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  1. Renita_Matrovska

    Daily Containers Content need rethink

    make it get sc every 20 daily containers obtained
  2. Renita_Matrovska

    New Ranked Season

    my ships very limited, only have acasta for now. it looks fun, we'll see how salary you are as veteran teaming with newbs haha
  3. Renita_Matrovska

    DOUBLETENDAY. Free camo code.

  4. Renita_Matrovska

    WoWS Update 0.7.9

    often get dc in this patch, randomly it's so annoying
  5. Renita_Matrovska

    Someone is manipulating Ranked battle MM in a very,very unsportsmanlike way

    i met once like that, but the other cv just sit down do nothing.
  6. Renita_Matrovska

    WG's "returning player incentive" discussion

    no, i didnt have premium. ya the incentives are varied, there is no exact requirements on how long to inactive and what items
  7. Renita_Matrovska

    WG's "returning player incentive" discussion

    I got 10m credits for come back after 2 months break
  8. Renita_Matrovska

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    waw, i feel jealous wish i will get premium ship too
  9. Renita_Matrovska

    How to Bismarck

    ya, always in mid range combat. get upgrade concealment and you're good
  10. Renita_Matrovska

    How to Bismarck

    yes, use HE on higher tier. German bbs are terrible on dispersion it just random, you just need more battles to make you comfortable untill you find your playstyle. maybe 100-150battles will be enough Nothing wrong with secondary built, i still playing bismark and love it much with AFT and Manual Secondary.
  11. Renita_Matrovska

    Conqueror in Rank Battle

    What do you think about Conqueror performance in Rank Battle? I saw many players in most of the time playing Conqueror just to farming damage by burning enemy ship and always in distance to stay alive as long as he can to be on top exp. I feel like most of time they just play by themselves, doesnt care about teamfight.