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  1. InversoSk3lo

    Newcomers guide to dying... Alot

    Though I do appreciate the time you spent to comment on it.
  2. Should be a discussion in the above mentioned thread. Basically just want to rant about being absolutely curb stomped by CV's at low tier. Maybe it's just me and my 3 point captains, maybe I am a noob. Or is there actually no counter to being bent over and humiliated when I play against a class of ship that never needs to put itself in a precarious position to damage an opponent? Should also mention I play BB's. Well I did, and enjoyed them for a time, pre CV rework. Now for some constructive balance ideas. -Give CV's a fighter consumable (separate from they one that activates to defend their own butts. *Ironic*), one they can use and send to patrol an area of air space by simply clicking to where they want them to go. Like they do for themselves should they ever feel obliged to actually move from spawn. (M) and autopilot) Kind Regards Frustrated return player... "End Rant
  3. Regarding Just a quick question, so I've grabbed some old gun sound mod packs and had a look through the WG forums on how to install them. But the last guide was for the early 0.6.0 patches and if my tinkering has discovered anything it's that no matter which way I arrange or place the files I can never seem to get the mods to work. Basically my goal is to get the audio option that way I can pick and choose which audio files I want, and for what ship etc. Anyone know any solutions or have an updated Gun Sounds installation guide? By the way the files in the mods are MP.3 not sure if this format is still supported for gun sound mods. Cheers. Thread moved to correct subforum. ~amade
  4. InversoSk3lo

    Found another Bug

    Sorry I rage quit as soon as I died *Edit* please note as well the times might be exaggerated. By a minute or so, ie. Dying in one minute may have been more like two. Also Noshiro, I spawned on the Western side of the North Western most Island, in front on the channel between A/B caps are.
  5. InversoSk3lo

    Found another Bug

    So I just unlocked a Montana and had played a few games in it. Then I came across a game on North. I spawned on the North West, way out in the open no cover in site. The game starts 15 secs later I'm detected (my Monty is full stealth build) and not even a minute into the game as I desperately scramble to the nearest cover I'm killed. The End, I can kiss a couple of hundred thousand credits good by. War Gaming I think you guys need to work on these top tier games/spawns and maps a little. Or at least look into them.
  6. InversoSk3lo

    Balance is Wack

    Perhaps I should of specified a Random Battle environment rather then a communicated Ranked or Team Battle Based environment.
  7. InversoSk3lo

    Balance is Wack

    Just a few observations, I'll try and contain my fury and keep it civilized. 1 - Every ship may as well have smoke, it is becoming so ridiculously overused the battlefield is constantly littered with smoke bursts. No to mention if you have carriers to spot targets and your playing a BB. You can be certain your not having a good game. 2 - Why are American BB's still so inaccurate!? They have the worst caliber, range (to an extent) and dispersion especially or more specifically at the higher tiers. Someone wanna explain how they are supposed to be balanced. Especially considering their powerful AA is now redundant with the new Soviet DD's and no doubt the French Cruisers are going to play a part in making them even more useless. With that said though it almost seems BB's in general are obsolete and I'm struggling to understand where they fit in, that isn't just an Xp and Credit farming method. *Edit - American BB's also have the worst armor, they're not equipped with the turtle back or massive slabs of belt armor like the German or Japanese BB's which just seems to increase the detriment to American BB game play. Especially considering the German and Japanese BB's get these higher caliber guns which just overmatch American armor anyway. I'm sure I will find of more in time, but if anyone else has any observations of their own I'd be interested to read about it. Cheers.
  8. InversoSk3lo

    Need help as BB avoiding torps

    Everyone is saying turn towards them. Whilst in theory this would be a good idea, in practice it is pointless and impossible due to the speed of the CV's Torp Bombers compared to A. Your rudder shift time. B. Your turning radius in general. C. The time it takes to adjust your speed accordingly. D. The AA capabilities or rather the utter lack of, for every other ship except for CV's 'Ironically' not just BB's, (ie. Even the Cruises at low tiers have appalling AA, it actually wouldn't surprise me at all to see low tier Destroyers have better AA then Cruises.) and E. The drop distance, activation range and torp' detection range. So I guess I can summarize by saying that everyone who "thinks" they know how to avoid torps' in a BB obviously has no actually clue or experience in the matter what so freaking ever! On a somewhat unrelated note; does anyone else find it hilariously amusing that they put a limit to how many BB's can be on a team in a ranked match? I mean lets be totally honest here, with the balance the way it is at the moment I can 100% guarantee that no one in their sane logical mind will take a BB to a ranked match. If you are going to take a BB into a ranked match to prove me wrong, just no... Just don't even go there. (child) They serve no tactical purpose or advantage what so freaking ever. Period. Regards. P'ed off BB Drivers/Sailors
  9. InversoSk3lo

    "Counter Balance" of CV's

    The fact of the matter is CV's never put themselves in harms way to drop Torps in your ballasts where as DD's are open to copious amounts of return fire. DD's I think are some what the most feared mobile ship but most certainly the most targeted when lit. **Yes I am calling CV drivers immobile because lets face it, if they are hidden and don't move, that is one less thing for them to Micro Manage.
  10. InversoSk3lo

    "Counter Balance" of CV's

    Everyone arguing that CV's are balanced obviously have never driven a BB before. That or they die before ever being an actual contributing factor to their team (last FEW ships alive).
  11. InversoSk3lo

    Ship horns

    Horns would be fine if they were automatic ie. activated on proximity, they could be horns or bells. Say I think 1-1.5kms seems reasonable. Edit* Oh and also have it be a burst, every 10 seconds or so perhaps?