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  1. Themera

    Team kill in purpose?

    [content removed] is the player i want to report! This player can fight anemy so he shot teammate for fun? Not at one game. He must be punished! you can see the images attched. Naming and Shaming. Post edited and locked, user warned ~dead_man_walking
  2. Themera


    Kriegsmarine and Royal Navy already have files in installation folder waiting to be add.
  3. Themera

    Secondary weapons?

    they are controlled by AI, when enermy ship is 4km ( 5 with perk ) or closer, they with fire automatically
  4. Themera

    Dive Bomber lack of damage logic

    US Mark 13 torpedos wieght 1005kg not lb.
  5. Themera


    i have ~30 battle in alpha and got it that hing is like a DD/CL hybrid
  6. DD don't even need thier gun that much. Sure it can dear alot of damage vs other DD but the slow reload and turn time mean you might just trick your enermy to grounded them self and kill them with torp
  7. because they don't, in game CA have more HP and gun than C and CL but slower.
  8. CC are Battlecruisers ( and later Comand Ship ) hull classification symbol, Cruiser in general is C.