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  1. cw1204772

    US Navy light cruisers

    Well, the devs told us more branches might be introduce in the future. If US is going to introduce new branches, this would be a viable option, ie splitting heavy cruiser and light cruiser. In reality, the main role of these light cruisers are served as fast escort .
  2. cw1204772

    USS Midway in coming!

    Yes, it's about time for the mighty USS Midway to come! Source Link: (Appear at about 3:43) It turns out that Midway will have F2H for fighters, and at least one configuration with 2*FT+1*TB+2*DB!
  3. As topic, vote for your opinion on gun sound. There have been 3 major version of gun sound. 0.3.0 / 0.3.1 / (I think the last one sounds different than the previous two, correct me if I'm wrong.)
  4. We all know that the gift ship would probably be the tier 4 IJN cruiser Iwaki. What about gift ship for CBT? Well, we're told in the following link that the gift ship would be a tier 4 USN BB. Does anyone know any candidate for it? source: http://www.mmowg.net/world-of-warships-cbt-gift-usa-premium-battleship/
  5. cw1204772 Update Patch Notes

    New sound? Interesting! Let's see.
  6. cw1204772

    Your Questions to Developers #1

    Hello devs! I would like to know that if Baltimore's armor (damage model) is bugged or different from the thickness it should be. Because after 30+ games in my Baltimore, it seems that it is even more fragile than the previous ships, New Orleans and Pensacola. Get penned by 203mm(↑) shells everytime even when it hit my stern, and cripple my turret at the back very very often, even with the equipment that reduce the chance of getting a crippled turret. May you relay this message to the developing team? Thanks.
  7. cw1204772

    Official 0.3.1 update

    IJN CV Shinano and Akagi are said to appear as non-premium ship in the future by the devs. (Which means a CV branch for IJN??) And from the RU forum, the devs said 0.3.1 will arrive before the end of this month.
  8. Thanks for the reply!!
  9. Have a big question about these pre-order premium ships. Does anyone know whether they will be purchasable after the 3-day discount period?? Cause I just heard Mighty Jingles said that it will be purchasable afterwards, but not at this low price, which really confused me...
  10. cw1204772

    Your Questions to Developers #1

    Is there any information about when the next big patch will come so that we can anticipate? Mid of April? End of April? May? (Big Patch such as new tech tree line, hasn't have new tech tree since the Beta weekend...)