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  1. 8_Eight_8

    Game Matching System

    Or unless your in a tier 7 DD?
  2. 8_Eight_8

    Better reward system

    Remember that most of the players are kids.
  3. 8_Eight_8

    Why is chat in game so silent?

    People on SEA tent to talk less than when I went on the PT server people on the EU and NA were more talkative than here because English is not their primary language.
  4. Whats your ms?? It takes me less than 2 minutes to load and I live in Sydney with 85 ms.
  5. 8_Eight_8

    Winning. How important is it?

    It depends on the day/luck of the player, also cooperation is the biggest key to winning which SEA lacks due to player base and multiple languages spoken on SEA.
  6. 8_Eight_8

    Best non-Premium money making ship?

    I will want to try the Tirpitz.
  7. 8_Eight_8

    Most random kill i ever did

    Killed a Tier I
  8. 8_Eight_8

    Crew skill vigilance what does it do?

    Yup, it depends on what ship class needs it as an earlier warning might save your ship from the enemy or your own team.
  9. 8_Eight_8

    Caption this~

    You could'nt do this in WWII!
  10. 8_Eight_8

    WoW Giveaway

    Or you could still buy your way in. Get the tier 5 soviet destroyer, she's good in game and price.
  11. 8_Eight_8

    Yamato....don't bother

    Don't get mad, Get even.
  12. 8_Eight_8

    WWII naval movies

    The Eternal Zero (Kaga/Agaki) look so real.
  13. 8_Eight_8

    Weekly Highlights Video

    Nice gameplay.
  14. 8_Eight_8

    I realy loves World Of Warship

    Or save up to bye your way in or wait for open beta, I got mine from an invite link from WG.
  15. 8_Eight_8

    Night Battle?

    Will there also be Historical battle mode eg, Guadalcanal (salvo island) which did take place mostly at night?