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  1. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    About the Clan List

    Thx for the info.
  2. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    About the Clan List

    Ummm... may I ask how I can join a clan please?
  3. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    Just for the replays

    Midway beats all odds and knock down a victory with a Solo Warrior. ;)
  4. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    Dude why did you spawn right there?

    Once I was immediately spotted after the battle starts. Seconds later we see enemy carrier spawned right in our face. Fastest way to test Bismarck's secondary.
  5. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    Just for the replays

    They say German BBs FTW. I say they are right. ;)
  6. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    Just for the replays

    Epic ending - our Solo Warrior surviving on less than 10K HP!
  7. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    Just for the replays

    Full stealth build N. Carolina. Deadly dispersion.
  8. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    Just for the replays

    Not a single damn was given in that round lol...
  9. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    Just for the replays

    Greetings captains, Thinking about starting a thread to share some awesome games I had and received from other players. Not much commentary here, just good solid replays. I'll be updating this post as new publishes go online on my YouTube Channel, as well as the Facebook Page updates. Come to the channel or the FB page, share with others what you think of the replays, or just say hi. Hope you enjoys the videos and as always, good luck on the high seas, Storm - Full secondary build Bismarck went on epic brawling - An Atago just grills everything
  10. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    ATTN: Win 10 users - Potential Black Screen Issue

    So the solution 1 is basically choose to use either Full-screen Windowed Mode or Windowed Mode? Still can't get away with the black screen when using Full-screen Mode right?
  11. 给标题的比喻点赞哈哈哈哈哈哈,笑死了…… RNGeeeesus
  12. 不管是Warthunder还是World of Tanks,World of Warships, 分房的时候都不考虑船是不是完全体的。不服也没办法,deal with it.
  13. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    什么时候推出OS X版本?

  14. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    Replays ?

    And to record your replays, you will need some software like OBS. FYI: https://obsproject.com/
  15. Storm_Rider_Cherokee

    NerfedBerg (Nurnberg) buff

    Good to know you enjoyed the gameplay.