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  1. You said the same thing posted in WG wiki. What i try to explain here is the capability to fight in a 1v1 between Montana and other tier 10 BB such as Yamato or GK. Those strengths you listed is not always good and battle situation usually push you into bad position (such as Cyclone). Iowa playstyle is sneak close, take a shot , then retreat if needed, because she is fast and agile. You cant do that with fat Montana. Your engine power is too weak and bad rudder shift make you too slow to run away or retreat when turning broadside is a death sentence.
  2. I just purchased Montana for 2 days and i think its a downgrade from Iowa. Both of them have the same citadel location, AA power, Montana has better armor and firepower. The main downside is her maneuverability so bad. The Montana's engine is only 172000 hp, stock Iowa engine while Montana is bigger and heavier. People talk about how high the citadel is and it must be fixed. I can deal with that. Now if they give Montana the Iowa top engine 212000hp and reduce her rudder shift time, it can be more agile, make it different characteristic compare to the IJN "Ovematch" and the KM "Turtle Secondaries". And you know that IJN "Yamete" is also a floating citadel and get rekt everytime enemy have her broadside, but she is slow, sluggish and can be easily outmaneuver by others ships. Smart Yamete players will keep distance with enemy at ~15km and stay angle. The only chance Montana can do is find a way to out maneuver and shoot Yamete's citadel. I think right now Montana looks like a tier 10 New Mexico (good gun, high volume of shells but slow and sluggish). So what do you think? Please tell me if I'm right or wrong. p/s: Sorry for my bad Engrisk.