want a fair go and the abilty to participate. Why is this such a difficult thing to understand? The cross server idea isn't going to work either. EU CB times for ANZ are 0400-0700, and NA are around midday when everyone is at work or school. None of these are going to work for 95% of people, so why bother? Please, we are begging you, open the times up an hour earlier so we at least get a chance to compete. I don't understand why this is so hard for WG to understand.
  11. Commander_Stacey

    RM Roma

    Here is a video I recently created on the Roma. I hope you enjoy it.
  12. Commander_Stacey

    Update 0.6.15 Feedback

    Pearl Harbor is already in the game. How about Sydney Harbour? It is one of the most recognisable harbours in the world, and Australia had the largest navy (outside of the 4 major powers) of WWII.
  13. Commander_Stacey

    Suggestion: Royal Australian Navy in World of Warships

    I think the above is a great write up. I am all for Commonwealth lines of cruisers and destroyers. Some thoughts on how you could make them different to the RN lines: Cruisers: give them the Perth smoke and HE. Destroyers: maybe give them the Perth smoke as well (make it the flavour of the Commonwealth lines), then with the torpedoes, allow the players to choose between shallow and deep water torpedoes (like choosing between AP and HE bombs on US CVs). Give the shallow torpedoes shorter range and worse concealment then the deep water ones. Would be very keen to see the Australia as a T3 battlecruiser as well.
  14. Commander_Stacey

    Suggestion: Royal Australian Navy in World of Warships

    Yes, yes, and YES! I am all for this. I definitely think this should be considered by WG. Especially HMAS Australia.
  15. On behalf of the players in Australia and New Zealand: WG, What the hell?? After all the complaints you've received from us surrounding the timings for Clan Battles, you gone and done the same thing again, making the Naval Force 9 tournament at a time when the bulk of us can only give maybe 1 of the nights any attention. You want to attract people to your game, but right now, you're doing a damn good job of pushing people away. A large portion of my clan don't even play anymore because of your continued refusal to listen to and acknowledge us. We know there are a couple of Mods in our corner trying to help us, which is appreciated, but you're not helping yourselves. You really need to start listening to, and catering to, the other timezone of the server, not just the one. This is infuriating beyond belief.