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  1. Dear WG, Since we are stuck with this T3 Operation of the week, can you consider lowering the requirement for daily missions to T3 just for this week so we can all enjoy it? Some of us like me do not have much time to play. And I do like the special Halloween events done yearly. Especially the coming submarine event.
  2. Scenario Saving Transylvania doesn't clear daily missions.
  3. Same here. No premium ship from super containers since the start of the game.
  4. Thanks for the compensation. I do not have the luxury to play as much as I want. Hence the last minute to rush when I do have the time. Thank you for the understanding.
  5. [UPDATED: 26 SEP]Due to time zone differences in APAC, each stage and directive will be unlocked on the 05:00 UTC+8 of the following days stated above. For example, 1st Directive of 2nd Stage will be available @ 05:00 UTC+8 (Thursday). Which part in the above or any part of that web page said that stage 1 ended on 27 Sep 0400 UTC+8? I am only a few points from completing Directive 4 of Stage 1 when it just ended. I should have enough time to clear it. Why ended 1 hour before Stage 2? Not fair.
  6. lyh74

    Code for mission for patch

    Thank you.
  7. lyh74

    As Good As It Gets

    On Website is As Good As It Gets Be among the top 3 XP earners on your team in a winning battle. Reward: +250% to XP. Types of battle: Operations, Random, Ranked, and Co-op Battles. Ships: Tiers V–X. Can be completed multiple times. In the game is Reward: +250 XP per battle. Which one is correct? Can the one posting the message make up your mind. +250% and +250 per... are totally different thing. This thing post by a Russian or by a Asian local?
  8. Why did the "+200% EXP for First Win Bonus" stop when the duration stated:[Special] Golden Week Bonus & MissionsEvent Start: 27/04/2018 @ 14:00 UTC+8Event End: 04/05/2018 @ 14:00 UTC+8Why?
  9. lyh74

    Server down

    Exactly!!! Hard fought and won for nothing... T_T
  10. Sorry for the title. Should be 'not accurate'. Typed too fast and no correction.
  11. US Battleship Weekend Event Start: 30/11/2017 @ 14:00 UTC+8 Event End: 04/12/2017 @ 14:00 UTC+8 Bonus ・ First Win Bonus +100%??? Where???
  12. lyh74

    RN BBs missions week 2, why no Coop?

    Just checked. Co-ops is included now quietly.