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  1. Onofre

    Very Expensive Tier 7 and 8

    So, after ranting on this thread I decided to listen to all of your advice. I have started playing more aggressively, capturing the ABC's, zipping through the map, going for those close range fights, and lo and behold, I am now raking in serious cash. Minimum 40k regardless if I have a kill or not. I am even making money even if my ship gets sunk. I guess this is the incentive to play and accomplish objectives of the game rather than stay safe out of range and take cheap shots at the enemy. Well done WG
  2. Onofre

    Very Expensive Tier 7 and 8

    Well Im back to playing Konigsberg and raking in P120k per game. Tier 5 money!!!
  3. Ive only gotten as far as Tier 8 New Orleans. I manage to get by a game with say 10% damage. What gets me is the after game ship maintenance costing me over 60k credits. Im going poor playing this ship. Is there something wrong with the formula that the developers haven't noticed? Why cant they do something about it? Anybody else notice this?