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    Best value doubloons

    Updated with store prices on 17 Jan 2016. https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/wows/gold/ Prices have been normalised to a fairly even gradient, so there is no "good deal" anymore. Whilst the truncated values are a good indication, in reality you may be only getting half a cent gain/loss per 100 doubloons. Price Doubloons Cost per 100 Doubloons (Truncated) Cost to get 25,000 doubloons $8.08 1250 64c $161.60 $13.87 2200 63c $157.61* $18.78 3000 62c $156.50* $29.48 4800 61c $153.54* $39.55 6500 60c $152.11* $74.25 12, 500 59c $148.50 $144.58 25, 000 57c $144.58 *These packages do not multiply into exactly 25,000, prices given reflect if you were able to purchase partial packs at a pro-rata payment.
  2. Delphaeus

    Torpedo tips

    I feel that I need to correct a few of these points 1. Depending on the range of your AA, often you can leave them on. (ie: Mutsuki is detectable by air at 3.1km, and AA fires at 3.0km, therefore you will have already been detected prior to AA guns firing) You do need to turn them off if you pop smoke though. 2. Fast torps are better than long range torps, so be selective in your upgrades. Fast torps are significantly harder to dodge. 3. Area denial is a legitimate use of torpedoes, however if you expect a target may pop up, you will normally want to wait and target the torpedoes properly, rather than blindly shoot. 4. IJN DD's perform well in open sea, as long as you don't fire your main battery. The only thing you need to be careful of is other DD's. Get the "Situation Awareness" captain skill, so you know when you are detected, and know the detection ranges of your ship. (ie: Minekaze is detected at 6km, but torps fire 7km, so you want to be between 6 and 7km from your target so you can hit him and he can't even see you) 5. Try to stay undetected as long as possible. Even a lazy BB driver will alter course if he sees a DD nearby. 6. Don't launch torpedoes long range (above 5km) if the target is driving away from you. Generally you should be ahead of his beam (ie: if you draw a line cutting the enemys ship into a "front half" and a "back half", and keep that line going to the horizon, then you are in the area with the front half of his ship) 7. Use smoke and speed boost as required. Superintendent is a handy captain skill. Remember how smoke works - it creates a circle of smoke around your ship every few seconds, and if you are moving too fast you will drive outside of that circle and will be spotted before the next circle of smoke is created. Speed boost can be used aggressively, for example if you want to close the range to a BB or CV quickly, before they have a chance to turn their guns. 8. When you have been spotted and want to press the attacks, point your bow directly at them to present the smallest target possible. Wait until they fire before you turn, as you will have about 30 seconds before they finish reloading (unless they trickle fire) I agree with all of these points.
  3. Hey Retia, it appears someone else thinks the Myoko mission is pretty bad as well ;)
  4. So, after thinking on this a while, I've figured that the best way for future missions would maybe be 1. With a tier 6+ ship, deal 1 million damage to enemy ships (torpedoes and shells combined) 2. With a tier 6+ ship, shell the enemy 2000 times 3. With a tier 6+ cruiser or destroyer, set 300 fires on enemy battleships 4. With a tier 6+ cruiser or battleship, get 50 citadel hits on cruisers 5. With a tier 6+ cruiser, destroy 100 planes that are within 5km of a friendly battleship or aircraft carrier 6. With a tier 5+ destroyer or cruiser, get 50 torpedo hits If you see these missions, they are all encouraging good individual and/or team play. There is no emphasis on getting the killing blow, it is encouraging the use of he on battleships and AP on cruisers, it also encourages cruisers to defend friendly ships from air attacks.
  5. Delphaeus

    Does AP shells ever start fires?

