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  1. _GitGud

    Most DD players are bad

    Try to play best effort to get a win >snipe/farm dmg (my spot dmg rolling) get lose cuz no one push cap >yes that cap already clear asF back to port 1 compliments but karma not up Understandable, have a nice day.
  2. _GitGud

    Thank WG for deleting my tokens

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Why not not spend before patch hit
  3. _GitGud

    Domination game mode ruined

    See my name right that u shud be
  4. _GitGud

    Rank Salt with RNG BS

    may be try to GITGUD?
  5. _GitGud

    KotS VI Asia Announcement

  6. _GitGud

    Do not level up during Lunar New Year

    dude look on my IGN and keep play :)
  7. _GitGud

    Does Yamato need a buff?

    slightly buff her turret is ok another is be GitGud :)
  8. _GitGud

    Super Yamato

    yes if you HP build her :^)
  9. _GitGud

    No voiceover from anime collaboration

    I have all ARP sound (w/o sound mod) Seagul voice is not have (but still heard if I kill some ship)
  10. _GitGud

    noob friendly Destroyer line ?

    but if u play KM DD at the first time I think "the rest" line would be easier to play that's my opinion
  11. seems new update have bug again so I cant watch my replay (which record yesterday) and after click (to login screen) seems freeze and black screen
  12. _GitGud

    Des Moines survivability

    zao have 25mm
  13. _GitGud

    Des Moines survivability

    lemme check ok my bad also
  14. _GitGud

    Des Moines survivability

    DM (in my opinion <play HB and HiV) +fast RoF +tankiest bow (27mm) +OP aa and Radar :v -Low HP -bad gun traverse -floatable citadel farming :v edit: come check in WoWs launcher DM have 27mm sry