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  1. Lt_Beans

    Wallet Warriors

    Yeah I get my stats are shit, I simply don't care. I also don't want them to stop selling prem ships, I get the business side of free2play. My point with this post ISN'T to stop newbies buying premium ships straight up either. My problem here is newbies being able to buy HIGH tier ships. And I'm not salty about this guy because we lost, we in fact won that battle. But alas, we all have our own opinions, hell, I could've even been more informative with my original post, my bad on that.
  2. Lt_Beans

    Wallet Warriors

    This seriously needs to change, there needs to be a system in place to stop this kind of thing happening. Need to stop new players from buying high tier premiums and ruining battles for others. This is his Random Battles stats. Topic moved to General Discussions. Read the requirements for the newcomers section before posting. ~dead_man_walking
  3. Lt_Beans

    Arpeggio Stage III / Mission 4 for new players?

    Thankfully the IJN cruiser line get SOO much better after the Furutaka. Just grind through it, it is all worth it in the end.
  4. Lt_Beans

    Arpeggio Stage III / Mission 4 for new players?

    Ahh but the good thing about them being "reskins" is just that exactly for me. I had the normal Myoko, is/was my primary ship for Team Battles, and then I got the Mogami. By then I also had the ARP Haguro, why just so happens to be... you guessed it, a Myoko. That allowed me to sell my normal Myoko, buy the Mogami and then kit out my Haguro for Team Battles (although with a slightly less experienced Captain). So there are some benefits to getting these ships if you aren't a fan.
  5. Being that battleship at 8km is one of my favourite things to do. During my grind through the New Mexico I managed this a couple of times with stupidly hilarious success.
  6. Lt_Beans

    2 new Australian players

    Yeah there are a few Aussie teams going, I am part of a Charlie League team.
  7. Lt_Beans

    2 new Australian players

    Another Aussie here, one of a group of Aussies who play regularly. Feel free to hit us up in-game.
  8. Lt_Beans

    British Fleet - Campbeltown

    See, I bought this ship knowing full well it wasn't anything spectacular. I just play it for a change of pace from the grind. But I've still had games where I have managed 35k+ damage. It is a fun ship if you go into it knowing it's not amazing.
  9. Lt_Beans

    The new ARPEGGIO mission are here

    Will there be any difference between the Kirishima we get for this round compared to that of last? Or am I just not understanding this right?
  10. Lt_Beans

    any aussies playing?

    Another Aussie here, Newcastle based. Can also post on behalf of about ~15 other Aussie/ Kiwi players in my clan. Feel free to hit me up in game
  11. Lt_Beans

    Ranked Battles rank

    I'm rather enjoying this mode. But yes, the lack of players often cripples the queue times and therefore I get bored and end up in random battles. Hell, some times if it wasn't for all my clan mates playing on this server, I'd almost go and start fresh on NA or EU. At least they have a larger player base and for the most part speak or at last understand English so we can work as a team more effectively. But alas, for now at least, I'm stuck here and will just keep motoring on.