    Any combustible dust that is suspended in air can be highly explosive https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dust_explosion This includes grain (ie: wheat/barley etc) flour, starch, sugar, powdered milk, cocoa, coffee, pollen and powdered metals such as aluminium, magnesium and titanium.
  6. If you don't want to get/be a BB, choose a ship you like and hang just behind the BB's. let them shield you from the damage but you get the kill.
  7. Before I start, the attitude of your post implies you are getting frustrated/angry... I'm simply stating some facts, not really trying to convince anyone this is the "best way to do things" 1. I could have tried doing it with my mutsuki, but it was easier buying a cleveland, so thats what I did, yes 2. You're simply proving my second point from the OP - use HE all the time, not AP 3. I'm not having a frustrating grind. I don't know what gave you that impression. I just find that forgetting about your team seems to yield better results - which is probably an unintended side effect. I agree to almost all of that. Most games I'm playing at the moment I'm next to useless to my team... But what reward do I get from teamwork? A slightly higher XP multiplier if we do win? And it doesn't make much difference if I have great teamwork, because it relies on the other dozen ships having great teamwork as well, which I rarely see happen at all. Can I illustrate another way... As a Cleveland, I could provide good AA Cover to three BB's, however the XP recieved for shooting down 20 planes is nothing compared to getting a few volleys of shells on an Enemy ship... So I aim for the enemy ships first and only shoot planes if they end up being near me. Missions First, Team second. Unless I'm playing with friends, then it is Friends first, Mission Second, Team third. If WarGaming wanted to encourage teamwork, surely they would have done something by now? (I'm not saying they should do it, I'm simply saying they could have if they wanted to)
  8. It sounds like someone is only thinking about themselves... For example, my favourite class of ships is IJN Destroyers, and when the mission came out my only tier 6 ship was a Mutsuki (which i hate because it is a downgrade from my minekaze/isokaze). Have you ever tried setting 300 fires using a Mutsuki? Didn't think so... So the "played like always" argument has been successfully shot down... and there is nothing of substance left to discuss...
  9. 1. Damage doesn't matter, only the killing shot - so if other friendly's are nearby, then don't fire unless you think you can get the killing shot 2. Use HE all the time, because setting fires is better than getting citadels 3. Tunnel vision when you see a mission target (ie: a DD or CA) on your minimap - other kills or objectives don't matter 4. As soon as all mission targets are dead, quit the match and start another match - more chances for kills. 5. Don't shoot on any other target, just in case a mission target appears - you don't want to be stuck reloading Mission is pretty easy to achieve after this, but i'm a much worse player overall...
  10. Delphaeus

    Domination is robbing me of game time

    Although I am loathe to agree to a mullet, I agree completely with Mullet.
  11. Delphaeus

    Tweaking the reward system

    That makes a little more sense then. I haven't played higher tier battles... I started playing tier 6 and realised how much i disliked the new playstyle of the Mutsuki, So I went back to the Minekaze (T5) and levelled bb's so i could see if i would like playing cv's. I love torps because it's not a "lets shoot and get a hit" mechanic like most games today, it's a "lets think about where this guy might go and fire there" type mechanic. I also love them because it doesn't get you spotted so you're always trying to walk the thin line of "lets get in torp range but not in spotting range". It makes you use your grey cells more... Then everything goes out the window when you see that "detected" warning and a usn dd is steaming right at you, so you start weaving crazily while shells from everywhere land all around you. It's such a fun game because of that. If the problems exist as you say they do, maybe plane spotting or torpedo mechanics need to be worked on... But i'm not suggesting that, because I honestly don't really mind what happens at the higher tiers. I'm happy where i am halfway up the ladder.
  12. Delphaeus

    Can torpedo fire system be more realistic?

    Both of you just made my day. I'm going to find that setting and turn it on right now!
  13. Delphaeus

    Tweaking the reward system

    Ok, I read that first sentence as A Good dd player may get a good result if: a) the enemy team is bad b) the dd gets some lucky shots If you didn't intend it to be read that way, then surely you can see that it could benefit from better wording
  14. Delphaeus

    Tweaking the reward system

    If what you said is true, then i missed the point because I didn't think anyone would be so blind... basically you think there is no skill at all to playing a DD. People just spam torps and hope for the best? A good DD player has to manoeuvre into a good position within torpedo range, stay undetected by the enemy, and then calculate where he thinks the ship will be in 15-20 seconds time. Its halfway to a game of chess, trying to judge how your enemies will think. Yes torps do a lot of damage, but that's because they take a hell of a lot more skill than spamming HE, where you only have to judge 2-5 seconds ahead of the enemy. But we're getting off topic here.
  15. Delphaeus

    Tweaking the reward system

    How about removing my first recommendation but leaving in my second recommendation. This would encourage people to help out their team, rather than just go for the kill themselves.