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  1. LiquidM4

    So you want to play Atlanta?

    As i see it, it should be removed from in game an only be a reward ship. Its too good to be an in game tech tree premium. Its not that op at all though. Its armour and turret survivability are horrible, it also only has 11.1km gun range which is pretty poor. HP is not very high either. The only way it is op is if someone is stupid enough to close to less than 6km with you by themselves and with no support.
  2. LiquidM4

    So you want to play Atlanta?

    Agree. Atlanta is not a peekaboo ship, it doesn't have the maneuverability or the concealment ability.
  3. Better get used to this every game, paper machè turrets, one 203mm HE shell and you'll probably lose two in one shot. :| Apart from that, its not a bad ship, if you like playing a heavy destroyer. When can we get the dual purpose AA ammunition for the 127mm?
  4. LiquidM4


    when they fix the cleveland it will be ready.
  5. Excellent, now to just wait for them to send codes to those of us who ordered beforehand
  6. Thanks for that syanda.
  7. If this is the case I will be upset. At least tally the numbers before announcing the giveaway only to later decide that everyone who pre-orders is too much for the servers to handle.
  8. The article was removed then. I saw one stating that everyone who pre-ordered could now play CBT starting 14-04-15. Now I can't find that news article, it's been deleted.
  9. I pre-ordered the three ships before the news article was posted up saying everyone who did pre-order can now play CBT starting 14-04-15, but where is the invite code? or do I just try to log in with the account that I pre-ordered on? How do I download the SEA client then? I Can't find the news article anymore, was it redacted?
  10. I missed out again! I think im going to cry :
  11. LiquidM4

    incorrect email or password ?

    its so hard to copy files?
  12. LiquidM4

    Land based Assets Query

    ^ yes too hard to co-ordinate pubs
  13. LiquidM4

    Impressions so far

    I guess this is what beta testing is for? Lol..
  14. LiquidM4

    Streaming on twitchtv

    I tried to watch, says you're offline. Then I noticed you posted this yesterday lol -_-"