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  1. dawfydd

    The port!

    Would be nice to have a very LOW RES option, doesn't really matter what it is, a 2d model or a blue print port perferably more basic than the table which has a room and turning table etc, just a light blue background with your ship displayed or similar! my 3d card is running full when i go take a pee or browse ships its kinda weird.
  2. I've had an account for a while but only started playing seriously recently, mostly co-op battles to learn the game, and it counters everything i've been taught watching videos on the subject, AI ships rush into the center and eat torpedo's like they are trying to catch them, from enemies and allies combined. I know there was some talk of better bots but they always beat players, perhaps a co-op plus mode, or a command that will make AI fall back if they are rushing in, it encourages the players to do exactly the same it seems to be a rush to get as many torp hits as possible in co-op.